TOM’S N086V is a V6-Powered 400-HP Toyota GT86: 2013 Tokyo Auto Salon

TOM’S N086V is a V6-Powered 400-HP Toyota GT86: 2013 Tokyo Auto Salon

One of several GT 86 concepts unveiled by Toyota at this year’s Tokyo Auto Salon, it’s certainly not noteworthy because of its square eight-spoke rims.

Rather than the car’s styling, it’s what’s under the hood that counts here. Tossing the boxer 4-cylinder, long-time Toyota tuner TOM’S has replaced it with a true Toyota powerplant – a 3.5-liter V6.

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The very same engine found under the hood of the Lexus IS and GS, it’s been tuned-up to deliver 400 hp, doubling the output of the factory 4-cylinder.

Of course the TOM’s GT86 does also sport a complete restyle, including a unique and rather pointy front bumper, as well as some flared carbon fiber fenders.

GALLERY: TOM’s N086V Concept


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  • Atticus

    I’ve seen this kind of thing from Scion before and I’m not taking the bait. The fact of the matter is, the FR-S has only 200 horsepower with 151 foot pounds of torque to power it’s engine and that’s simply not enough. Scion will insist that this is not so and that the FR-S is a fun, fun, fun car to drive! Really?! How much fun is it, to be to be out-performed by a Ford Fiesta-ST and know that you’ve spent almost $3,000.00 more for the privilege? Sorry Scion, that’s not my idea of fun.

    Recently an article was written about how the 2015 FR-S would get a power boost of an additional 50 HP, but I remain very skeptical. Why ? Because even though Scion will not officially confirm or deny this report; I think allowing the article to be written at all, was done with a wink and a nod from Scion. After-all… Scion knows that kind of rumor creates interest.

    When the FR-S was first introduced, I thought it was the best thing since sliced bread, but I’m glad I resisted the temptation to buy. It’s no secret that Nissan & Alfa Romeo / Mazda are in the process of building faster, lighter weight cars that will leave the FR-S eating dust. And it’s this fact that validates the idea that great performing, RWD, affordable sports cars are once again in high demand. Sorry Scion…We hardly knew ye.

  • conrad testamark

    I agree with you! for a car like that should come with 5.3 liter,666hp,666lbft of torque,7-8speed,v8 engine,they can. get more horsepower and more lbft of torque out of that v6engine.200horsepower and151foot pound of torque that not right for a car like that.