Subaru RallyCross Team Release Intense In-Car Footage

Subaru RallyCross Team Release Intense In-Car Footage

The 2012 Global RallyCross Championship kicked off this past weekend, and it marked the first race of the season for the Subaru Puma team, who recorded the action using on-board cameras. 

The race was held at Charlotte Motor Speedway immediately after a NASCAR race, in hopes to capture some new fans for the up and coming motorsport.

The trio of Subaru’s were driven by European rallycross champion Sverre Isachsen, skateboarding legend Bucky Lasek and BMX rider Dave Mirra. Mirra is the only one of three to advance to the final round, but he forced to leave the race because of a collision with another racer. “It was wild out there and things just didn’t go my way in the Final,” explained Mirra. “I was pretty upset at the time when I was knocked out,  but ultimately I realized we learned a lot this weekend and it was great to get back in my Subaru.”

The video shows just how intense RallyCross can get, and offers us a better view of the action then even the drivers get.

Watch the video below.

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