2012 Nissan Leaf Offered with Big Cash Discount

2012 Nissan Leaf Offered with Big Cash Discount

Certain Nissan dealers are discounting the 2012 Leaf by almost $10,000 in an attempt to lure last-minute customers before the new year. 

Nissan will unveil its 2013 Leaf EV during the Detroit Auto Show in January, but there are still plenty of unsold 2012 models. The Leaf fell far short of CEO Carlos Ghosn’s expected 20,000 units, with less than half of that likely by the end of the year. In general, electric cars are proving to be a tough sell among U.S. consumers, largely because of limited charging infrastructure and high initial cost.

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Unfortunately, the deal doesn’t seem to extend to purchase customers. Instead, you’ll be limited to a discount on leased vehicles. The cash back is expected to let Nissan clear its 2012 stock before the newer models arrive. The deal began this month and extends to January 2, 2013.

While Nissan hasn’t released complete information on the North American 2013 model, it’s expected to offer a lower, less expensive trim level and greater range. The Japanese market version is said to offer 228 kilometers (about 141 miles) and is offered in three trim levels. Specifics about how much of that will translate to the North American market will be available soon, but the brand already started making batteries in its Smyrna, Ten. plant to save cost and lower prices for consumers.

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[Source: Green Car Reports]