Bentley Announces 2012 Collection for the Holidays

Bentley Announces 2012 Collection for the Holidays

Bentley has unwrapped its newest collection of luxury accessories just in time for this year’s Holiday season. 

An assortment of beautifully crafted items will be made available to the public, drawing inspiration from the automaker’s rich heritage of speed, endurance, and team spirit.

The new line of accessories are also designed to celebrate the 10th anniversary of Bentley’s Le Mans 24-hour victory, from the retro-leather weekend bags to a set of espresso cups. Careful details have been injected into each piece, such as the two winning car numbers, seven and eight, on the espresso cups.

Another new accessory includes a custom backgammon set from Geoffrey Parker Games which features a hand-bound leather casing with subtle Bentley wings to accent the set. A 1:12 scale model remote control Bentley Continental Supersports car will definitely capture the attention of any automotive enthusiast.

GALLERY: Bentley 2012 Collection