2014 Chevrolet Corvette Stingray Ignites 2013 Detroit Auto Show

2014 Chevrolet Corvette Stingray Ignites 2013 Detroit Auto Show

As cars go, the Corvette is about as American as fireworks bursting into a stars and stripes pattern on the Fourth of July.

Now, Chevrolet is taking its legendary sports car to new heights while reviving the Stingray name first introduced in 1963. But unlike the “SS” badge that frequently found its way onto undeserving cars, this name will carry the weight it should.

It’s impossible to isolate one change that characterizes the seventh generation of America’s sports car and that’s a very good thing.

From the body to the drivetrain to the interior – yes, the interior – Chevrolet just unveiled the greatest car to wear the crossed flag crown since its inception. In fact, Chevy says this new Corvette has a better power-to-weight ratio than both the Porsche 911 and Audi R8. Curb weight is still unannounced, but the aluminum frame is 99 lbs lighter than the previous generation and both the hood and roof are made of carbon fiber.

All New Really Means All New

Literally everything about the car is new and exciting. So much so, in fact, that it’s hard to choose what comes first. Keeping that in mind, there wouldn’t be anything worth mentioning without the new LT1 small block V8.

General Motors’ new V8 makes 450 hp and 450 lb-ft of torque. That’s enough to find 60 mph in under four seconds, but launching to warp speed is only part of the fun.

In fact, racing into top gear isn’t what has the AutoGuide.com staff so excited. That honor is reserved for the car’s rev-matching seven speed manual transmission that GM says will help the car achieve 26 mpg. Of course, downshifting for the hell of it will be hard not to do and horrible for fuel economy.

You aren’t likely to be worrying much about gas mileage on track days – something that will be hard to pass up on considering the car offers 50-50 weight distribution and is 57 percent stiffer than the outgoing model.

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Super Performing Suspension

The available Z51 performance package comes with an electronically controlled limited slip differential, dual-cast, slotted rotors and 19-inch wheels. Perhaps the biggest draw for the premium package, though, is the available magnetic selective ride control suspension that made the ZL1 Camaro such a track monster.

Hopefully you’ve got a second handkerchief because there’s more coming once you’ve finished wiping the drool from your chin

Reviving the Stingray name called for bold styling changes unlike the C6, which was more of a hop-skip than a full stride from the previous generation’s body.

“For the new Corvette to be called a Stingray, it had to deliver an incredible, purposeful visual impact – just as the original did in 1963,” said Tom Peters, exterior design director.

Chevrolet followed the industry trend and opted for LED lighting, most notably with what it calls “dual-element” taillights that depart more from traditional Corvette styling than any other element.

The front fenders are designed to reduce drag while the new hood vents help cut lift. The Z51 package also includes brake-cooling ducts and a unique rear spoiler.

Finally, a Real Interior

Finally, GM addressed long-standing complaints about the car’s interior.

This time around it gets real carbon fiber, aluminum and hand-wrapped leather to escape the parts-bin reputation dogging every other GM car. 

There are two seat options to choose from, both of which are housed in a lightweight magnesium frame. Mind you, those seats could be made of diamonds and that wouldn’t make them any nicer to sit in, but that’s a detail to save for the test drive.

Chevrolet also added dual eight-inch infotainment screens equipped with its “MyLink” software. While this isn’t the first touch screen to sit in a Corvette, this is the first time for a so-called “infotainment” system. That might draw mixed opinions, but once again, it’s an issue for the test drive.

Cringe if you like over that idea, but the truth is that Chevrolet could probably put a dancing bear wearing a tutu on those screens and most people wouldn’t even notice.

This time around Chevrolet didn’t just tip-toe past the curve, it did cartwheels over it.

The Stingray is back and headed for production in the third quarter of 2013. Not only that, but it stands to give cars that were previously more premium-feeing some serious competition.

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  • Hd2jride

    Is the 2014 corvette a Viper or a Camaro, no its a Viparo

  • Bessniak

    a 7 speed manual ????? WTF!!! anyway interior is very nice .exterior is beatifull, hope they will use ls9 engines 450 is shit for this 

  • Reallist

    The C-7 emblem looks like the old “Firebird” emblem from a distance… this adds insult to injury regarding the hideous backside of this Corvette edition… Camaro tail lights, Cadillac angles, a stuck-on spoiler, rocket booster exhaust outlets??? The clunky looking hood? No dual-clutch auto transmission?     
    This is an insult to the iconic name of “Stingray.” 


    I have owned 27 corvettes, 1957-2011, the 2014 Corvette is not a Sting Ray. That is an insult to the 1963 Corvette. Zoro turned over in his grave when the so called sting ray (2014) came out tonight. 

  • Valentino Vicente


  • Elmo





  • Oh how depressing. They ripped off the front from a ferrari california, the side from a GTR and the biggest visual abortion is the rear end from a Camaro. Where the heck did the original sexy stingray concept go?! Thats the car people really want.  We want curvy and massive and smooth, thats what the Corvette is. Welp, guess I can spend all that hard saved money on something else now. Maybe I’ll go buy an old c5 z06, the last pretty corvette.

  • Wow what a clever comment.

  • Myothervette

    If u read the article it said Lt1 who in their right mind would go back to a very hard to work on Lt1 ??????keep the Ls motor in the car ,I own a c5 & It’s hands down way easier to maintain ,change plugs ,etc ,gm u just lost the race to ford & you couldn’t give me an lt1 corvette!wtf engineers?????

  • Backthatthingupyoyoyo

    I was going to say that it looks like a Hyundai Genesis Coupe with the front/back of a Camaro. Geez, how I long for the days when the Vette was distinctive, not only in looks but also in horsepower and choice of engine. Nowadays, GM will sell you a TURD w/an LS engine, so they all go fast… but they’re all so very much less pretty… The Vette’s kind of like a mid-to-late 40’s “cougar” dressed and made up to look like a teenager… (I say teenager), because the front grill looks like GM gave this “baby” (or should I say Barbi) the royal treatment with high-end “braces”!!!

    Nothing like putty braces on an already questionably-styled car. MY 2 Cents: I’d name this one the “UGLY BETTY”!!!

  • Snipot

    I LOVE IT 

  • Valentino Vicente

    Speak English! lol

  • Obama Sucks

    The back end looks worse on this than it does on the Camaro.  Both are turds!

  • Gapar72

    Will it run on 87 octane? My corvette will. I paid $4400.00 for my new 1969 vette 427 conv., mnl. trans., stiff spsn. I paid $6500. for my present vette coupe, 25K miles on the engine; it runs great on 87 octane, 290hp. Reg gas is $3.26/gal here. I drive a C4 auto, and it really scoots. Lots of fun, corners great. Cheap for a corvette coupe, dash rebuilt, works well. //  What octane does the 2014 vette need? Who really needs all of that power? $$$…  There are only two roads where I can use over 40hp, and one racetrack (mostly). A brief WOT when it is safe. But that is not worth $80,000.00!!!  Both of my vettes are the same color; I put 55K miles on the 69 427 400hp, a daily driver. //  At todays gas prices why should I pay so much money for a car that I cannot really use? Why doesn’t Corvette build a fiberglass Solstice, something that I can drive to work everyday? The 350 Chevy is a great engine, very reliable for a lot of miles, primative design (pushrod valves?), (today?). It needs direct injection and 87 octane gas to be an enjoyable daily driver for back and forth to work. //  Corvette sold 53K cars titled 84; compare to recent sales numbers (really down), but chevy still wants to make a large profit. Buy a high mileage Corvette, install a 290hp GM engine (87 octane), overhaul the trans (if needed), and have fun driving it everyday. I know of a 350 chevy V8 that ran to 350K miles with no major repairs, not even a valve job. My 350 uses 1/2 qt of oil in 5000 miles. I have 40 lbs of hot oil prsr. in 25K miles. //  New Corvettes are nice cars, but the prices are crazy. And I used to race a Porsche 911!

  • Reliableron

    what is with the old blonde throwing her coat on a show car? Hopefully they tossed her.

  • Beautiful car!!

  • Gapar72

    The C5 is a really great daily driver, good seats & spsn; I like the wndshld. display. But, it will not run on 87 octane, at todays gas prices. Buy a high mileage C5, install a 290hp 350 (87 octane gas), and drive it everyday, and enjoy it. Or, install low compression heads on the C5 engine. //  Where can you really use over 400hp? How often do you run at a racetrack? Enjoy driving a Corvette to work every day; I did, for many years. //  A car is just a machine, and they can be fixed. //  My present vette runs well on 87 octane, has a lot of power, fast steering, corners better than my skills (racing tires & wheels). I cannot put my foot down from a stop on blacktop, it will just spin the tires, smoke. Corvettes have to be rolling before full open gas, either 400hp or 290hp (mod). //  Vettes are fun to drive every day to work, but what is your average speed, door to door? Buy a late C4, or a C5, fix it, even a new engine if needed, and just enjoy it every day. //  You don’t really need a race car to enjoy a vette every day. Every C4 & C5 has more power than you really need, and you will enjoy driving them every day; they are a lot of fun. //  I used to race cars, but I would rather drive a sports car every day, and use it for autocross and rallies. Everyday enjoyment and gas cost. //  A real race car cannot be enjoyed on the street, but you can use a street vette in club events. A lot of fun. /// 

  • BahamaTodd

    If you did some research you’d realize this is an all new small block which they’ve brought back the LT1 name for.

  • Gapar72

    The new overpriced vettes are nice cars, some nice gadgets, and still look nice. Production sales have been going down for many years. I purchased one new 427 vette, but I would never buy a new vette. //  Drive a C5, nice cars, but gas prices too high. This can be fixed. //  Want a vette? Enjoy driving it every day, at low cost for gas. Install grocery getter heads, 87 octane gas. More power than you will ever need. But the Corvettes will still look nice, and be fun to drive everyday. //  I used vettes for time trials on race tracks, drag racing, autocross, rallies; got trophys, but mostly I just enjoyed driving it to work every day, and for errands. //  You will get used to the looks of almost any Corvette. //  Want to race a car? What do you care what a race car looks like? We drove really hacked up cars on dirt tracks, and enjoyed it. //  Corvettes have always been nice looking sports cars, for owners, and fun to drive everyday. But they are much too expensive for a little pleasure. Buy a used one and fix it. //  A 350 chevy V8 will run to 300,000 miles. Every vette is fun to drive, like most sports cars. //  Pleasure vs cost. //  I drive a C4 with a new engine, and it is fun to drive on certain roads, safely. //  They all look nice, eventually. /// 

  • Mo

    Look, a vehicle has to evolve at some point, the corvette hasn’t seen any real significant change until now, it was needed, to angular how, look back at the old stingrays with angled and almost v-shaped rear, almost pointy, look the corvette started falling behind its competition, called cheaply made and rode rough, that’s what the european competition said about it, it needed this change and do you think GM would put the name stingray on it if it didn’t deserve it? Ironically none of the models in between were worthy, the stingray always had a little more exotic style and that is what this one has also, I know it’s odd not seeing the 4 round tail lights, but there is still 4 lights there just a different shape that’s all, the camaro light on the back don’t look like these, different shape and design, change can be tough but sometimes it’s needed if you’re going to be able to stay in the game and compete people, look at the 911, it kept more of its tradition and yet people still complain about it still looking always the same eventhough it has changed a lot as well, or it changed too much, come on, really? Hats off to GM and Chevy for this, it’s gorgeous and can’t wait to see it in person, this the corvette that is need to change the game and they have finally, Good job GM!!!!

  • CadChris

    Well…….Barbie had her Vette, and now the Little Mermaid has a “Stingray”.  Only thing that comes to mine is……..”Under da’ Sea”…, “Under da Sea”….., “Under da’ Sea it’s the new Stingray for me!”…..”Darling it’s better down where it wetter take it from me!”

    Finally it can be stated…..”its the Vette that make’s em’ wet!”The Little Mermaid song should then follow Chevrolet’s new theme song for this Vette. I guess this is what the Transformers series did to “Transform” the brand. Anyway, I was hoping for the classic look of the “2009 C3R Retro Corvette Stingray concept by Christian Cyrulewski”…….that would’ve been cool.   

  • roadracevette94

    Awsome Supercar……..nice job GM

  • roadraceveete94

    Awesome Supercar……..nice job GM

  • Mr Bushmaster

    Beautiful car!

  • WOOF! I heard the head/lead engineer on NPR talking about NOT wanting to do retro. There’s a reason WHY the 63-67 is so iconic… and why 40-50 years later everyone still wants one… BECAUSE THE STYLING CUES WORK! This newest incarnation is REALLY UGLY. Truth is, if GM did a retro Vette as POORLY as the CAMARO, no one would want it either. Before I would even consider this incarnation, I’d revamp the drivetrain on my CHERRY C4, and for alot less. GM, please STOP listening to the design “fairies” workig for you. Purge them from your ranks. Then, come back to “US” (note that US is in USA) and give US a true REPRO…. NOT A RETRO… of the ’67 Vette… THAT would be something WORTH SPENDING our hard-earned MONEY on… Get rid of this “UGLY BETTY”, CAMARO cross-breed…!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! GEEZ, next thing you know it will sport that STUPID CHEVY CROSSBAR IN THE GRILLE!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • As to the comment of a car having to evolve, it DOES NOT HAVE TO GET UGLIER THAN IT HAS RECENTLY BEEN to do so! There’s a reason WHY the 63-67 are collectable and this one will never be. If you think, for even 1 second, that a non-evolved, REPRO BODY (WITH AN EVOLVED INTERIOR AND DRIVETRAIN) would not be well received AND SELL LIKE CRAZY, YOU HAVE NOT BEEN PART OF THE VETTE CRAZE for as long as most have.

  • Brucepattengale

    if it so american why does it look like a ferrari bred a aston martin ? dont we have anybody that can design cars or has an imagination anymore ? you got lazy and are just ripping off designs

  • How much….?

  • Look a lot like a Camaro.

  • Grandpa Joseph

    This is what happens when a Camaro owner realizes his mullet looks like shit and gets a hair cut. Basically, this is the same thing as being “hood rich.” GM is the Antoine Dodson of car companies…

  • Rockstone107

    You mean a haircut like Justin Bieber who drives a Euro car…..our how about the Lexus or Benz that you drive GRANDPA…..or maybe a soulless Toyota, how are those world class recalls working out for you?

  • MinecraftWeed

    and a srt viper in the front

  • Itameok999


  • Awsome Car Bros  NIce too see  a cool change

  • Sexy Awsome Car …. Nice Too See Change  

  • Now I want too see the New NSX

  • Deon Boshoff

    how will GM improve on this car in the future. it’s just perfect

  • Markbwalter

    i want this car!!!

  • agriwlw

    WOW!!!  I’m going to give this car a chance to grow on me, but as the as the owner of a 65 coupe with a 70 LT1 370 HP. in it, the original motor is on an engine stand,…I just don’t get the rear end of the car.  Even if you ignore the Camaro taillights; the rear end of the cars are unacceptable…the dark car above is ok, but the lighter colors… like the red car above is horrendous!!!   Chevy started this fu-manchu  look on the front of some of their pickups, put it on the rear of the new Camaro, then they put it on the front of the Camaro ZL1 and now stuck it on the rear of the Vette.  Just a cheap way to fill a big ugly hole!!!!!!   UGLY, UGLY UGLY

  • Philbert

    jdhfsoiu9 iwdh0oreiu t8u 829743utr8y sw7-5897r29- 8ny5 8uithsdou yeir7y 88qhgw 043 tw