Trio of Twister Special Ford Mustangs Sell for $325,000

Trio of Twister Special Ford Mustangs Sell for $325,000

A trio of Twister Special Ford Mustangs recently hit the Mecum auction block in Kansas City, collecting a total of $325,000.

The Twister Special Ford Mustang was created by the American automaker as a result of its desire to build more regional special edition Mustangs. The Twisters were based on the Mach 1 and were sold only through Ford’s Kansas City regional district dealerships. Straight from the factory, the special edition ‘Stang came with a blueprinted engine and tons of performance options.

Half of the Twister Specials were equipped with the Cobra Jet 428 engine, while the other half came with a 351 Cleveland. Each vehicle got a 96 Grabber Orange paint job for the exterior.

The 1970 428-powered Twister netted $140,000 while the 1970 351-powered variant sold for $130,000. A latter-day Twister Mustang Special, which was a 2008 convertible built by R&A Motorsports, sold for $55,000.

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[Source: Hemmings Daily]