Ford Mustang-Based Lincoln Coupe Planned

Ford Mustang-Based Lincoln Coupe Planned

Ford is working hard to give its luxury Lincoln brand a new start, renaming it the Lincoln Motor Company and adding its own design and engineering team.

Automotive enthusiasts have been clamoring for Lincoln to launch a rear-wheel drive model and their calls have been heard – to a point. Ford has a rear-wheel drive coupe under consideration for the Lincoln brand, however, its development will be contingent on the success of the new MKZ and the upcoming compact crossover model.

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If all goes according to plan and the two new Lincoln models are considered a success, a Mustang-based coupe could be destined to debut as a 2016 or 2017 model. But those thinking that it’ll come soon, will have to patiently wait. The American automaker will launch an all-new MKS, Navigator, and MKX before the rear-wheel drive coupe makes an appearance.

It’s not likely that Ford will make any significant investments into the Lincoln brand until it has the belief that its revival plan is working and will be successful.

[Source: FordInsideNews]

  • Godscars

    then call it a cougar again

  • guest

    Mustang-based Lincoln coupe.. last time that happened was the Mark VII… I like the sound of this

  • Allenegg

    @godscars….the Cougar was the Mercury version of the Mustang.

  • Allenegg

    The   Mark VII , while it was a coupe. , was based on the Thuderbird.  


    Lincoln Mark VII >>> Ford Thunderbird >>> Ford Mustang >>> Ford Fairmont…

  • George Bailey


    Ford is so hooked on badge-engineering that it cannot see that PRODUCT DIFFERENTIATION is the only thing that will save Lincoln. If they are going to use the D2C platform it should be a 4-DOOR SEDAN, not a Mustang clone.Holding a RWD Lincoln hostage to the sales performance of a loser such as the badge-engineered Fusion/MKZ is a crime surpassed only by Ford’s killing the Lincoln LS and dumbing down of the fabulous DEW98 platform into the D2C. Ford’s revival of Lincoln will take a decade of dedication to making it a benchmark brand not three years of hostage-taking.

  • Jerry Bowen

    I have been a  Lincoln owner for Years, since 1966, all kinds, Continentals, Marks, Town Cars.However, since Lincoln was dumb-downed with MKZ’s, MKX’s, MKS’s and ABC’s, I went to L-E-X-U-S.
    What a shame old guys don’t relate to the new-fangled M”s. We all know this is where the big money comes from—-OLD GUYS.
    Where is Iacocca when we need him?

  • Don-pimpleton

    Lincoln need to stick with 4 doors,not build a car based on the Mustang. The Lincoln MKS is based on the new Taurus chassis and thats a crime to have to pay $20,000 more for an updated Ford Taurus. I drive a Jaguar and Mercedes. If I have to pay $50- $60,000 for a car, I prefer to drive something that’s gonna hold some value.

  • Tom Paine

    Don-pimpleton and George Bailey: “Lincoln need to stick with 4 doors,not build a car based on the Mustang”  “If they are going to use the D2C platform it should be a 4-DOOR SEDAN,”
    Why shouldn’t it be a 4-door sedan AND be based on a stretched Mustang platform?

    Besides, the last great Lincoln was the Mark Vii, a future collector car if there ever was one…and it combined the best features from the contemporary Mustang and Thunderbird.

    People complain that the MKZ and MKS are just badge-engineered Fords. It’s true up to a point, but have you actually sat in one or test-drove one?  The difference in the interior materials and NVH is like night and day.

    That being said, I think the bottom line is that what the MKZ and MKS are really missing to distinguish them from their Ford counterparts is air suspension.  Air ride makes a Lincoln a Lincoln. I’d love to see a true successor to the Mark VII and Mark VIII—Mustang based, with the Ecoboost twin-turbo V-6, active air suspension, and sheetmetal totally different than anything else on the market.

  • speedle24

    Why a frumpy four door sedan? There must be 50 dozen of them on the market already.