QNX Previews Tesla-Sized Touch Screen in a Bentley: 2013 CES

QNX Previews Tesla-Sized Touch Screen in a Bentley: 2013 CES

The name of the game at CES is cool new technology, so naturally computer software maker QNX is showing off its latest, oversized, infotainment system in. Not just in any car either, but a Bentley Continental GT Convertible.

The Bentley Continental is sporting the latest version of QNX’s CAR 2 platform, and features all sorts of pretty high-resolution screens in the cockpit. While the car itself is beautiful, its spruced up, modern interior shows off an interactive user interface that puts what we’ve seen in the Tesla Model S to shame.

The large center-stack touchscreen comes from Texas Instruments, and features a rotary knob attached directly to the screen, giving a mixture of both touch and physical control. The infotainment system also features high-quality 3D navigation that can take up as much space on the screen as the driver wants.

Additionally the new connected car concept also features a customizable dashboard similar to Cadillac’s CUE system and a video teleconferencing unit, so business-types can attend virtual meetings on the go.

Finally, the Bentley features a web-app to remotely monitor and control the vehicle. QNX has a demo version of the app available here.

QNX also announced a few other key details about its new CAR 2 platform, stating that the product is officially available to the automotive community now.

“For almost a year, automotive companies in the U.S., Germany, Japan, and China have been putting the QNX CAR application platform 2.0 through its paces. We’re thrilled to see the many next-generation designs that customers already started developing on the platform during the early access program,” said Andy Gryc marketing manager at QNX.

Additionally, Delphi automotive, a tier one automotive technology supplier has chosen to use QNX’s Car 2 software in its next generation of infotainment systems.