Honda Civic Natural Gas Buyers Getting $3,000 Gas Card

Honda Civic Natural Gas Buyers Getting $3,000 Gas Card

Those looking for ways to fight against the recent rise in gas prices might want to consider a 2012 Honda Civic, the Natural Gas model to be more specific. The Japanese automaker has teamed up with Clean Energy to give $3,000 fuel cards to new buyers.

Compressed natural gas is currently $2 cheaper than gasoline, and since the Honda Civic Natural Gas gets a combined EPA fuel economy rating of 31, up to 40 percent can be saved compared to a traditional gasoline car. The 2012 Civic Natural Gas also qualifies for a single-occupant HOV carpool decal in California and other states.

A debit card pre-loaded with $3,000 are being given to new customers at participating Honda dealerships that can be used at any Clean Energy CNG fueling station around the country. The purchase of a new Honda Civic Natural Gas must be done on or before January 2nd, 2013 to qualify for the gas card. Supply of the fuel cards and the vehicle is limited.

“With gas prices spiking in California, Civic Natural Gas vehicles sales at an all time high, and the public gaining greater awareness of the benefits of using natural gas, we believe this a great time to launch our fuel card promotion with our partner Clean Energy.” said Steve Center, vice president of the American Honda Environmental Business Development Office. “If you’re looking to save money at the pump, spend less time in traffic, and reduce your environmental impact, the 2012 Civic Natural Gas Vehicle is a great choice.”

  • I’d buy one right now if they were available here in Ohio!

     I called my local Honda dealer last week to inquire about buying a CNG Civic. I was told they are currently ONLY available in (2) States! NY and CA!Too bad……. 

  • Matt3141

    Not true.  They are also sold in New Mexico.  I’ve seen at least five of them at Perfection Honda in Albuquerque.