Toyota Supra Inspired GT 86 Revealed With Twincharged Engine: 2013 Tokyo Auto Salon

Toyota Supra Inspired GT 86 Revealed With Twincharged Engine: 2013 Tokyo Auto Salon

The star of the Tokyo Auto Salon, the GRMN Sports FR Concept is a GT 86 build by Toyota’s motorsports partner Gazoo Racing and inspired by the legendary Supra itself.

With unmistakably original bodywork, the real story lies under the hood where Toyota has mated the 4-cylider boxer engine with both a supercharger and a turbocharger to deliver 330 hp.

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As for the sheetmetal, it helps transform the GT 86 (sold here as the Scion FR-S) from a fun weekend toy, to a genuine sports car that looks capable of tangling with a Porsche. Along with the Supra-inspired taillights, flared bodywork, massive rear spoiler and quad-exhaust system, the car itself is 4-inches longer than a conventional GT 86 and a total of 3-inches wider.

The wider body also makes room for some big 18-inch wheels with wired tires measuring 245 up front and 265 in the rear.

The customization doesn’t stop outside the car either with a white and black cabin, including beautifully stitched two-tone leather racing seats.

GALLERY: Toyota GRMN Sports FR Concept Platinum


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  • Stephen Bailey

    Gimme gimme gimme gimme!

  • kactus

    Big, big, WOW!

  • Pony_trekker

    I gots wood

  • Jim Hazen

    Make this the new Supra with an in-line 6 twin turbo, happy days are here again!

  • AshyBoneoftkc

    SHIT!!!!!!! My heart pumped so much blood into my pants I think it exploded…. This is after I scream like a school girl lol PLEASE TOYOTA!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • thabiso

    supra! supra! supra come on guys just do this hey

  • Kodylbaldwin95

    Wonder how much it would cost

  • Mber2jz

    Its just a flared FT-86 with the sane crappy engine with more HP. You guys really couldn’t come up with anything better than cosmetic crap on an FR-S? Whatever saves you money I suppose. I feel if they called this the MK-V Supra, it would ruin the Supra name. At least reshape the rear end a bit more to make it resemble the Supra a bit then I guess it would be okay. Rip out that stupid boxer engine crap and put an engine worth a darn. Perhaps a 3JZ concept with a TT I-6? I’m not even apart of your team Toyota and I make more sense than half of you nit-wits. Just call this an upgraded FR-S and put it on the line. But a Supra successor? Hardly even.

  • MKIV the one and only Supra

    Don´t kill the Supra name, the MKIV model is a legend . Everytime the jap try to make a new model they just destroy, Celica, MR2 the 90´s ones were much better in design and performances

    Please give aother name to the car, that is not a Supra

  • Embulion

    Well it has been a while since they made another toyota supra, so why not call it a supra.

  • conrad testamark

    with a v8-v10 engine,666-777hp,677-780poundfeet of torque,like what mklv said! these cars are design from the Legend’s so make them the future legend’s with paddleshifters,7,8,9,10,speed transmissions,fuelinjucter, twin-turbochargers or superchargers,5.0-5.9,6.6,7.0-7.7,8.0-8.8liters,0-60 in 2.4sec.800cc-919cc