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 |  Jan 14 2013, 2:40 PM

Heart-pounding it may not be, but the curiously-named Toyota Furia Concept just debuted at the 2013 Detroit Auto Show to preview elements of the next-generation Corolla.

“The Corolla Furia Concept is an early indicator of where our compact car design may lead in the future,” Toyota group vice president and general manager Bill Fay said. “It blends a heightened emphasis on dramatic design and modern elements of high technology to generate curb appeal that will surprise a lot of people.”

As a design study, the car doesn’t offer any hints at any mechanical changes Toyota might be considering, but the swept windshield and sloped roofline suggest the brand will follow the industry trend toward raked rear ends and more aerodynamic body shapes.

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It seems likely that elements like the LED lighting seen here will make it into the next Corolla’s design, but others like the carbon fiber trim around the wheel wells almost certainly won’t.

Toyota didn’t offer many concrete facts about the car, but it did give overall dimensions, divulging that the next Corolla will grow. The wheelbase will be almost four inches longer while overall length will increase by a little less than two. The biggest detail – if it sticks – is that the Corolla Furia is more than 10 inches wider.

GALLERY: Toyota Corolla Furia Concept


GALLERY: Toyota Corolla Furia Concept Live Photos


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  • MistyGreen

    I’ll just say I’m glad it’s a concept.  The huge C-pillar, front grill, pseudo-carbon rocker panel treatment, and tC-based rear window have to go.  It looks too tall for my tastes too.  I’m not a fan of the hood slope they took from the Civic.  Basically, a little disappointed but still somewhat excited.

  • prophecy

    Finally a Corolla we don’t throw-up at first sight. So when will this be available? 2020? Stop being a follower Toyota/Honda

  • LHO39

    I also don’t like it. Too youthful for me. I guess form no longer
    follows function in the US. I want a brand new 1995 Corolla station
    wagon, standard transmission. Not available here however. But they still
    are available brand new in other parts of the world.

  • Indydi

    From the front it just looks like a Civic, which isn’t a good thing. Ten inches wider? Really? Toyota and Honda were sitting on their lazy, arrogant rear ends while the rest of the auto manufacturers were scrambling to redesign and reinvent their lines. Too late, Toyota.

  • RKnight

    Almost got it right except it’s too high.  Toyota needs to borrow a little from the IS 250 me thinks. LH09, you want a station wagon?  I believe Hyundai has one you need but you don’t want it because it’s not a Honda or Toyota. Enjoy life a bit more as it’s short. Who knows, one could be driving a Toyota and in an accident well before you can retire the car.

  • Brandon

    squint your eyes and its a civic… the presenter seemed really nervous to me.

     mr misty is right>

    The huge C-pillar, front grill, pseudo-carbon rocker panel treatment,
    and tC-based rear window have to go.  It looks too tall for my tastes
    too.  I’m not a fan of the hood slope they took from the Civic

  • Brandonesterer

    also nasty color

  • Li Ming

    OMG it’s beautiful

  • Manatysokhean

    love love



  • Reza

    Toyota Furia …ooommah !!

  • http://www.facebook.com/linda.paquette.96 Linda Paquette

    j’attend qu’elle arrive au Québec