Ford Hybrids Not Achieving EPA MPG Ratings: Report

Ford Hybrids Not Achieving EPA MPG Ratings: Report

After the recent debacle with Hyundai and Kia over their inaccurate MPG claims, Ford may now be under the spotlight as fuel economy numbers for its new hybrid models don’t seem to be living up to expectations.

Media and real-world results of Ford’s two newest hybrid models, the C-Max and Fusion Hybrid, have turned in disappointing mpg figures despite their EPA-estimated 47-mpg ratings. Many C-Max Hybrid testers and owners have reported barely achieving 40 mpg in their vehicles, while the Fusion Hybrid is reporting much less, struggling to even hit 40 mpg.

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In AutoGuide‘s own first drive of the 2013 Ford Fusion we noted that during a brief drive we achieved a 40 mpg rating. To give that number context, it is better than we achieved in the Camry Hybrid, with an as-tested 39 mpg. However, the claimed mpg rating for the Camry Hybrid is just 40 mpg (a one mpg difference) compared to the seven mpg difference we saw in the Fusion Hybrid.

Though it’s still too early to draw any conclusions, these initial reports could point to a larger issue at a time when consumers are focused on real-world fuel economy after the recent news of incorrect claims by Hyundai and Kia.

[Source: Green Car Reports]

  • I understand that car companies want people to buy their cars over the competition,but when they lie  about their cars mpg and then get caught for it, people won’t feel as those they can trust their cars which in turn force their customers to buy from the competition. 

  • Ford is a very weak player in the auto market, so like hyundai, it’s survival strategy is to lie about everyting from MPG, horse power, to technologies.  For example, Ford’s hybrid technology is licensed from Toyota while Ford poses as its Hybrid technology owner, and the weight of Ford’s is much heavier than Toyota while Ford claims its cars has better MPG than Toyota in the same segment. What a great liar Ford!  

  • Bentelemon

    I think this a great car to drive, but after 500 + miles I am only getting 35 miles per gallon. Very disappointed with gas mileage, but otherwise a nice car.

  • Goku2100

    I’m telling you, Ford is going to be raped with the Broomstick just like Hyundai/Kia did… I hope all the automakers get this sort of scrutiny.

  • Justin Higgins

    You need to check your research….. Ford has not used the Toyota Technology in years….

  • Oldcheme

    It should not be a big surprise that a 3,400 + # car with a higher CD (0.27) did not match the MPG of a 3,000 # car. The Butt Ugly Prius gets 48 mpg, but its 400 # lighter with a Cd of 0.25.

  • Doctorj0

    You tout history, Ford hasn’t used Toyota tech in a long time! Ford has been achieving better than posted mileage on several of its vehicles. My 2012 Explorer Eco Boost has hit 30.7 on a trip twice, rated at 28. Ford is selling more vehicles than any other “American” auto maker!