Suzuki Demand Rising after Bankruptcy

Suzuki Demand Rising after Bankruptcy

American Suzuki Corp. filed for bankruptcy recently and announced its exit from the U.S. market, and now the company is importing 2,500 more cars to America to meet a rise in demand. 

Suzuki sales jumped 22 percent to 2,224 units in November, and are continuing to rise in December according to the brand. Generous incentives and a seven-year warranty program are cited as the main reason for the jump.

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Suzuki sold 23,412 vehicles through November of 2012, representing a three percent decrease over the same time period in 2011. Even with the jump in sales over the short-term, Suzuki cannot justify keeping a sales network going in which 69 percent of its dealers were selling less than five cars a month.

Suzuki has said it will continue to honor warranties, as well as supply parts and service to cars through its dealer network.

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