Nissan SUVs Under NHTSA Investigation for Transmission Issues

Nissan SUVs Under NHTSA Investigation for Transmission Issues

A defect investigation has been launched regarding a transmission problem in model year 2005-2010 Nissan Frontier, Pathfinder and Xterra.

Hundreds of Xterra, Frontier, and Pathfinder owners have reported sudden jerking in their vehicles when travelling at highway speeds. The problem has been diagnosed as a failed transmission cooler which allows coolant to mix with the transmission fluid, causing internal damage to the components. Reports of the issue say that prior to the failure, the occupants noticed nothing amiss with the operation of the vehicle.

Despite hundreds of documented complaints to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, Nissan still claims that there is no defect. In 2007, the company began to offer an extended warranty good for eight years or 80,000 miles on the transmission and radiator cooler. When the transmission failure occurred however, the company covered the price for the radiator assembly and not the internal damage done to the transmission.

Based on the number of complaints regarding the exact same issue, the result of this investigation will almost undoubtedly be a recall, although it seems Nissan is doing everything in its power to avoid such a circumstance.

  • Mfollo

    This happened to my 2005 pathfinder and like most people it is happening soon after you pass the 80,000 point so it is not covered. Cost of new transmission for me was $7000usd. I am really hoping there is a recall as this should never have happened with this kind of vehicle. It is disgusting that after hundreds and hundreds of vehicles with this issue Nissan is not ownkng up to the problem. I am out a lot of money and i want it back as deserved!

  • Bart435

    happened to my 2005 Frontier Nismo too.  $4,500 to get the transmission rebuilt.  As soon as it was fixed I dumped that POS.

  • Dawn Alexander

    I bought my ’07 Pathfinder less than a yr ago and started having this issue maybe 6 mos(at the most) ago, I’m a female and I’m smart enough to know transmission fluid isn’t a milky color, Nissan should put a recall it’s their product and their staff that assembled, not the current owners!!!
    Dawn Alexander

  • Victim! and feel like one too. Nissan needs to own up and rest assured I will never buy another one of these vehicles.

  • This happened to me.  I was driving on I15 when it went out.   I lost power while driving 65 in busy traffic.   I am a good driver and it was still dangerous to get to the right shoulder.   It turned out the tranny was gone due to the radiator and tranny fluid mixing.    I have a 2005 pathfinder with 84000 miles so nissan said i was out of luck.  Tried complaining to corporate but Tim, my local rep never called me back until i started making complaints.    It was 2 weeks by then and had to get my truck fixed so took it to an independent shop and they rebuilt it for $4700.    When I finally got a hold of nissan corporate they said there was nothing they could do as they wont pay for others work.    Now I have a host of other electric issues that they cant diagnos at my Nissan Dealer.   My car will drive fine one day then go into limpmode the next. I have to let it sit for 30 minutes and its fine again.   I so  want to get rid of this POS.       My pathfinder was great until 80,000 miles then its just become a nightmare.  Beware of any nissan SUV!!

  • Chris in Greenwood SC

    I just spent $5,500.00 to get my 2007 Nismo Frontier out of the shop. New tranny and radiator– same problem as everybody else. Same “help” from Nissan Consumer Affairs, NONE!  Not even an “I’m sorry” or anything. My first brand new Nissan— will be my last. I just got finished paying for the thing, now I had to use the title to get another loan to buy it again!!!  I hope somebody out there can help us. Help us National Highway Traffic Safety Administration!!!

  • brownjen8

    I went through this with my 2007 Nissan Pathfinder.  Nissan was rude, nasty and had no customer service, I was treated like it was my fault.  I spent $4,000.00 and got off lucky with a family friend rebuilding the transmission, if it wasn’t for him I would have had to pay over $6,500.00.  It is about time someone does an investigation because Nissan will not stand behind there work.

  • Brandonhatmaker

    My 2005 Pathfinder randomly stalls out, turns off, or rapidly decelerates at random times. Transmission not shifting or staying in gear properly causing near collisions on several accounts, stalling in the middle of intersections, etc… mechanic said coolant in transmission and transmission fluid in coolant system. Seems to be triggering multiple mechanical failures codes from transmission, to misfires, to o2 sensors. Afraid to drive. Nissan dealership is obviously trained to “skirt” the issue on this one, but one of the mechanic told me (off the record) that this was a major problem. I filled complaint with Nissan and they said the issue was VIN specific and didn’t include my VIN. Whatever. Obviously it should. It’s been sitting parked now for multiple months while I make the payments and keep it covered on insurance. VERY DANGEROUS! 

  • Stargzr

         In July of this year I was going to work. I started to get on to highway 30. The car jerked forward onto the highway but when I pushed the gas the car would not move. Fortunately the traffic was minimal so they were able to swerve to avoid hitting me. I immediately took the car to a mechanic. The mechanic was able to diagnosis the problem by looking in the radiator and goggling 2005 Xterra. 
         The reason it was so easy for him to diagnosis the problem is because hundreds of other owners have experienced the exact same issue.
         Once the mechanic diagnosed the problem I called Nissan North America Customer service. I took my car to Gerald Nissan of North Aurora at the request of the customer service person. Gerald diagnosed the problem as the radiator leaking fluid into my transmission, rendering my transmission useless. The lead service man at Gerald submitted an estimate to Nissan NA. Today I received a call from Arian Taylor at Nissan NA telling me that Nissan would not pay for the repairs nor would they do anything. When I asked for her manager she informed me she didn’t have a manage.
     Most of these failures are occurring after the 80000 mile extension. My car is at 115000 ( I bought it with 22000 miles on it). Regardless of the mileage I believe that Nissan has a moral responsibility to repair these cars. We, the consumer did not build the faulty radiator nor did I do anything to the car to cause the current problem. 
     I am now in a position of not being able to pay to repair a car that I am still paying for leaving me no options. I have filed a complaint with the National Hwy Institute as well as the Better Business Bureau. I have not yet decided if I am going to join one of the two class actions. I would much rather work this out with Nissan NA, get my car fixed and go on with my life. The other alternative is to stop paying for a useless vehicle, join the class action or hire an attorney and start a class action in Illinois. None of those alternatives are attractive to me. 
         Judging by the amount of information on the Internet about this problem I am sure my story is only one of thousands.

  • Stargzr

    Happened to my 2005 XTerra. No help from Nissan. I am now stuck paying the final 6months on a car that sits in my garage. 

  • Keith_patterson

    I am in this same boat with no paddle.  My car has been at the garage for the last week.  I am in nogotiations with Nissan USA and the dealer.  Right now I’ve got an offer of $2000 from NIssan USA toward the repair bill of $9800.  Nissan USA told me to contact the dealer to see if they would offer any assistance.
    I contacted the dealer (who is the father of my son’s best friend) and he was surprised that Nissan would have me contact him.
    I’ve decided to buy and older car to drive for now and I’m going to leave my car sitting at the dealer until they decide to do something.
    I have a 2008 Pathfinder and I experienced the issue at 83000 miles – yes I drive my car alot.
    2 more payments and I’ll own a car outright that I can’t use!!!

  • Ty D

    My 2005 Pathfinder was running fine until it started developing a case of thermostat fluctuation; it would almost go into the red and then drop all the way back down to the normal level.  I took it to Precision Tune and they replaced the radiator hose assembly. A few weeks after that, the tranny started slipping.  As I had already read from other consumers, I knew what was happening to my truck, and because the truck already had 120K + miles on it, I knew what Nissan would likely say.  Sure enough, one afternoon, I got in the truck and it wouldn’t accelerate forward.  I immediately had it towed to Nissan in April and began the fight to get it fixed; they quoted me $5100 to replace the tranny and radiator. I contacted their Consumer Affairs, and not only did they tell me they wouldn’t cover it, but referred me to the BBB (a very brazen move in my mind, to have a company refer you to them ABOUT them).  They already knew the BBB wouldn’t help because it was outside of the warranty.  Nearly four months later, it still sits at the dealer, because I can’t afford to pay the repair cost (I still owe for two years on the vehicle), and Nissan refuses to fix it, although they know the problem exists.  Someone has to die, I guess, before they pull their vehicles off the road and fix the problem.

  • skeener41

    happened to me too, shuttering then bam, no transmission. i have talked to Nissan and asked “why they didnt let us know, so we could have at least fixed the cheaper problem(radiator cooler) before it junked our tranny”?  they have offered nothing, it sounds like they will get what is coming to them. all the guys at the dealers say this happens all the time and Nissan knew about it. payback are coming Nissan. oh and by the way, nobody in my life circle would ever touch a Nissan product now. 

  • Cadman

    Please post the contact info for all to make complaints

  • Cadman

    Just read this info alert on a Nissan forum.  If anyone has the Nissan Corporate Customer Service contadt info please post for all to see and lets make a full on blitz to get Nissan to do what they should to correct this issue.

  • Ron410

    Just clicked 90k and the transmission is starting to shutter almost like im running over small speed bumps.  I can’t afford 5000 to replace the trans.  Hopefully they resolve this issue soon before im left stranded on I95.   

  • Pismochevy96

    I caught this early in my 2005 Frontier and installed a new radiator and flushed my coolant and transmission fluid last month after the dealership turned me down for being past the 80K warranty. This ticks me off because I’m sure I’ll run into problems down the road from whatever coolant got into my transmission in the first place, costing thousands to have fixed at the dealership. PLAIN and SIMPLE…this should NOT be a question about WARRANTY, but INSTEAD A RECALL! Shame on Nissan.

  • Amoscindysmith

    Same thing in my 07 exterra jerking and then found trans fluid in my radiator replaced the radiator and flushed the trans at a cost of534.12 cents I was away from home when it happend I contacted Nissan and was told it was my problem because it was past 80,000 miles and then after an arguement I was told I should have caught it sooner. My exterra has been sitting for six months and I am still making payments on it and I can’t afford another vehicle. I will never buy another Nissan !!!!!

  • Hineskaye

    Same thing with my Nissan Pathfinder 2005 . The coolant is leaking into my transmission repair will be $5400 that i am unable to afford . I am still paying on my car.  God help me how am I going to go to work. This is so not right . Why is Nissan able to get away with this. Car not able to accelerate over 40 mph , car jerking. 

  • Ripcord

    Time for a recall Nissan .You are losing thousands of previous loyal customers because you won’t do the right thing. This is making peoples lives miserable

  • Bonnie

    This happened to my Pathfinder at 118,000 miles. I was told to fix the problem, it would cost $4,500. I traded it in. I am so very disgruntled with Nissan that they have lost me as a consumer. If Nissan was smart, they would be putting the money out to recall and fix this problem or face loosing other customers. Shame on you Nissan for not owniung up and being responsible for your actions!!! Big Bully!

  • Normantrent41

    I have 2 2005 nisian frontiers 137000&145000 miles trans are out on both.

  • Loriewb

    Same thing happened to me on my 2005 Nissan pathfinder! Now transmission is completely out and they are refusing to fix the problem!! I will do whatever I can to help get this issue settled!

  • Jcordova

    Well the 2007 Pathfinder that I purchased new from the Nissan Dealer, (my 4th Nissan), has been diagnosed with this problem after my wife had a scary incident of the transmission jerking on the freeway.  Nissan is running from this issues because the Pathfinder is past 80,000 miles.  I now have a $9500 estimate to fix it. I’m still trying to get this covered, but my next correspondance is to the National Highway Safety Board.  Totally unethical behavovior on Nissan’s part.

  • Hurrigator

    Replace the radiator and flushed the transmission at the beginning of 2012. Now having to have the transmission replaced. As the vehicle is now at 120k miles, I was considering another Nissan. Probably not now.

  • 4yanksfans

    My tranny just failed at 120,000k – 2 years after I dropped $17,000 for it. The dealership where I bought it gave me a “lifetime power train warranty” since it was a Certified Pre-Owned, which was a huge selling point to me at the time. The only stipulation was that I have my oil changes and tire rotations done there every 5,000 miles, which I have done faithfully for the last 2 years. Side note: the dealership changed hands about 10 months after I bought the vehicle. First thing I made sure of was that if I kept having my vehicle serviced at the required intervals, my warranty would be honored if I ever needed it. They assured me it would be. Now that my Pathfinder has crapped the bed due to a widely known issue that they failed to disclose when I bought it, they are declining my warranty on the basis of me supposedly not having my tires rotated on 2 occasions. (they can’t even tell me what dates they were). What a crock!! Apparently, I was supposed to remind them of what needed to be done each time I took my car in to be serviced. I’m in the process of suing the pants off the dealership that wrote the filthy warranty.  This has become such a circus….the new dealership is blaming the prior dealership who is blaming Nissan, who obviously could care less about their customers.. and round and round we go!!  Once this nightmare is over, I will NEVER touch a Nissan again!

  • Turfinator44

    2005 Nissan Pathfinder. Only 70k, transmission is toast. Paid for a rebuilt. Cost me $3,000. Been in the shop on three different occasions since, with problems of radiator overheating.Replaced radiator and still is overheating. It is now in the shop for a fourth time with the transmission shop puzzled. The owner told me most likely there will be a recall within the next six months.An avid Nissan guy who has owned two Altimas.On the fence for buying a Nissan again. Shame cause their commercials and advertisements are so pro customer.

  • Madatnissanjc

    I have exactly the same issue with a 2007 Pathfinder that I had purchased new. (my third brand new nissan and 4th over 20years).  So far they refuse to stand behind their product.  WE NEED A RECALL. Go to the NHTSA website and file a complaint and also anywhere else you can get the word out.  It’s unbelievable that Nissan will  not take responsibility and will try to hide behind the BS* 80,000 extended warranty on the radiator.  They will contininue to see more and more of this issue but probalbly like our Pathfinder not until after 100,000 miles.  Keep the pressure on!

  • DJ

    Nissan- Every day I go out of my way to spread this story. I will only stop when you issue a recall. Greedy thieves!!!!!

  • Msh42765

    What happens to those of us that have had to FIX the issue already?  Do we get reimbursed???  We bought our Frontier in Feb 2012, failed in May 2012, replaced radiator, drove it “slowly around town.”  Finally last week transmission failed.  Nissan offered to fix it for $7300 or give me $1000 in trade.  We found a shop in town that repairs this issue.  Kind of strange that the one part we have to order from Nissan is on back order.  Horrible situation and Nissan couldn’t care less.

  • Sarcone710

     my trans just went and it only has 54,000 miles on it its a 2005 xterra and book valve is 12,000 nice now i can just put in my driveway and make payments on a truck i do not drive.. i am done with nissan i will never buy another one again ever. thanks for nothing

  • matthew pistey

    We have a 2005 pathfinder and it has the exact same problem, i found out driving my date through an intersection to have my car go from 10 mph to a sudden rev and not move froward at all, being forced to put it in reverse to back it out without hurting ourselves…. we barely had enough money to cover the rebuilt transmission and new radiator and this issue caused a ton of stress and blame on my family… i was shocked as i love nissan and all of there vehicles but the treatment from the dealer and them not agreeing to any of the cost has led me to file a class action lawsuit on them, i cant believe they can do this to all of us…. nissan is really going to have to win me back, i haven’t been this disappointed and pissed off with $3,500 dollars in repairs on something i didnt cause.

    im at 110,000 miles on the pathfinder, great way of reaching out to your fanbase nissan under 80,000 miles and we fix the radiator, over that have fun 🙂

  • Charlie205

    If your Pathfinder hasn’t crapped out with it’s transmission by 80,000 I recommend re-routing the cooler lines (by passing the radiator) so the transmission fluid only goes through the transmission cooler.  This will prevent the catastrophic transmission failure.  Many Nissan technicians know how to do it so call your Nissan dealer or local radiator shop to do it.  It only takes about 45 min.

  • Frewinet

    I just purchased a 2006 nissan Pathfinder and have the same problem everyone is talking about,, the dealers refuse to fix my viechel. Nissan needs to take responsibility for this issue and needs to recall this viechel. i need help who do i need to contact.

  • nissan Recall
  • Ej

    Nissan Don’t care. I just called the dealership where I purchased my pathfinder they told me if you want to keep the vehicle you have to have it repaired.. given I already have on my hand the class action lawsuit against Nissan. I just said Amen…This is recall time.

  • Doe

    Nissan is a junk automaker.  They have the worst reliablity in the industry right now.

  • Izitme_izit

    (800) nissan1

  • Bfournine2000

    Danngit!  My husband just took my 2005 Nissan Xterra over to a transmission place for a free check because we started experiencing a vibration.  Tech tells him there is tranny oil in the radiator. Possible leak somewhere, and they were taking $5000 to fix.  Then he tells my husb, best bet is to take it over to Nissan.  Well of course, my SUV has now turned over 100k miles and the warranty is expired and the extended warranty on this issue is ALSO no good.  What the hell Nissan!!

  • Jfelker

    We have a 2005 Pathfinder, transmission went out because of a leak with the coolant mixing with the transmission fluid.  It ruined the internal parts.  It took a transmission garage almost 5 months to totally rectify the situation.  Lost thousands of dollars and hours of my time going back and forth to the garage. 

  • Kitcross23

    Oh my gosh this just happened to my car!!! The dealer didn’t say anything of course! My poor car!! I love my xterra!!! I just wish her transmission hadn’t blown!!!

  • Caracciv

    It is still happening and Nissan could care less.  I have my car at Town Center Nissan in Kennesaw GA right now, they want $6400 to repair the transmission, this is after I replaced the radiator.  Nissan is nothing but dirt bags who do not stand behind their cars due to their faulty engineering.

  • Andrew Williams

    Easily solved with a 85 dollar external cooler before it becomes a problem. Every xterra owner should do this. There is plenty of room for it under the hood. Disconnect the factory one and put an external cooler right in the front.


    BAD news my fellow xterra owners….I too had the transmission/raditor problem and went round and round with Nissian of America to pay for the fix…Finally they did agree, but only because my partner bought a new Nissian Juke and we tied to two together…Now, 13 months later, the SAME thing happenend…so don’t believe Nissian when they say they can “fix” the problem….they can’t…

  • Raymondchase8

    dale:  I have 2008 xterra with 75000 miles and am concerned about radiator assembly going bad.  I’m retired and cannot afford large expenses because of a problem that Nissan has known about for years. Nissan should be forced to replace these defective parts and also repair the transmission at not cost.  We pay a big price for the xterra and we should not have problems like this to a product that is to be of good quality.   I have a maxima 2001 with 122,000 miles, it has be a great car.  Please get these units fixed and not at the customers expense.  

  • simone

    We have a 2008 Nissan Pathfinder.Nissan are scumbags.First i was told it was 80,000 miles.then 93,000 and they will pay 3500 towards repair now they claimed they extend it 100,000 or ten yrs my vechile is at 101,000 and they refuse to fix it .estimated cost is 7000 to repair.I’m on the phone with them at least 2or 3 times a week and getting no where.I’m going as far as corporate.I’m contacting the local news to take this to the media and expose them so if any while is willing to join this petetion email me at

  • simone

    Does anybody how we could join the class-action lawsuit?

  • Robbo

    Been there, I’ve spent over 7000 on transmission repairs and it’s still not right. Nissan screwed this one up BAD. I hope for a recall and a class action lawsuit! The amount of time it has taken rental cars etc.
    All for a problem that should have been recalled years ago. 

  • Robbo

    Me TOO

  • Robbo

    EVERYONE!!! Post this on your Facebook, Twitter, Myspace, or anything. This article could push Nissan to do the right thing if this goes viral. Make it happen!

  • You said.    ” Now I have a host of other electric issues that they cant diagnos at my Nissan Dealer. “…Is this when your car will not crank or start? I am having that problem and nissan says i need to pay them $1100+ because the ECM is messed up…WHICH I CONTACTED ECM professionals and they said is not the issue. I am taking it to a “starter” specialist to get it diagnosed but do you have any knowledge as to what is the real problem? I suspect it to be a valve body TCM issue being flooded

  • Nimajaldes

    I was just told by Nissan that I will have to pay for my radiator/coolant problem in full as the extended warranty they settled on in court is only up to 100,000 miles. My 2005 pathfinder is 121,000. They are horrible! This needs to be recalled as this is a major factory defect, as well as the fuel sending pump. I will never ever buy another Nissan and I tell all my family and friends this

  • Nimjaldes

    oh and by the way they told me the reason there wasnt recall done instead of the “extended” warranty was that there was only a small percentage of vehicles that this issue affected. Are you kidding me?! what a load of BS! 

  • Art

    Never again..unless they fess up.

  • Kenny

    You have car notes on a 7, now almost 8, year old vehicle?  Really?

  • joe

    Have been faithful owner of 2 Nissan Frontiers.  Very disappointed with you not standing by your products.  You should definitely issue a recall.  If not, I will not be buying any Nissan products.

  • Babydolljaclynn

    My truck is over the mileage and was told so sorry what can we do? My truck took the big crap this summer went without a truck for 5 months because we could not afford the repair ourselves…this is a joke that they did not notify us there was even a problem…we have 147 miles….they should praise someone for going over the mileage not say sorry you our over….please contact me at

  • I have a 2009 Nissan Versa with $95,000 miles as I was driving the car stopped accelerating, I read up on my cvt transmission and ran across the Nissan automatic extended warranty, therefore, i called the local dealer and had them tow the car to their shop, the Nissan Website states that they will cover the car rental as well as the rental car svc, the exrtended warranty is valid if you car has 120,000 miles or 10 yrs which ever comes 1st, guess what, the dealer called me and told me that my transmission WOULD NOT be covered under the warranty because the reason it broke was due to the radiator leaked into the tranny and contaminated it and also damaged the computer (radiator computer), MIND YOU never ever had a warning or a light come on indicating anything wrong with the radiator.  I called Nissan 11-28-12 and was told my the person whom i spoke to who provided me with a Case # that i would have a call back before 12-3-12, today is 12-5-2012 and after calling Nissan ALL day for two days and leaving my Representative assigned to my case messages i was excalated to a Supervisor that STILL has not called me back.  The Dealer gave me an estimate of $7500 to get the car fixed, the outside world tells me approx. 3 to 4 thousand dollars.  This is really upsetting to me, i can’t believe that Nissan would not live up to their word.   Time to get the NISSAN VERSA on the black list of cars with CVT Transmission problems. 

  • Gissolmari

    Kenny, I don’t think you are very smart.  Of course, he may have a car note, he probably bought the car with a loan, he probably didn’t have the cash.  The car was probably a used car when he bought it. Those cars are not super cheap – and if he didn’t have the $8,000 – $12,000 cash to pay for the car he probably borrowed the money. That is what he is probably talking about.  (I know not everyone knows how to analyze a situation, but just want to help you not be so sarcastic, and use a little of common sense.)

  • Wish i didnt buy a nissan

    Nissan step up and issue a recall!  Everone spread the word on facebook and twitter!  I have a low mileage 06 Frontier which I now thin is a piece of shit!  Thanks for being a piece of crap NISSAN

  • Johnny_t98

    Agree.  Just found out my radiator is shot and possibly the transmission.

  • Keith williams

    i have a 2005 pathfinder with 56 k, and i have the same problem.  i bought the pathfinder 2 months ago, and now i can not drive it.  

  • ttee

    I had the issue with a 2007 Xterra.  Radiator failed and coolant got into the transmission.  Going to require several thousand dollars to repair.

    Car is at 81000 and just outside the warranty coverage.  

  • Sharontoorenburgh

    My 2005 Pathfinder was just diagnose witdh fluid contamination.  I need a new rad and transmission.
    The Morrey Nissan says I have to pay have the cost of repairs.   Which is totally unfair.  Nissan should pay the full cost.

  • Anthonydepalma

    I have a 2006 Pathfinder at 78000 the transmission was replaced. Then with 7000 miles on thenew transmission the 2nd radiator blew up now at 104000 the problem occured again. I learned today that Nissan has not retooled the defective part. The government needs to step up and force Nissan to do the right thing. I had 7 passengers in the car last night 5 of them children on the highway . What if the tranny locked . What is Nissan waiting for someone to be injured or killed before they act?

  • Churchj50

    This article I very accurate and true. I have had this exact same issue fixed on my 2007 Xterra and I am currently at the dealer for a second time for this within a year! Unbelievable. If Nissan isn’t willing to get this taken care of then they should prepare to have yet another unsatisfied customer in their future!

  • Judith Gamboa

    I am one of those very unfortunate owners to have found this out after my Xterra clicked over 101K miles. Nissan is not honoring their “Extended Warranty” and I am furious. I am spreading the word about their horrible service.

  • Bjwoodworks40

    my transmission is shot too, I have a 05Nissan Frontier am my transmission has the same problem because my truck has over 100,000 miles they won’t honor the replacement I will never buy another Nissan again I can’t believe I have to send $4200to replace something they should be doing

  • Very upset

    Yup I’m a lucky 06 pathfinder with a radiator/ transmission issue as we speak. Going to cost $4000 just to fix trans. We need to rally for reimbursement and recall.

  • Crankydan

    Adding my 07 frontier, 4.0 eng.-Brakes went out @ 18K miles-Driveshaft followed thereafter-intermittent judder/shudder @ 35-40 MPH shifting was erratic-changed dealership after several failed attempts to get a correct diagnostics-at 58K miles different dealership got Nissan to pony up a new transmission-but no radiator-just flushed & refilled-have driven to 68K miles-still stinks of anti-freeze and leaks minute amounts on driveway-smells intermittingly inside the cabin w/defrost mode on.  I’ve filed a complaint w/NTSB for safety issue, also am filing w/BBB for a new truck(2013) as they have had more than 4 times to rectify this issue without results!  What good is a 80K extension to a worthless drive train waranty?  They are only trying to avoid a complete recall and avoiding a large fine like Toyota got for not owning up to a engineering problem that has been years in the undertaking with no results in sight.  This is definately a safety issue-lag time in acceleration can and probablyhas caused several accidents and hardships to consumers.  Spread the word so Nissan cannot slither out of this issue!

  • Cdomena

     they just gave a extension on the warranty up to 100,000 miles but you pay a copay amount now.

  • Dawnma72

    So I hear Nissan has to pay? Does anyone else know about this?

  • Raquel599

    This happened to me and my family while we were away on vacation outside of Atlanta, GA. The result caused the transmission to go out and the local Nissan dealer did not tell us anything about the extended warranty and the total cost to repair our 2006 pathfinder was $6000.

  • Damore4

    I own a 2006 Nissan Pathfinder and I’m experiencing transmission problems. The vehicle suddenly began to rev and the vehicle slowed down so i stopped. Upon proceeding I noticed the car would not shift into a higher gear. Then I tried to back up into a driveway to get off the road, but no reverse.

  • Scottsam717

    I just filed a complaint with the Federal trade commission for this problem in my 2006 exterra. If you have the same issue call 888 327-4236 and file a complaint. This is the department that review issues and makes them recalls if its a defect. CALL 888 327-4236 and submit a complaint. The more complaints the better chance this becomes a recall.

  • Tpmountie

    Yes im in the same boat about our 07 Frontier in PA… 6,000 to fix!! And the class action lawsuit is a joke!!!Thanks for that number.I’m also call the PA attorney general…Nissan has to recognize there is a problem!

  • Donboulay

    Adding my 06 Pathfinder with 165,000 kilometers as well in Ottawa, Canada.  Cost me $7,000 to replace rad and tranny.  Both the Dealer and Nissan Canada are playing dumb and ignoring that there was a problem even though I brought my truck in quite a few times over a couple of months to figure out the source.  This is my 3rd Nissan product and it will be the last.  Going with a Toyota when this one dies.

  • R4i

    I found out today that I am in the same boat as all of you. My dealership is going to do this repair in two stages (if required). First replace the rad and flush the system. Also at this time they are going to flush the transmission and attempt to remove any debris and antifreeze. This initial cost of around $1,100 parts and labor. If all is well at this point great. If the problem continues the transmission is next. According to a bulletin issued by Nissan, customer co-pay may apply if the rad and transmission require replacement.  
    I believe it has been extended to 120 months / 160,000 kms. Please check with your dealership on this one. If this customer co-pay applies it would appear that the maximum repair cost (rad, transmission, fluids labor etc) would be $3,000
    This bulletin was issued mid December 2012 and apparently if your vehicle is affected you should be getting a letter from Nissan Canada.

  • Donboulay

    Thanks for the update.  I haven’t seen any postings for Canada on this problem, so I’m glad you did post some information.  When my tranny problems started, I was at about 164,000 kilometers.  I’ve had a history of issues with the dealership’s service department.  Unfortunately, this latest one should have been caught by them sooner but it wasn’t.  I’ve sent letters to the Dealer, Nissan Canada and logged a complaint with Transport Canada.  The other thing that didn’t go in my favor is that I opted to get the problem fixed with a transmission specialist because of the shoddy work I’ve received in the past through this dealer.  So again, no help from them.  At this point, I don’t expect anything from Nissan whatsoever.  I also discussed the possibility of a tranny flush with the specialist and a mechanic friend of mine, and they both said it won’t correct the problem long term.  It may or may not buy you anything going this route.  I tried going there but was advised against it.  Quite a few people on various blogs tried that route only for the problem to re-surface again in a short period of time.  If the interior components are contaminated, no flush will clean them.  The tranny has to be taken apart and properly cleaned and parts replaced.  That’s what I’ve been told anyway. 

  • R4i

    Thanks for the information. As this repair progresses over the next few weeks I will post the updates.

  • Mike Maxwell

    Please note that this transmission/coolant problem does not affect vehicles with standard transmissions. They don’t have a transmission heat exchanger in the car’s radiator like the automatics do.  According to the service guy at my Nissan dealer, the standard transmissions don’t need this additional cooling action because they don’t have to dissipate heat produced by friction to the extent that automatics do.

  • Ellemr

    You don’t have to do anything if your under 10 years/100k miles but if you did repairs under the 100k you have to file claim by June 7 2013 to be reimbursed but a copay applys. I’m over the 100k and think Nissan should still cover this radiator leak issue especially cause they have been knowing about it. Not happy at all especially because it’s a very expensive procedure to cover on your own.

  • Bob

    i bought a 2006 xterra brand new at the time, lots of problems.  Fuel sensor went at 70000 km, u joints went at 100k, blower motor stopped working after 90k, i too had the cracked radiator but my problem didn’t destroy tranny at 155k(ext warranty only goes to 130k for that problem), cost about $1000 for new radiator, but ever since then I’ve been feeling slippage when i decelerate to 40 km/h and the tranny is changing gears around that speed, so don’t know if tranny is a ticking time bomb or not(vehicle is at 167000 km now)  And i would say that ever since my xterra has gotten to 80k the stupid SES light has been on due to catalytic converter code 430 below threshold bank 2, i was told by mechanic its not a big issue but my fuel economy is terrible now.  Also significant squeaking due to  ball joints and no grease(cant fill cuz it sealed so need a new ball joint to stop squeaking- $550 repair),  I have also changed defective wheel bearing at 110k, and the stupid TPMS sensors seem to crap out every so often(200$ each have changed 3 already).  So overall, I would 100 percent NOT recommend a NISSAN to anyone ever, i know all cars eventually have problems and need fixing but this was excessive, 

  • R4i

    About 2 weeks ago I had the rad replaced and the transmission flushed on a 2005 Xterra. And guess no surprise the problem still existed. The noise was greatly diminished but still there. According to Nissan Canada the onus is on the owner of the vehicle to prove the problem still exists. They had also added an extra step both front and back U-joints must be inspected to rule them out. This came in just under $200.00 and no issues were found. After much discussion, a test drive and my dealership following up with Nissan Canada they have approved a transmission replacement which will come in around the $3000 mark. This amount includes the new rad, transmission and all fluids etc. This indeed is a bit of cash to lay out but it is cheaper than getting nothing on a trade in and having to buy another vehicle. If your vehicle is having this problem and you are under 120 months / 160,000 KMs visit your dealership.

  • Mauidogg

    Getting my 2005 Pathfinder fixed today. The dealership got us a rental. Our oil change place told us we had transmission fluid in radiator. That was yesterday. Our local dealership got it done, we pick it up at 5pm. Thanks to our local Maui dealership. Maui Nissan No Ka Oi!!!

  • Mauidogg

    They replaced radiator and transmission. Maui! Hawaiians treat locals with respect and honesty. The mainland is fullof the devil in sheeps clothing. Playing games with peoples lives. On an island everyone knows everyone, so dont rage, one day you will be related. 808 AllDay

  • Guest

    The new extended warranty for 2005 Pathfinders is 80,000 miles. So your SUV should be fully covered to have the radiator and transmission replaced at no cost to you. Best of luck. 

  • The original warranty covered issue up until 8 years or 80k miles.  You should still be covered.  If not, you pay at most 2500 dollars or 9 years 90k miles.  I’m pretty sure that warranty’s transfer to new owner with Nissan.  I’ve got 53k on my 05 and I am covered up until April.  I’m the original owner.  I’ll be installing bypass if Nissan fails to recall this crap.  But the fact that you saw this failure at 56k miles shows how defective this radiator really is. 

  • Bpfergie

    Diagnosed this AM with the problem but dealership denied knowledge even though I rec’d a letter 3 days ago warning of the failure possability. So the fight starts!

  • JeremyR

    Hello!  I have a 2006 Xterra and it is recreating this entire blog!  I do have a question.  Will a radiator bypass solve the problem permanently?  What are the disadvantages to doing the bypass?


    Okay, I have a 2005 nismo crewcab, 111,000 miles, Just blew transmission fluid all over the place today. On the Interstate, could feel the tranny get weird, saw smoke behind me. Made it home. Fluid all over the undercarriage and milky stuff in the coolant!
     Going to call the dealer on Monday, anyone know if Nissan is stepping up yet.  

  • Jay

    My 2008 Nissan Pathfinder with 97,000 miles just had the radiator fail causing coolant to get into my trans fluid and seize up my transmission.  It is going to cost me $3,000 to fix.  It is a shame that Nissan is letting a faulty designed $250 radiator completely kill the transmission on so many Pathfinders, Exterras and Frontiers.  The radiator on the 2005-2008 trucks must be recalled.  If you own a Nissan truck  REPLACE THE RADIATOR BEFORE A FAILED TRANSMISSION HAPPENS TO YOU.  AND IT WILL. This is too common of a problem for it to be ignored.

  • Glou1979

    My 2005 Xterra is in the shop as I type. price tag on the repairs so far $3200.00 WTF. Nissan needs to be responsible and pay some of this back to us. 

  • Chemo712

    2007 Nissan Nismo Frontier 4×4 hopefully got lucky (maybe) back in 2010 noticed that the heater would not heat the truck regardless how long I left it on in idle or in park. So I went to the Nissan dealer ship where mind you my family purchased 3 Nissan vehicles from; had the tech inspect my problem but no immediate luck they just drained the radiator fluid and refilled it. So the next morning I get in the truck and and noticed that when I revved I get HEAT! not a mechanic but mechanically inclined so what. Next I recheck the cooling fluid re-drained it my self and the problem was solved for a few weeks (a small leak I suspected) but again it happened but to my avail I get this letter for a RECALL ON RADIATORS from Nissan and baam! at the speed of light I think I’m at the dealer raising cane. After a brief dispute with the service manager and general manager they agree to take that hit for their 700 plus dollar radiator ALL PLASTIC by the way no wonder they have problems. Soon after that the heater works like a furnace I’m happy, time being. A few months ago a get this letter and now its some kind of class action law suit for the same problem which apparently can BLOW AWAY THE TRANSMISSION my only issue now is that I’m passed the 100K mark going on 110K very clever Nissan!!! the timing could have not been more NEFARIOUS or good luck timing for Nissan Corp. And here is the kicker my heater is doing the same thing all over again NO HEAT or a least while I’m in idle or park. So did I get another BAD RADIATOR installed AGAIN? or this is the new quality standard the for Nissan brand? The Datsun that is in my shed serves me better and its 41 years old but then again businesses where RUN ON INTEGRITY AND HONOR not just a P&L statement.


    A SAD nissan FAN!!!  

  • Sal 7 Pink

    As I type my 2007 Nissan Pathfinder sits at the dealership waiting to be repaired with an outstanding balance of $10,000 due to the exact defect that this article describes. I am outraged and furious with this company because I truly enjoyed my pathfinder up until now. It’s frustrating to know that the damages and repair work are due to some defect that is out of my control. I shouldn’t have to pay for something that is a defect and should have been recalled a long time ago.

  • Tim4329

    My 2005 Pathfinder have the same issue like most of the comments below. Nissan should be paying for these price tags to fix the issue.

  • Donhill2011

    2006 Nissan Pathfinder Im outraged! My heater stopped so it prompted me to check the radiator coolant etc….I found a transmission mixture then noticed that’s why the transmission was slipping then wouldn’t go into reverse… But wait Im not finished after they advised me that I have a $2500 deductible “thanks could be worse ” after my truck been at Nissan makes a month tomorrow! I was just advised the transmission is on BACK ORDER! Thanks Nissan smh….

  • Lydia Zelle

    Im surprised when I took my 2006 Pathfinder SE in for repair on why the heat had not been working all winter that they charged me to repair at the dealer and never said anything about the problem nor did they advise me of anything. They took the $300 to repair without any explanation. Think this will be my last NISSAN. We have three now and have been a strong supporter for 15 years.

    Now they owe us an explanation or we may have to trash the car.

  • Cakomes

    Wow, I can;t believe this. My heater would not get very warm in park either. Then I get a letter in the mail about this radiator/transmission issue a couple months ago ( which never said anything about the heat problems) and now, with 112,000 mi. my trans is going. How convenient for nissan. I am all over the web looking at comments on this. How many of these are there?  Tens of thousands it seems. I sure hope the NHTSA reads all of this. Any other manufacturer would have had a recall…what gives.

  • Sparks

    As I type this, my 2007 Nissan Pathfinder is at the dealer, getting the transmission and radiator replaced.  I took it to the dealer in late December when I had 98K miles on it, complaining that the heater didn’t work when the car was in idle.  They couldn’t diagnose the problem, so they flushed the radiator ($80) and sent me home.  This did not fix the problem.  I took it back at the beginning of February when the transmission started to noticably slip.  They had it all day and told me they couldn’t find anything wrong.  I got online and diagnosed the problem myself (I am NOT a mechanic), then suggested to them that the transmission/coolant cross-contamination issue might be the problem.  After going back to check my vehicle again, they confirmed it was indeed the case.  At this point I was at 102K miles, and Nissan told me I was out of luck on getting them to fork over any $ for the repairs.  I had to fight with Nissan on and off for over a month.  I had the dealership contact the district rep who offered me $1000 toward the repair, but I still felt cheated because if they had diagnosed the problem correctly when I brought it in for the heater problem, I’d have been covered except for the $3000 deductible.  I took it to their national customer care line, where after taking 5 days to “review my case,” they also essentially told me I was out of luck.  I went back to the dealership and spoke to the general manager, who called the district rep himself.  After having me prove that I had been loyal to Nissan by supplying service records and showing that I had bought extended warranties etc, they FINALLY agreed to cover everything except the $3000 deductible.  Now, all that I can do, along with the hundreds of other frustrated Nissan owners in this situation, is hope and pray that Nissan is forced (perhaps by the NHTSA) to do a recall, and I can get my $ back.  Either way, I will never buy another Nissan.  They’ve shown everyone that they do not stand behind their products or their customers.

  • cris_ascencio

    my nissan frontier is a nightmare due to the transmission leak radiator fluid my timing chain went out so i replaced my radiator tranny and timing chain for whopping total of 4200 dollars and i called nissan to get a refund and they denied it because it was over 100,000 miles i wish nissan would be resposible no matter what oh well 4200 dollars down the drain 

  • Dolphin35115

    We are in the same boat!! It’s just so wrong of them!! $4,000 that I don’t have 🙁

  • Jermaine Kamau

    My pathfinder has about 96k on it and now I am experiencing this “shuttering” noise vibration when decelerating.  Is this the transmission issue or do I just need a flush? Also, where is nissan on the recall?

  • Jakdduron

    is a 1993 nissan pathfinder transmission compatible with a 1995 nissan pathfinder transmission. i want to do a swap.

  • Valeria Shivers

    I had the same problems with my heater not working while in park. I had the radiator flushed, and they said I just needed to turn the temperature up to about 90 and it will be warm…well that didn’t help much. Now with 84K my mechanic says sounds like the transmission is about to go. WTH!! Truck is at the repair shop as I type this info. Lord knows I don’t have any money for this and the mechanic wants to charge me $550 for just opening up the transmission to see what exactly what is the problem…..


    I have 2007 same problem,time for a RECALL

  • Pjaictin

    I had Nissan frontier 05 same problem jerking it’s for recall we gonna make noise so Nissan will fix the problem.

  • BB

    Am a 2006 Pathfinder owner – just got the bad news today.  same issues – heater not working until I got on the highway and noticeable transmission slippage.  Nissan needs to deal with this – if they don’t there are plenty of other car companies to buy from.

  • CPhillips

    I just purchased a 2008 Nissan Xterra from a Nissan dealer in Spokane 7 months ago and have complete transmission failure due to this problem at 108,00 miles. It is starting to happen to newer vehicles. I am currently working with the dealer and hopefully they will help me with this. Nissan needs to address this problem soon!

  • mike

    have a 2007 frontier at the dealership right now having the radiator & transmission replaced. I don’t know how nissan can say this isn’t a safety issue when your vehicle can stop in the middle of highway traffic due to your transmission dying. never again nissan…

  • cris

    this happened to me and payed 6.5 thousand dollars for new tranny and radiator and computer,my truck nissan 07 frontier stopped in middle of freeway

  • kenny_425

    My 05 frontier is having the same problem at 96000 miles. The service manager let me know there will be no recall because its only happening to a “handful” of the automobiles and if they do a recall they have to replace every automobile of the effected years and models which would cost the company millions. I also spoke with someone from the consumer hotline who said Nissan has already provided us with enough assistance by extending the warranty to 100000 miles and reducing the repair price to $3000. This is a complete joke that Nissan needs to address. as a father of 3 with bills out the ass $3000 is a lot to come up with and I cant even get financed for more than $1500 for this repair. This sucks and its obvious they don’t give a crap about their customers, just the almighty $$$$. Greedy assholes!!!!

  • Larry

    just had this happen to my 2005 Nissan xterra with 106,000 miles. Was pulling onto a main road from a side road and vehicle lost all power, would not pull at all. I had to put the vehicle in neutral and coast down an incline on a very busy street to get out of traffic!! (SAFETY CONCERN!!!) Had vehicle towed to shop where we were given a $6000 estimate to replace transmission and radiator. Started researching and found this has happened numerous times in Nissan vehicles due to a faulty line. Nissan knew about this in 2007 and DID NOTHING!!! A recall should have happened but I guess they felt it would cost them millions to repair all of these affected so they just extended the warranty to 80,000 miles…They did this knowing that only a handful of vehicles had this happen under that many miles. It is more typical in 85,000+ miles. So I have a vehicle that I already have $30,000 invested in and should be good for another 100,000 miles but no, I have to put another 6 grand in it to be able to drive it!!! Nissan should be MADE to recall these vehicles and fix them!!! This is a safety hazard!~!!! I have filed several complaints with different agencies. Everyone needs to do the same!!! They are very eager to sell us these vehicles and if we buy them and do our part to ensure they are taken care of NISSAN needs to be responsible for something that was a defect from the factory and could have risked my kids lives!!!

  • TT

    Have same problem ALSO have issue with gas gauge not working…..

  • forte

    I have a 2012 Xterra Pro-4X that the coolant disappear and have overheat problems. Im wonder if its the same issue because there is no sings of coolant leak. and the dealer cant find the root of the problems. Does the 2012 have the same transmission issue?

  • N.O.

    Same here. ’05 Xterra currently 130,000 mi

    1) Xterra stalled out last year and was dead — cause faulty gas sensor. Replaced it and it ran fine for less than a year.

    2) Transmission seemed a little jerky during that time as well.

    3) Starting last week it was making a weird whining + rattling noise. Just heard back from mechanic saying the Radiator fluid is mixing with the transmission fluid so it’s the same song over here as well. The transmission is probably shot. Calling Nissan in the AM. Will never buy a Nissan again. Selling it for parts or project if anyone wants it… F*** Nissan.

  • disqus_3B0CMUX8QR

    My ’07 Pathfinder just hit 85k and the transmissions starting jerking at 40mph. I haven’t taken it to get checked out but now I’m certain that it’s this problem! So frustrated!

  • disqus_3B0CMUX8QR

    Google class action lawsuit for radiator/transmission problems with nissan. Some reiumbursement is available

  • bamared

    I’m done with nissan.I’ve had nothing but nissan for 20 years but not anymore.we just traded in our 05 xterra for a Subaru last week.the xterra only had 57k miles on it and we had just found out the timing chain was making a noise and the tensioner was going to need replaced and this was also a known problem nissan was not telling people.we had just put a new heater core in a few months ago.wife had no heat in the middle of winter

    I was really worried about the trans so I had already bypassed the radiator months ago. didn’t want to have same problem as alot of you here.I have a 95 pathfinder with only 90k miles I bought new sitting in my yard because I lost reverse a couple years ago.I just can’t bring myself to paying 2500.00 for a rebuilt trans on the 95 that’s not worth much more that that.I love the pathfinder and had put alot of money in her but for now she’s just sitting.

    nissan really should start standing behind their product.they are loosing customers fast over this kind of stuff. we really liked the new pathfinder but there was no way in hell I would go threw this again on another nissan until they start doing the right thing.I’m not a toyota fan just don’t like the looks of their cars and trucks but one thing about toyota they back their product.

  • Janet

    I had my 2010 Off Road Xterra for about 2000 miles and the transmissions started acting up. Reported it to Nissan and they said well we can’t get it to do anything…hence the term “occasional”. Then they told me after the 3rd time of taking it back, well your transmission isn’t throwing a code. Are you kidding me? Why would a transmission throw a code, it isn’t a computer.

  • AngelaD

    I have a 2006 nissan pathfinder that the transmission just went out at 117k miles. The fact that a recall has not been issues is crap! I have had 3 Nissans and would have gotten a 4th but not after this.

  • Jake McNelley

    2005 frontier. Guess what? Same symptoms as all the others I’ve read. Headed to the mechanic tomorrow. Anybody with advice/suggestions on what the latest news with Nissans response is feel free to leave it. This is a shame and so ethically wrong!

  • russelld

    2006 nissan frontier. Transmission cooler failed, ruined transmission. ~$4000 at a non-dealership transmission shop. 115k miles on truck, Nissan said they would not cover it. Would have been $3000 copayment anyway based on their ‘extended’ coverage for the issue. Total BS. If they would have recalled the radiator then this never would have happened. Love the truck but NO customer satifaction with Nissan. Just wanted to add my truck to the list. Oh, and google the quick fix for your Nissan. All you have to do is switch two cooler lines going to the radiator and you can bypass the issue. 15 minute fix. If you are towing alot you might consider an outside the radiator tranny cooler.

  • Guy

    I have a Nissan pathfinder 2008. The worst car of my life. The brake system failed 2 years after I bought the truck (brand new), the engine failed 1 year later, and the transmission has just failed.

    Nissan has denied to assist me on these issues. People should stay away from Nissan. They have started making car with engines and transmission problems and worst are trying to get away with it.

    We need to make a collective action against them. Feel free to e-mail me you name and contact information so that we can build a solid legal case against Nissan.

    My e-mail is infoDOTkaooloDOT AT Yahoo DOT C-O-M

  • Sleepless in Seattle

    2005 Pathfinder went in for service yesterday and my wife was told that the radiator cooler tube was cracked and coolant is mixing with the transmission fluid (sound familiar). To add insult to injury she was told that if the vehicle had less than 100K mi (it has 103K mi) that we could have received a credit of $3,500 towards the repair. Unfortunately, that was not the case so estimated cost are greater than $6500 and that’s just for a rebuilt transmission.
    However, she was offered another solution; we could trade the suv in for a newer nissan vehicle. NOT GONNA HAPPEN!!!
    I’ve read that a class action lawsuit was filed somewhere and I think we need to do the same!!!

  • Roy Marsh

    I have an 06 pathfinder with 132,000 the transmission went out because the radiator leaked into the transmission called Nissan they told me NOTHING was covered. I will NEVER buy another Nissan they treated me like dirt. The cost will be between 2000-4000 and Nissan told me that they wouldn’t cover any of it NOT ONE PENNY!!!!!

  • LinTis

    What Nissan is doing is completely crminal and corrupt. My Pathfinder is a 2005 with 76,000 miles. Supposedly if the car is 8 years old and has less than 80,000 miles they fix for free. Sounded good to me! NOPE! Took it to the dealer and because it was driven off the lot in Dec. 2004 they consider it a 2004 vehicle…WTF? and I now have to pay thousands of dollars. I now have not had a car for months as I am franctically trying to save the money to fix the problem Nissan created. When speaking to their corporate office I was laughed at by multiple people who were accusatory as if the radiator leaking coolant into my transmission was my fault!!!!!. We have owned four Nissans, currently own three. BIGGEST MISTAKE I EVER MADE was buying a Pathfinder. We are trying to get rid of all and will NEVER buy again (to which Nissan corporate laughed at and assured me they dont need my business!?!?!? Then when I went to pick up a rental, it was filthy…full of trash and someone else’s pet hair and the gas tank was empty…yet I have to bring it back full or you charge me even more money!!!! Nissan is a disgusting, corrupt and criminal corporation and I wish they would just buy the damn car back. CRIMINALS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Don’t know how they are legally getting away with this. Especially when the class action notices were sent out AFTER the deadline for re-imbursement (already spent thousands trying to fix issue before receiving the notice about the radiator leaking into transmission). And now have to spend $3500 with no chance to re-coup any of the money. Really hope I can get my car fixed some day!!!!!!

  • Jeff Campbell

    My 05 Nissan Pathfinder is having the exact same problem…is there anything that can be done to avoid the out of pocke expense???
    This just isn’t right…Nissan will never get another chance with me!!!

  • Jose Pires

    This is a shame at is higher level. Nissan has knowledge that the Nissan X-Terra 2005 was a defective from the factory, they with all greedy, lack of respect and lack honesty, they sell the vehicles anyway. However, the worse of all these are they the cover up they carry on since then. I have many of the receipt of the numbers of expenses which I have had since 2007, two years after we bought the vehicle (Nissan X-Terra 2005). OH GOD, help us!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Ticked off customer

    2006 Nissan Pathfinder SW. It has 85K miles. Transmission broke due to coolant lick. I towed the car to the dealer. This is the reply from the dealership. The car is out of warranty period and the cost of the repair is close to 6K. What the heck. This will be the last time our family will purchase Nissan brand.

  • Larry Malone

    Just found out that my 2005 Nissan Frontier with 135,000 babied miles needs a new transmission based on the same defect that all of these other folks have had. I’ve had this truck at the dealership in the past and they never mentioned any problems. I can’t believe there is not a class action suit against Nissan. This is criminal and outrageous.

  • Jorge Gonzalez

    Very frustrating and disappointing with NISSAN, trust them on buying a new vehicle X-Terra in 2005, to find out after taking care of it for 8 years and 111,000 at the dealer ship that my transmission went out with the radiator and no warranty for a bill of $6,500, NOT WORTH IT!, like comment below, this is a crime and injustice!

  • Tina Hembree

    My 2011 Nissan Rogue started out with the same jerking motion on the freeway! Turns out it’s my transmission … they never fixed the problem obviously. ..

  • Adrienne

    My frontier had notice mailed about transmission or radiator problems. I took it to dealership at 72,000 miles. They said everything was fine. Last week, my transmission went out completely 80,000 miles. Nissan is giving me a hard time now about fixing it. Wants me to pay $2500

  • Winston-

    My truck has 103k miles and the transmission is blown, The vehicle won’t move while acceleration. I called Nissan and they are giving me the run-around and flatly refuse to do anything about. This is a know issue and the Government needs to assist by making Nissan recall and replace the tranny in vehicles with this KNOWN TRANSMISSION FAILURE due to LEAKAGE. They need to fix this issue because they knew about this problem let they let consumers burn. I WILL NEVER BUY ANOTHER NISSAN it they do not fix this issue.
    I am so pissed , there are hundreds of complaints, what does it take for the authorities to have them resolve this issue.

  • you

    there are none. the xterra has a seperate transmission radiator just hook the hoses directly to it.

  • Cle

    I have the same issue. What makes me mad is that NHTSA has had an open investigation since June 2012 and it still hasn’t been resolved. Now there is an investigation for three 2013 models because they had less than ten complaints. The 05-10 models has hundreds of complaints yet that investigation isn’t a priority to NHTSA and Nissan.

  • Bluvalley


    I have a 2012 Frontier and am losing coolant also. Mostly after I tow, but still it started to overheat on the highway, pulled over and almost all coolant gone. No visible leaks, took it to dealer and said they couldn’t find anything. Have add to add coolant 3 times in the past 2 months.

  • Angry Mom

    Well I am the new victim to this issue. I purchased my 2007 Nissan Pathfinder just last year. Saturday 11/23/13 I took it too the Nissan Dealership because of jerking and hard gear shift. Diagnosis I pay $45.00 to hear is radiator and transmission contaminated. Bill $5000, well I am going to put it like this. They did a class action lawsuit in New York that they settled for a settlement that wasn’t worth the time to file, I say we all team together and file a lawsuit for the safety of our families, intentionally denying fixing the vehicles in advance. Because they are winning both ways. They win through puchase of vehicle as well as purchase of paying them to install a radiator and transmission. Nissan knows and it is time for us the consumers to talk. 1. Everyone go to the BBB of your state and file a report against Nissan, tell it all. 2. Check website frequently for anyone that is filing a lawsuit against nissan we will need to branch together. 3. If you can contact your local news station start blowing up their lines with the issue. 4. If you haven’t already then please complain to the NHTSA. It is time to take back the power. Once we get the info out to all of America, people will start trading in those vehicles and sales will go down for Nissan.

  • Mad TrannyBS

    i must say i have been up in arms about this an was just told by Nissan that my 2006 Frontier is not a party to a faulty radiator even though i was told by transmission shop and nissan dealer my damaged transmission is a direct result of a faulty cooling system direct from manufacturing..i wrote a letter to corporate and was denied any help other than a sorry sir not are problem and some bs about the federal gov regulationb that stats they can not do anything about it.. 6000 for a 200 cooler.. had i known of the issue i would have had a external cooler for tranny installed.. F-U Nissan i will never buy a Nissan again an every person i can tell to Not buy Nissan i will… good work nissan

    Disgruntled Purchaser

  • DKLW

    I have a Infiniti 2005 FX35 and I had the same problem.It started in May 2013. At first the dealer couldn’t anything. By August 2013, I hear a loud noice under the hood then the car wouldn’t go any fast than 45 mph. That was went the dealer stated I had a transmission problem and needed to replace the trans, in the tune of $3000.00. I have spoken to Infiniti on three difference times. They will not omitt the problem and won’t help me. I have reported this to the NHTSA and if there are any other persons out there withe the same problem, you should report it to the NHTSA as well so we can force Infiniti’s hand or the feds. I have since found a trans, repair shop that was aware of the problem and they fixed it for less then have the cost. My transmission value board had to be replaced and I got a new radiator. I submitted my bills to Infiniti. We are in discussion at this point.

  • Completely disappointed

    I own a Nissan Xterra and it just hit 110,000 and same issue as everyone else with tranny/rad, my mechanic put in a new radiator and flushed the tranny hoping to save it…after $1400.00. The day I got it back it stalled out on me with my 2 kids so I lost all power and it was very dangerous and had to wait in the freezing cold. My mechanic took a look and the belt had come off along with some sensors not working so fixed it after another $500.00. Got it back last night and check engine light came on this morning to brought it back and its reading tranny issue. I am extremely disappointed in Nissan. Its not an unreasonable request for this to be a recall. I really enjoyed my car up until now. We had to do short sale on house a year ago so credit is shot on top of having no money to put down or do monthly payments. This was reliable family vehicle our other one is a 97 jeep. Merry Christmas to me :(…

  • charles key

    These are a menus and they should have to do something immediately. I have gotten faulty reman parts once repaired and it is out of control.

  • clem238

    My heater on 2008 PF did this just a few weeks ago, then the trans started acting funny. I just found this out. My fluid looks ok, but I’m taking it in tomorrow. I want them to replace my radiator. Is that what they will do? I am so confused. I will never buy Nissan EVER again.

  • clem238

    I have an ’08 Versa, I wonder if I should replace the radiator now, it’s only at 45k or so. I also have same yr Pathfinder with issues, this is a nightmare as my daughter drives the Versa. Never buy Nissan EVER again.

  • clem238

    I just started having problems at 82k with my ’08 I paid SO much for this car; I’ll NEVER buy another Nissan EVER.

  • Cactus

    Interesting, I can replace my radiator myself for less than 100 bucks. Seems well worth it to have a piece of mind.

  • Georgie

    Rumors about contaminated trannys on 2nd gen trucks (2005-2010) will keep me from every buying a truck built from those years. Actually, I’ve decided to never buy new cars again, just used. I have a1st gen Xterra (2000-2004) and there are no issues of this and I offroad and have a modified truck. The only recall my truck has had in 10 years was part of a steering link. If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it. Nissan should have never changed what worked for so many years. Is my truck a dog in power sometimes, sure but I’ll take reliability over more horsepower any day.

  • Ford

    Just had our 2007 Nissan Pathfinder leave my wife stranded needing a tow. I’m glad my family is still in tact. Defective radiator allowed coolant to mix with transmission which is now going to require expensive repair. I was quoted $6000.00+ from my local Nissan dealership and was told to call Nissan as they are aware of the problem. I was never notified about the defective radiator or extended warranty which Nissan extended to 100,000 miles with a $3000.00 deductible, how convenient! It appear most complaints occur after the 100,000 mile mark. Our Pathfinder has 105,000 miles and you guessed it, Nissan wants nothing to do with it. I have already filed with ODI and BBB, local media, and have received a call back from Nissan’s Executive relations but only to inform he just was notified of my BBB complaint and that another dept would contact me for resolution which I haven’t heard from yet. I was actually happy with the car and thought Nissan was a reputable company but this experience has left me with a lasting impression.

  • marcello

    me to

  • marcello

    my 2006 pathfinder went in to have the timing chain adjusted. when they put it back together they realized the rad was full of transmission fluid. (figuring the color of the coolant is red) they changed the rad. took it for a test drive . everything good. i went to pick it up and it would only stay in 1 gear when driving. it wouldnt shift gears. its in lymp mode. now im looking for a used tranny, which is very hard to find. wish i knew about this problem before hand.

  • Alex

    Marcello, just change the valve body of the transmission. I did it and now run fine that come with tcm too..

  • Alex

    Marcello, just change the valve body of the transmission. I did it and now run fine that come with tcm too..
    They rebuilt the transmission plus valve vody for 2000 dls, thad better that used transmission for 2500 to 2700 dls

  • Justin

    The 2014 are jerking as well when between 20-30 mph. Don’t buy one!

  • Tim

    I will never buy another Nissan and quite honestly I hope they go under. I am yet another victim of the Transmission / Radiator problem. I have a 2008 Pathfinder with just 81,000 miles on it. My complaint to Nissan Corporate basically fell on deaf ears. I am only 1000 miles over the cutoff for a free replacement. So I only have to pay $2500. What a bargain for a working person. Even better to hear that they knew about the problem and refused to notify any of their customers of it. You get to find out on your own. Great business practice Nissan. Keep up the great customer service.

  • JWales

    Has Nissan made any changes to the radiator system in the new models to prevent that problem or is it still the same set up?

  • Viper

    My 2013 Pathfinder with 11,000 miles on it, underwent two transmission changes so far and it still keeps shuttering and losing power .

  • notsonissan

    I have a 2006 Pathfinder SE and kicking myself now because I read about this problem when I research the gas guage problem they also didn’t cover. I was hoping it wouldn’t happen to me and sadly it did. The thing that really adds salt to the wound is if Nissan would have told us about it then we could have done an external cooler for 450.00 which would have completely averted the problem. Now, I’ve just done a new radiator only to find that the new rad may have the same problem and clearly the external, after market cooler is the way to go AND a new transmission! Grrrrrrrrrrr..

  • CBerge

    Your story looks to mirror what just happened to me. I have a 2006 Pathfinder in MINT condition up until 2 weeks ago when it started overheating and leaking transmission fluid. I received a $5500 quote from my local Nissan dealer to fix it. They suggested I call Nissan to see if they will offer assistance. After leaving me hanging for 2 weeks with no answer, they finally call today to notify me they are not able to assist in any way. I am only 1300 miles over 100,000. Did you have any luck with anything beyond when you posted this?

  • Kizzyle

    Sad to hear your circumstances. Our vehicles have an external cooler for the ATF already. It flows through that before it goes through an extra cooling in the radiator.

    What people do to prevent this issue from happening is an easy swap of hoses in order to not have the fluid go to the radiator. And just put an extra electric fan on the existed ATF cooler.

  • Kizzyle

    And by the way, you have to make sure all the contaminated AFT is flushed from the transmission. Gosh, I wish I had 6MT.

  • Kizzyle

    This is a totally separate issue from the one above. As the Pathfinder has been remodeled as of 2013. That is usually the issue when buying a vehicle the first year of redesign, you will usually be the guinea pig to sort out issues for future production.

  • Kizzyle

    This issue is rare for 2008+ so far.

  • Ford

    I have filed a bbb auto line complaint that has been recently accepted to arbitration. I’ll let you know how that goes. If you haven’t already you should file complaints with bbb, odi/nhtsa, to name a few.

  • mad momma

    Dito to every story below. 2007 Xterra just died. 147.000 miles. Transmission, radiator and computer system all shot, due to radiator full of transmission fluid. The worst news… my college student bought it 4 weeks ago. Spent all he had (on Craigslist). The owner has apparently skipped town. Up a creek without a paddle!

  • JWales

    I was considering buying a 2014 Frontier but then I heard about this problem affecting Frontiers also. Does anyone know if this issue has been corrected in the new Nissans or are the same materials still in use?

  • Matt

    Just took my 2006 Nissan Pathfinder into the shop today only to find out my mint condition fully loaded SUV needed almost $7000 of work done. And guess what? I’m 400 miles over the 100,000 mile mark. I guess I’m not getting the sweet 3k deductable like I’ve read about online. Thanks a lot Nissan for screwing over loyal customer. And to think I was going to trade up to the Armada. I don’t think so. They lost a customer for life and I will for sure tell everyone I can about their POS cars!!!

  • Maxim

    This happened to my 2005 xterra….. i just finished paying it off and it just died on me don’t even need to explain what happened every comment hear repeats its self.

    Also did like 2000$ worth of repairs just prior to this big issue …looking into rebuilding my tranny because i maintained the car so well it hurts to think about selling it as is for penuts.

    Always felt that Nissans were my most trusted cars…right after reading all this and learning why my tranny failed its like a kick to the nuts.

    i thought for sure i can get more years out of it …now the car looks great many new things on it yet it wont drive and most wont even give me2000$ for it..

    I don’t think i will ever forget this and will never buy a Nissan again pissed away so much money into maintaining this car thinking it will last long….

    Thanks Nissan your the best. But you will never have another dollar of mine!

  • Gtkal

    Yes this is an ongoing issue and Nissan refuses to recall these vehicles! Mine went last week just 3000 miles over warranty…now the truck is dead and the parts are on back order I have no way to get to work and have to pay $2500 for this repair!

    I had gotten a notice in the mail a long time ago about a radiator issue but it stated “On a small percentage of vehicles, an internal crack on the oil cooler tube may occur leading to internal leakage of engine coolant. While the majority of vehicles will not experience this issue…” Well, just recently at just over 80000 miles I noticed a rumbling or chatter at 40 MPH and it went down hill from there. I brought it in to Nissan and they said that the coolant intermingled with the transmission fluid and damaged the transmission. Now it is going to cost me $2500 for a problem that if I was properly notified and recalled or at least told what to watch out for should have been fixed for free!
    I did a little research and found out that this is not uncommon for these vehicles even though Nissan claims only a small percentage the internet and dealership both seem to indicate this as a wide spread problem that is affecting many trucks an SUVs. this should have been a recall and Nissan is not standing behind it’s vehicles or it’s customers. My family has been buying Nissans since the 70’s but obviously Nisan customers are as disposable as their vehicles…

  • Faith

    Bottom line…
    NISSANS IS A PIECE OF JUNK!! Should not have this problem this early on….
    A lot of my friends are having issues with NISSANS…XTERRA, MAXIMUM, FRONTIER, TITAN, PATHERFINDER…..

  • Faith


  • Faith

    I will never buy a another Nissan!!!!!

  • Nissan

    In 2/2007 after driving my 2007 Pathfinder SE Off Road with 125,000 miles for only 3 miles, it started to slip while shifting and making loud clunking sounds. I pulled off to the side of the road and saw an odd colored liquid leaking from the coolant overflow tank. I left the car and called for a ride home.

    A few hours later, I went back to the car with some coolant and water, expecting that there was some sort of coolant leak. Upon opening the radiator cap and the overflow tank, I found a sludge like pudding consistency liquid.

    The car was towed to the local repair shop and I was told that there was a leak and the coolant system and the transmission fluid had combined. They said they see this with many Nissan trucks.

    I had the radiator replaced and the the transmission flushed several times until there were no remains of the sludge in the transmission. —-Cost $1,300.00

    I drove the car for about a month without a problem at all, until while driving up my street the car lost all acceleration and had no forward or reverse gears.

    This time it went to a transmission shop. A complete rebuild was required. And, it was also suggested that we add an external transmission cooler. However, I was told the transmission computer was still ok. —-Cost $3,350.00

    After receiving the car back, I drove it approx 75 miles and experienced the same loss of acceleration and no forward or reverse. Back the the transmission shop it goes.

    The transmission shop takes the entire transmission apart to learn the the transmission computer is bad now, which is located in the transmission. —-Cost $1,200.00

    Nissan is aware of the problem – It’s a design flaw. The same design is used in other trucks they make.

    I’m aware of the “Class action law suit” however, it doesn’t help anyone who has a truck with over 100,000 miles, and considering that is when the problem develops, I find Nissan’s fix ridiculous, which would still cost the customer up to $3,000. They are aware of the problem, yet will not repair the defective parts they installed in the vehicle when built.

    I have now spent $5,850 to fix a problem that Nissan should have issued a full recall for. I will never ever buy another Nissan again. I’ve made it a point to let everyone I know to never buy a Nissan product.

    It’s truly amazing how my local Nissan dealer wanted no part of helping me.

  • Asia

    I have a 2005 Nissan Maxima which I was informed by a Transmission specialist that the transmission is going and needs to be repaired immediately. The Transmission Specialist told me to go online and read the information on the Class Action Lawsuit against Nissan. This is horrible for Nissan to ignore what is dangerous and could potential cause someone their life if an accident happens.

  • Nissan Madness

    Nissan is not willing to acknowledge a true issue with the radiator / transmission problem. The extended warranty is nothing more than a “band-aid” versus recalling these vehicles which is the appropriate thing to do. Thousands of people have complained about this exact issue. The extended warranty is a joke!! Of course ours happened after 80,000 and under their so-called extended warranty want a $2500.00 copay to fix it. The average person cannot afford to just lay down that kind of money. I have been a Nissan fan for years….now I am questioning their business ethics.

  • Eddie

    Last year I spent $1000.00 on a radiator repair for a 2006 Frontier 1 month ago I spent $3500.00 on a transmission repair on same vehicle related to the bad radiator.

  • Eddie

    How can they get away with it! They should have done it by Vehicle rather than by mileage.


    My 2005 Xterra with 125,000 miles started giving off this “sputtering” sound occasionally about a month to 2 months ago. Today I noticed while at a stoplight, the engine sounded like it was struggling or jerking. About a half a mile later as I was accelerating my service engine soon light started flashing and would disappear and then flash again. There was a noticeable shudder when I drove and it felt heavy and hard to accelerate. In fact, every time I accelerated the service engine soon light would engage. It was only when I drove at a lower speed that the service light would shut off. I felt for my safety the rest of the ride home. I don’t have the means to just bring it to the repair shop or have the luxury of buying another car. My research on the internet proves that I am not the only one experiencing problems like these. Debating if I should even take it to someone to be looked at and scrape up the $$$ for something that could have been corrected by Nissan in a fair, unselfish, and responsible way. How can Nissan possibly think that their extended warranty was fair when majority of these transmission problems occur at 100,000 miles plus? I’m very lucky that I got home safely. I’m now worried about our son who drives our 2006 Frontier with 110,000 miles on it. Shame on you Nissan. There are thousands of people out there who are driving a ticking time bomb built in 2005-2010. Nissan Never Ever Again. Corporate Nissan – think of the lives you are putting in danger by not providing a better solution or fix to what obviously is poor designing/engineering on your part. SHAME AND NO ALOHA 4 YOU


    My Pathfinder 2006 has same transmission problem cost 1650. to fix it.

  • az

    i have recently bought a 2006 pathfinder @154,000 miles when i drove long distant with it there are hard shift and jerk i have own ford and toyota and i have no issue with those cars if i have known that this was an issue i would never have bought a nissan

  • sosa

    i bought a nissan pathfinder 2008 from small dealer and 1 week later start with problems
    on the transmission same history radiador crack
    and then cooling in the transmission
    till know still just parked on the drive way cuz they charge too much money to fix it $3200 and
    i dont have money cuz i spend all on it
    i woul like to sue it the dealer but i can not find a lawyer for kind of case

  • 2006 frontier

    Same thing 2006 nissan frontier have spent 2500 so far now no heat due to so much fluid in radiator…. New radiator? Is it fixed then or do I keep spending money? Have bought three new from dealership just over mileage of recall… Truck looks new still… Just amazed that nissan is willing to lose all these customers to never but again and for sure will tell everyone there story… The people that won’t recall these vehicles probably don’t drive a nissan

  • 2008 Frontier – 5 weeks ago

    I was driving at 80mph in the fast lane of a 4 lane highway outside of Salt Lake when my 2008 Frontier jumped out of gear and I had to coast to the right shoulder through 3 lanes of transport trucks while loosing speed and un-powered. This could have killed everyone in the vehicle and many more on the road, it could easily have caused a pile up. I did some research and had it into the dealer right way – they confirmed that the transmission cooler cracked and contaminated the transmission and caused the transmission to fail. They also told me about 2 cases on xterra and pathfinder where the transmission locked up the drive wheels and the vehicle skidded to a stop.

    So what we have here is major safety issue and major expense to the consumer that Nissan has known about for ages and chosen to do nothing about. Do people need to die? then do they have to go to court for that before they are forced to do the right thing and recall? That’s just wrong.

    Between my business vehicles, personal and everyone I know I can only really impact Nissan for a few dozen sales directly and a few hundred indirectly – but I am only one person.

  • William Hubbard

    Ok soi am working on a 2007 xterra. the owner put water in the gas tank . all of the injectors on the passenger side were not working. I know this because of replacing the spark plugs. replaced the injectors. the truck skips at idle and wont pull when in drive. replaced the m.a.s. and the plenium gaskets. changed the fuel dampers on both sides of the fuel rail and flushed the fuel system. still having the same issue. any ideas???45

  • PissedOff

    I had the same problem bought my 2008 Pathfinder about 2 years ago and had to pay $3900 to replace the transmission. Had I known about this problem before purchasing this vehicle I would not have purchased it. Another sad story of big company’s only thinking about profits vs. safety and just being fair and honest!

  • SoonToBeFormerNissanOwner

    Keep this short. You can add another to the list. Going to be $3,800 for rebuilding the tranny including new computer and adding an external transmission cooler.

  • Don

    Same issue here Eddie… 2006 Nissan Pathfinder radiator failed… then three months later trans went out. Looking at $4500-$5000 for trans.

  • Trent Larson Larson

    Please everyone file a BBB complaint with the manufacturer at the Tennessee plant. I did and that really got them going. They paid for my deductible. My 05 only had 54k when the ATF went out from the break in the atf line in radiator. Somehow no real crashes yet from this. The NHTSA is waiting for a crash/death etc.. to call this a safety issue. Nissan has always maintained this is not a safety issue and is why no recall has been made. So please for now, also report to BBB as well to the NHTSA web site. If they don’t resolve you BBB case make sure you respond before they said they did and keep the good rating. Make sure your poor rating gets LOCKED in on their BBB site. Enough do this and it will probably make them do a recall. They regard that rating that much. You better believe it. I had a high up call me from Tennessee home office one day after months trying to get them to pay for my ATF. She said it was regarding my BBB comment. That is the only reason they paid.

    05 pathfinder has three defects:
    1. ATF failure
    2. time chain guides are sharp causing failure and expensive replacement of timing chain.
    3. Fuel sending sensor fails. Faulty fuel gauge saying you have gas when you run out.

    I have already seen 1 and 3 on my car. Luckily got Nissan to pay. Just waiting for number 2.

  • Katalina

    I hace a 2006 Nissan pathfinder same issue with ThE radiator and trannmision liquids got mixed apparently 2 years qgo Nissan changed my transition my car has only 115.000 miles I took it to see why my car was acting up since car lost forse while stops made no other sign given before . I have read comments I guess I got screw too.

  • Dan Sherry

    I actually have a 2011 Xterra and its doing the same exact thing. So, its obviously not stopping with the 2010 models. Brought it in and they said they couldn’t reproduce what I was experiencing. I’m calling them tomorrow to get this taken care of. Thanks, Nissan. Maybe I’ll start buying different vehicles.

  • gabriel

    I have the same issue with my nissan pathfinder 08 se tranny we need our money back or make this a recall cuz i spend alot of money to replace one

  • Rachel

    Brought my 2006, 94,000 mile Nissan pathfinder for a break repair today and was told I would need to replace my transmission due to radiator fluid leaking into it. $3000 co pay! After researching this issue I came across numerous, hundreds, of consumers having the same issue. I am so disappointed in Nissan’s reaction and the law suit settlement. A recall is warranted!! This type of malfunction could possible result in serious injury. I am very reluctant to drive my vehicle.

  • Joseph Allen

    2006 pathfinder bought in july 2014 now is February 2015 and i am having this issue with the radiator and transmission fluids mixing

  • Cathy Mcmullins

    2005 Nissan Pathfinder with less than 120, miles now needs a transmission due to faulty radiator and transmission fluids mixing!!!! The cost is going to be more than the remainder of the loan owed!!!! Why can someone not do something about this?? I would even consider trading for another Nissan if they would allow me the price and pay off of mine?? This has been nothing but a HEADACE!!! I have always driven Nissan’s and have enjoyed everyone, but this one has been a nightmare! Nothing but trouble, now with the computer damage my lights will not dim…only on bright!!! And I understand after Coolant and transmission fixed you have to take to Nissan to reset computer!!!!!!! HOLY CRAP WHAT A JOKE!!!

  • Susyque

    We are (ok we were Nissan lovers). Unfortunately we noticed our 2006 Frontier (130000 km – Quebec), radiator liquid missing (can not find the leak), added too much, removed some and noticed transmission oil in it…so after reading up on the internet I am guessing when we flush the transmission oil there will more than likely be coolant in it. So far had not trouble with the automatic transmission… hopefully we can put a band-aid on this major problem then trade it in to “Nissan” for another vehicle.

  • danny

    I just bought a2005 Xterra and same issue as everyone else radiator fluid in transmission. How can this be legal ? This many people and same issues with part….. We don’t have 4600 just to drop on a new car. Never bug a Nissan again.

  • jesse

    Nissan makes me sick.

  • Disappointed

    I have a 2005 Nissan Pathfinder and I’m having the same issues. I’ve only had it for 3 months…and it’s the first Nissan I’ve owned. This does give 2a bad feeling about Nissan and considering I have to drive 90 miles round trto work I’m scared for my safety.

  • Kelsey

    Same thing and I cannot afford to fix this!

  • tasha

    Same with mine. Had it replaced a few months ago, 3600$ later. Very disappointed in Nissan, this is definitely a safety issue. When mine broke down I was on a busy hwy, (with my child in the car) had to pull into a busy turn lane. It was very scary. Luckily a cop came by and helped me cross the road out of traffic.

  • Mike

    I have a 2011 Suzuki Equator which is a rebadged Nissan frontier. Lately on the highway especially when it’s snowing it bogs or jerks a highway speeds. Not throwing a code, wonder if this is what’s happening. Anybody have this issue prior to the trans going?

  • Deecee

    Maybe cause 2009+ had not had enough time on the road to wear out the tranny yet.

  • disappointed in Nissan

    2008 Pathfinder same problem just got back from the dealer $7,000 for a new transmission and radiator.

  • fear9655

    this is working so far for meI sent in a BBB complained that really got them goingI have a Legal Shield providerand have told them they will negotiate with them if they do not replace my radiator prematurely to eliminate the repair cost for both me and Nissan it will be cheaper for Nissan in the long run if they just replaced the radiator and all hoses and connections associated with the transmission after so many years I really hope Nissan picks up the ball and helps its customers I will start my own law suit if I have tojust for a 800 $ radiator this issue can be preventedif you are early enough in mileage and do not let a multi billion dollar company get away with crime

  • Trent Larson Larson

    The only part that is failing is the intercooler line that runs from the AT through the radiator to cool the AT fluid. The line cracks causing cross contamination. The little tube probably cost Nissan a couple of bucks but yet it destroys the Radiator and AT. You can also plug the line from going into the radiator and bypass it by installing a smaller radiator in front and running the line to that. Many have done that and its cheaper then buying a new radiator.

    There has yet to be a crash or death caused buy this defect. That is why the NHTSA has not issued a recall. It has to be deemed a safety issue to force a recall. Nissan has been really lucky so far. If you look at the complaints it adds up to about 1 a day on that site and that is just the NHTSA site. Reading many of the complaints I see there have been many close calls. One thing that the NHTSA has done is left the case open. Basically they are telling Nissan that sure, there have been no deaths etc.. so far. But we are keeping this case open and watching you. So if that unfortunate day comes, Nissan will look really bad being they have known about this defect for almost 10 years and the cost will not only force a recall of ALL radiators but Nissan will have to go back and pay for ALL past repairs and damages from deaths etc..

    Everyone keep filing complaints with the NHTSA and open a BBB complaint against the Tennessee Nissan manufacturing site. The NHTSA complaint will only work if somebody dies. But the bad rep on BBB is the only thing they take notice. They actually called me and as I said, they good willed my money back for the failed AT on my 05 pathfinder. Anyone who is trying to get good will from these bums just keep on them. Eventually they will probably pay to shut you up.

    I’m thinking about selling my 05 now. It still has less then 60K miles. It starting to exhibit an odd electrical problem whereas I lost power again. I had to turn off engine and restart. Then there is the timing chain that will no doubt fail soon and cost around 2K to fix. I’m done with Nissan for good. Mainly because they turned their backs on so many thousands with blown transmissions that cost upwards to 7K to fix. And none of those could have been avoided with proper maintenance. As I said, mine only had 54K when it failed and I had flushed both the rad and AT and done everything maintenance wise and still, it bombed at 54K miles. The Truck is always garaged keep etc.. Its a defect pure and simple. Nissan has been generally good company in the past and have good willed many repairs for people. The pathfinder AT issue is a very dark cloud in Nissan’s history. Its probably the worst defect and most costly in automotive history that did not see a recall. Nissan has mainly keep this off the recall list by arguing for years that its not a safety issue. But it is of course. I can’t see how sudden loss of propulsion is not a safety risk.

  • Trent Larson Larson

    Your lucky it failed at 94K If you had hit 100K they would have paid ZERO. That repair would have been over 5K.

    Complain to the Nissan Tennessee manufacture BBB site. That is your best hope for them to good will your money back. Also file complaint with the NHTSA site. Everyone needs to do this. Their BBB rating is far too high and if everyone with failed AT filed with their BBB site their rating would drop like a rock. Do it!

  • Trent Larson Larson

    Its unfortunately that Nissan has somehow keep this huge issue under the radar. Many folks in the used pathfinder market have been burned.

  • Trent Larson Larson

    The leak is inside the radiator from the intercooler line from AT. You can’t see it so be careful. Better to replace radiator or plug it and use a bypass to cool transmission. This is the cheaper bandaid approach. But if you have contamination its probably already too late. It takes very little to kill the AT.

  • Trent Larson Larson

    If your under 100k miles Nissan will pay for part of the cost. This from the lawsuit settlement some years back. If your over your screwed unless you can get them to good will it. But its hard when the miles are higher.

  • Trent Larson Larson

    I think they upgraded the intercooler line in 2011. As far as I know, it affected the 05-10 model years.

    When you see this failure you will lose power.. no propulsion. For many, its very sudden and all they can do is avoid hitting another vehicle while trying to get to the shoulder of the road. It does not take long before the transmission is dead in the water. When this happens, the AT and radiator are a total loss.

  • Can’t believe it

    I have a 2014 Pathfinder, with only 2,500 miles on it. While driving on the highway it started doing that jerking stuff. Was told it needed a new transmission. Nissan did pay for it, but I am wondering what else could be wrong with it?

  • Griselle

    have a Nissan Pathfinder SE 2006 and just had this problem of my car not moving and the transmision slipped. I had to take it to the mechanic same day and he said there was the same problem everyone is saying the coolant and transmision fluid mix and seemed that all made the system rust and… holy God this should have been told before and the small symptoms since I felt the holding on the highway, but didn’t know or imagine it could be this mixing since didn’t have the idea that these part could be crossing by. Our bill should be paid by the Nissan and they should make a recall!! I will pay more attention to these pages so I can watch the minimum things of my Path.

  • Sam Walker

    “almost undoubtedly be a recall, although it seems Nissan is doing everything in its power to avoid such a circumstance”
    Ya think? Of course they’re fighting this as it would involve EVERY affected vehicle. The cost will be enormous. They will not do this unless they are forced to do so. Until then, NAPA sells a really good replacement radiator for 220 to 250 bucks. Their are other replacements you can buy too.

    I’d keep the receipts and then petition the NHTSA to also include reimbursement for radiator replacements made before the problem occurred as a preventative measure.

    You can also try the bypass, but that will totally void your warranty- and heated arguments about whether it’s a good or bad idea abound.

  • Sam Walker

    Nope, look at the terms of the lawsuit. You will still have to pay $3000 out of pocket, minimum

  • Sam Walker

    Other possible causes:
    Fuel filter
    Clogged air filter
    Try VDC on and off in snow

  • Trent Larson Larson

    Whatever. Nissan paid my deductible back 100 percent after my complaint on their BBB site. My pathfinder only had 54k when the atf line broke. I had just did a rad/atf flush and had the mech check for cross contamination and they said all was good. I had all that documented so Nissan paid me back to resolve my BBB case. Don’t believe? The case is on their BBB site for all to see.

  • Dan

    Given the severity of problems involved with Frontiers-Xterras-Pathfinders all with the same basic transmission problems and Nissan’s un-realistic approach in denying claims ONLY for certain circumstances-One would ask why are they immune to re-calling ALL models involved from the onset to now??? Can’t really believe that they are not doing anything to curb the engineering problem associated with this issue. Maybe that is the reason they are throwing ALL the $$$$$ into advertising on TV tc. to difuse the issue and tell everyone how GREAT of a Automotive company they are to cover up the plague of involved vehicles. They still keep churning out vehicles from thier Tennessee and other plants in record numbers to satisify thier Greed!! They must be greasing the Political wheel with lots of $$$ to shut everyone up and not have to appease the general customer who is Pissed when straddled with this high cost of Repair. Toyota had to pay out billions in their debacle with speeding vehicles-why should Nissan get off with basically nothing on this issue>????

  • Trent Larson Larson

    Bottom line no deaths or crashes so NHTSA can’t force a recall being it has to be considered a safety issue. Nissan has been really lucky being there has been many close calls. IMO, losing propulsion suddenly is as bad as not having brakes. The NHTSA case is still open. Nissan is taking a big risk being if there is ever is a death they will have to go back and pay for all the deductibles, do the recalls and it will go into the billions you better believe it. Karma will eventually show it’s evil face eventually. As I’ve said before, also report the complaint with the BBB. I did, and they good willed the entire deductible. You need to also file with the NHTSA as well. And as for Mr. Sam Walker, they did indeed paid for my deductible. Look it up on the manufacturing Nissan site. There are exceptions for when Nissan will good will claims. Unfortunately, they have never good willed any claim on the NHTSA site.

  • KHC123

    Diagnosis: Car needs a trans and rad. There is coolant inside of
    the trans and there is trans fluid in the rad. They need to repl. rad and
    transmission and flush out system – est. on repairs would be about $5500 to
    $600. As per Nissan Consumer Affairs – “out of warranty goodwill assistance” is not available since the mileage is over 100k. So I asked “will I then be eligible once the repair is made since we are just fixing a problem that will eventually happen again?”. They said no.
    Now all I get are sales calls to buy another car!

    In my research – I was told to contact the NY Attorney General in the hopes that they will put pressure on Nissan to correct this problem.

  • Pam Quarry

    Same issue with my 07 Pathfinder. Just about to get hosed by Nissan. Got a new transmission last Sept. Locked up again last week and now they are saying I need ANOTHER new Transmission along with a radiator. Are you kidding me!!!!!

  • howard

    Do not buy an Xterra, Pathfinder or Frontier until you read
    this. Nissan was not interested in
    helping or understanding or fixing a problem they caused.

    I have a 2005 Xterra and this a known problem that the
    radiator leaks into the trans causing both to fail. Nissan was sued over this problem and lost,
    so they extended the warranty to cover fixing.
    This problem also exists on the Frontier and Pathfinder. Nissan doesn’t tell you this and I found out
    the hard way.

    The trans was having a problem and I took it in and the
    dealer said I need a new trans and radiator.
    Nissan had extended the warranty to cover this known issue. I said ok.
    They fixed it. Great. Right?
    Two specific things, the service writer said I would be getting a new
    trans and I asked the service manager specifically, has the problem been fixed
    that caused the failure in the first place, not just the repair, but reason for
    the failure, so that this won’t happen again?
    He said yes.

    Well, 50k miles later, the trans is acting up again. I take it to a different dealer and the very
    same exact thing is happing. And, I find
    out that I did not get a new trans. I
    received a rebuilt trans. Not only did I
    not get a new trans, but the reason for the failure in the first place that
    caused the radiator to leak into the trans, was not fixed. I was lied to. He told me something that
    wasn’t true. If he would of told me the
    truth, I would not be in the situation again and not writing this review. Weather it can be proved or not that he lied,
    the car still did not get fixed right in the first place while under warranty
    like I was told it was.

    I talked with Chris of Consumer affairs. He says the car is now out of warranty and
    nothing can be done. I try to explain
    that if it was a different problem why the trans is not working, I would
    understand, but it is the same exact problem as before that wasn’t fixed right
    in the first place, under the same warranty that they themselves extended, to
    fix this know problem. The very same
    issue that Nissan was sued over, the reason they extended their warranty and to
    fix the reason for the failure so it wouldn’t happen again.

    Three or four times I was told there is nothing Nissan can
    do because it was not under warranty.
    And each time I explained that when it was under warranty, they refused
    to fix it right and I was misled thinking that it was.

    I then asked to talk to his boss, Arma. told me the same dome thing. It is no longer under warranty and nothing
    they could do. I again tried explain to
    him that It was under warranty when they fixed it the first time but it was
    them who didn’t fix it right to begin
    with. He said there was nothing he could

    The trouble is, I like my Xterra however, I will never buy a
    Nissan again.

  • Trent Larson Larson

    The problem is they did not upgrade the radiator with a tougher ATF intercooler line until 2010. This means, that you probably did get a new radiator the first time but with the same defective part. It did not matter that your transmission was rebuilt or not. Once you get radiator fluid in there it will kill it fast. So the biggest issue here is it took Nissan 5 years to correct the problem. If you had the repair done in 2009 or before you got the same defective part. Mine failed in 2013 so I know I got a different part radiator with the tougher intercooler line.

    This is an interesting case study for a company which generally does very good on goodwill repairs for its customers. You would think that a company that allows so many of its customers to drown in thousands of dollars in repairs on an issue they have known about for 10 years that they would be a really rotten company. But contrary, Nissan is better then most. If you read my posts down below you will read my story how Nissan goodwilled my repair 100 percent.

    I remember talking to a corporate higher up in Tennessee that handled my case. The last thing i told her was this was the one big dark chapter in Nissan’s past that does not mesh with how it normally conducts business. Somewhere down the line they started to do the wrong thing and over time, it got to a point of no return in their minds. Now of course they know the cost of redemption would be catastrophic. Had they done the recall 5 years ago they could have managed. There are so many failed vehicles now it would cost them billions. But all it takes is one death, then the NHTSA will force the recall. But it will take a death to make it happen. And that is very unfortunate. There really needs to be criminal prosecutions for those that willingly allow defective cars to operate. There are many at GM that knew, 100 percent, the the ignition was bad. Yet all that happened to them is they lost their jobs. How many lives were lost? The number keeps on rising.

  • CommsGhost

    2008 xterra 92000 miles, coolant bright green, what do I need to do now ?
    My vin# is 5n1an08w28c507115 how do I check out my issues.

  • swdw

    Actually, they do pay closer attention and will be more active in their investigation if people have near misses. They do understand a near miss could easily have been an accident. Problem is people aren’t telling it that way. They tend to just say, ” I had to pull off the freeway”, Not, “my tires locked up and I started to skid and nearly got hit twice before getting to the shoulder”. Or “I lost all power and had to coast across 3 lanes of traffic and was nearly hit by a guy that slammed on his brakes”. That’s why I posted earlier that if someone had a near miss, they need to describe it as such and describe the situation as only being lucky no none got hurt because “this happened . . . (explanation here)”

  • No car

    Our 2008 Nissan Xterra won’t move.Engine is fine but put it in Drive,Reverse or any gear and the engine just rev’s and the car sit’s there…We are making monthly payment’s on this Xterra.We are the second owner’s.We got the Xterra on 11/10/2012 from Landers McLarty Dodge,Chrysler and Jeep on Accademy Blvd. in Bessemer,Alabama.Landers did not tell us anything about a possible transmission problem.The sale man,Robert M Holley,told us we had a power trane life-time warranty since our Xterra had under 100,00 miles at the time(98928).He lied and Landers is no longer there.I called the Nissan dealership in Bessemer,Alabama and they said there is nothing to do for our Xterra except pay out of pocket to fix it.I can’t pay $4,000 and pay car payment’s and rent and all other bill’s.If i stop making car payment’s on the Xterra,there goes my credit.If only Landers would have let me know of this possible trans. problem.At least honor the powertrane warranty we were promissed.What do we do now?

  • Shahin Najafiaghdam

    This is not the first time this has happened. Nissan is a terrible company and should be boycotted until they realize that it is the consumers that are in charge not their faceless corrupt corporation. BOYCOTT NISSAN. DO NOT BUY NISSAN UNTIL THEY FIX THIS PROBLEM.

  • Mike Woelk

    05 Frontier bought at 126k. Same radiator/transmission problem. Same jerking. Same Service Engine problem. Rebuilt and added the external cooling. Still goes to fail safe and overdrive, but I’ve not read anywhere else what happens to mine then. I stop, turn off, back on, and the failsafe and overdrive goes off. It runs fine for anywhere between 300 and 1500 miles and happens again. No codes. Hard to replicate. Two dealer garages and an excellent independent transmission man are all stumped.

  • Trent Larson Larson

    Call Nissan consumers affairs. More importantly, put a complaint on the Nissan BBB manufacturing site in Tennessee. With that many miles you probably won’t get any goodwill. You will need to prove the issue started before 100K to get some discount. After 100K or 10 years the deductibles don’t apply and the owner pays all. But your best bet is to file the BBB complaint. They will contact you guaranteed. The problem happened to me at only 54k miles and they ended up paying for the whole job. It was the complaint on their BBB site that did it. Their consumer affairs won’t help much. There are many thousands of owners that have been shafted on this one starting over 10 years back. Nissan is a pretty decent company on the whole but for whatever reason, they absolutely did the wrong thing on the transmission issue. It’s too late for them to go back in time and just to a recall on all the radiators. Now to admit wrong the repairs on all the failed RAD/AT’s would cost them billions. So they just wrote this off and probably realize most if not all those effected would never buy their brand again. Yet their sales have shown allot of growth in the last few years so they don’t care.

    Unfortunately the NHTSA won’t force a recall until somebody dies. And if and when that happens Nissan will have a case like VW does right now. They are playing with fire. There have been so many close calls. Just read all the cases on the NHTSA.

    Also file a complaint with the NHTSA web site and mention any safety issues that you have incurred from the transmission failure. Not sure why sudden loss of propulsion is not a safety issue. Especially when you factor in that the repair cost so much that many keep driving their trucks until they won’t move. I own two Nissans but do no plan on buying another. When Ford finally starts offering the overseas Ranger in the states in the next couple years I will probably sell my pathfinder.

  • Trent Larson Larson

    You can’t check it. Its the ATF line INSIDE the radiator that cracks and cross contaminates. Only way to avoid issue is to have a garage bypass the line and put a plug in there and run the line to front of truck and mount a smaller intercooler for the AT. Either that just replace the radiator. The newer Rads from Nissan have corrected the issue. Believe me I known. A few years ago my Pathfinder had 53K mile and I did a complete RAD flush and AT flush. I asked the dealer to check everything and was concerned about the issue about the line breaking. They said it was all was good. 1K miles later It happened to me. Its a time bomb and once it happens it destroys the AT/RAD instantly. I mean in minutes its too late.

  • Trent Larson Larson

    If your fluid got cross contaminated its too late. There is irreversible damage to both the RAT/AT. Both have to be replaced. Yours had minimal exposure so you still have some function. But the damage is done and to fix it from happening again you will also need to replace RAD/AT. And your over the 100K/10 year extended warranty so the cost of that will be yours. I would still file with BBB/Tennessee site and the NHTSA. Calling Nissan consumer affairs will probably only piss you off.

  • Ty

    My truck has just experienced this problem 05 Nissan Frontier. It started acting up in December and I took it to my local mechanic who couldn’t find an issue with it. Took it for a test drive and said it ran pretty good. But in January of 2016 it started getting worse and I finally decided to take it to a Nissan dealer. Within a half hour they discovered it was my transmission cooler rupture and gave me a bill for 6k to get it fixed. Until this issue I had no idea about this problem, no idea about any of the warranties. I got it checked on the 19th of January 2016. They told me I was 19 days over the warranty. My truck has less than 90k miles on it. Nissan of America did absolutely nothing to try and help me! I’ll never buy another Nissan again.

  • Trent Larson Larson

    Put a complaint with the BBB site manufacturing Nissan site in Tennessee. It’s a written statement you will make. Nissan does not like negative ratings on their OEM BBB manufacturing site. I guarantee they will contact you. Get all your facts organized ahead of time and concentrate on your maintenance records and the fact that its a manufacturing defect that was never fixed. This is what I did and they good willed the repair. But My 05 only had 54K miles with the failure. It’s a long shot but its way better then calling the Nissan of American Jerks.

    Remind them that my 05 was good willed by Nissan a few years back. Use my name I have no problem with that. This is the darkest mark with Nissan. They have really good customer care generally but far too many folks have ben burned on the defect. This is probably the worst OEM defect that was never recalled in the USA history of motor cars.

  • tsandco

    an update would be nice

  • kkh

    So I have a 2014 Xterra S Automatic w 44,000 miles. Am I screwed? Am I past the years of the bad radiator/tranny cooler? UGH since I financed a $24,000 truck!

  • kkh

    Do any of you know about this problem being in the newer models? I just bought a 2014 w 44,000 miles.

  • David Anthony Wilson

    I am going through this situation as we speak. My 2007 Frontier transmission hasn’t totally failed yet but it has been shifting terribly for a while now. I’ve already replaced the radiator and spent 2K on the timing chain tensioner. Nissan didn’t handle this problem properly and I am a 23 year employee at the plant where the frontier was made.

  • Juan Rodriguez

    I have a 2006 Nissan Xterra it drives fine but no reverse how can I fix that does anybody know

  • Joe

    I have a 2006 Nissan Pathfinder by me, they have changed the transmission and when you pull away quickly the car goes into a stutter… When you pull away normally .. it’s ok. Is this also the gearbox or the torque converter?

  • libbilee

    Nissan is the sorriest company ever. Even their ex employees say it. They don’t have customer service unless you call their legal team customer service. They play this stupid game with you by passing you around from one so called customer service person to another until you reach the highest one. If you last that long, that one will try to shame you and humiliate you and will deny any responsibility by Nissan for your problem. I didn’t keep the Rogue I bout any longer than I had to and Nissan needs to know that I wouldn’t buy a Nissan ever again and I would persuade anyone I care about, not to buy a Nissan.

  • libbilee

    I don’t know how you can say they are a decent company. They cheat people and they are making sorry cars. They are the most irresponsible company that ever existed. If you are on here trying to lighten the ugly comments about Nissan, you might as well forget it. They will eventually be run out of the US and I sure hope to see it.