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 |  Jun 01 2012, 12:04 PM

Volvo surprised a few of us when it originally decided against bringing the V40 stateside, but it seems that the Swedish company is changing its mind about the hatchback.

According to InsideLine Volvo is bringing the V40 hatchback to the US, but they still aren’t sure about a sedan or wagon variation. This news comes out following an announcement of plans to also produce a new subcompact crossover, likely smaller than the upcoming XC40, named the XC30. The XC40 should debut at the Paris auto show this fall.

The issue is that there is no platform for Volvo to use for this smaller crossover. The V40′s platform is actually from a Ford compact base, and it seems the Swedish company is trying to phase out Ford hardware.

As such, Volvo is apparently looking to ink a deal with a partner to share platform development. The company’s experience with safety technology and alternate fuel will likely be a valuable bargaining chip that will entice other car makers to sign-on.

Update: InsideLine has since updated the original article stating now that “Volvo also reconfirmed that it will not sell the new V40 hatchback in the U.S.”

[Source: InsideLine]

  • Sven

    Glad to see the V40 is finally coming here. And a smaller Volvo crossover is a great idea. This company finally has its act together.

  • Evan Gelder

    Unless I missed something–the InsideLine article says “Volvo also reconfirmed that it will not sell the new V40 hatchback in the U.S.”

  • Charlie

    Please bring it to the US Volvo! I will buy this thing new if they do.

  • Autiger

    Yes or no? I have 2008 C30. I want this v40 in my garage to replace my 2010 xc70, that drinks too much gas.