Nissan GT-R Chief Engineer Hints at Future Model

Nissan GT-R Chief Engineer Hints at Future Model

Despite rumors of its demise, a video released today by Nissan hints that there will be a next generation GT-R.

The video chronicles the evolution of the GT-R, and the buildup to Nissan’s entry in the 24 hours of Nurburgring endurance race. Keeping the endurance racer’s roots close to that of the production car was important to Nissan, and so the endurance racer is a tuned street-legal GT-R.

When discussing what went into the race car and what was learned from the experience, Kazutoshi Mizuno also mentions a few key points about the future of the GT-R.

“After the debut in 2007, this vehicle has been evolving year after year. By changing it to a racing specification to be implemented in the future, no matter what kind of super high performance feature or a new version is developed in the next five years, the durability and reliability in varying conditions can be verified in this race. I would like to make a promise that all this will be reflected in future GT-Rs”, Mizuno said, hinting that there will be future GT-Rs.

Chief GT-R engineer Kazutoshi Mizuno did retire recently however, which is one of the factors that contributed to speculation that the sports car would be discontinued.

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