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 |  Sep 02 2012, 4:10 PM

Now that Saab is officially bankrupt, owners of aging Saab models are looking for new cars to purchase and enjoy. A recent study conducted by Polk reveals which automakers Saab owners have defected to. 

The study uses the Polk Disposal Loyalty Methodology, which measures actual vehicle replacements in homes. Essentially, each time a vehicle is added to a garage at a home Polk looks for the disposal of an existing vehicle in the same garage within six months of the addition of the new vehicle.

Using that info, a graph was made to see what automakers Saab owners have defected to, with Honda and Volkswagen leading the way with 7.2-percent and 7-percent, respectively. Audi and Toyota are tied at 6.3-percent while Chevrolet rounds out the top five with 6.2-percent.

All in all, it’s a pretty diverse mix of automakers that Saab owners have defected to with close to 80-percent defecting to 15 different brands.

[Source: Polk]