Jeep Wrangler Diesel Likely After Refresh in 2015

Jeep Wrangler Diesel Likely After Refresh in 2015

Torque is as good as money to off roaders and now there’s more information on an engine that would increase the Jeep Wrangler’s available lb-ft.

“Wrangler is on the radar to get [a] diesel. Remember we’re also going through the product change of Wrangler for 2015-16,” Jeep president and CEO Mike Manley said to WardsAuto. “That will probably be the right time to introduce the diesel into that vehicle.”

Dropping a diesel motor into the Wrangler would be an extension of Chrysler’s current push for more oil burners. This year, both the RAM 1500 and Jeep Grand Cherokee will be available with diesel powertrains.

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“I’m confident that the Grand Cherokee will show just how large a demand there is for diesel, and I think what that will do is reinforce the need for us to target Wrangler as a vehicle that can take a diesel,” Manly said.

Not only would the Wrangler take the diesel, but with a 420 lb-ft of torque rating in the Grand Cherokee with the same engine, it seems like a no-brainer that one of the most off-road oriented cars on the market would make use of that low-end power.

[Source: Wards Auto]

  • Laura

    Bring Back The Box Jeep Cherokees

  • Robert

    Would much rather see them offer a v-8 hemi , like you can get, after market…

  • Fearsrd

    Sure, since diesel is so cheap, why not make another dumb Jeep move. With gas generally $4 and up, V-8’s are not good unless they can find a way of getting the mileage up in the mid 20’s but they can’t seem to do that with a V-6.

  • Marty Fowler

    FANTASTIC!!!! I will be one of the first in Canada to put my money down on one.

  • A diesel wrangler cannot come soon enough…

  • 07JK4BT

    People are doing 4BT swaps, getting rediculous torque and 25-30 mpgs on 37+ tires. Diesel sounds cheaper now doesn’t it? Think before you speak please.

  • Nate

    You mean the 2008+ Liberty/Nitro?

  • yosus

    A diesel half-ton…I can see this failing already. 

  • Michelle

    Finally!  Europe has had the 2.8 CRDi diesel Wrangler for years!   The Wrangler should have always had a diesel engine in North America.   There are shops out there that will convert the gas engine for a Cummins 4BT diesel engine, but the 4BT engine isn’t EPA approved for road use on the Wrangler platform, so it really isn’t an option.  Then consider that the conversion cost $20 000 to install!   I’d rather have a factory warranteed diesel engine for an extra 4 large than pay for a conversion.

  • 03TJgrammar

    Ridiculous*. Proof read before you post please

  • Rhogg_family

    let’s hope Chrysler does not screw the Wrangler like the new Cherokee, what a joke

  • Piss on the grand—– start tossing them a wrangler thats where your going to see the numbers. The grand is a great pavement pounder, But i am not interested in pavement! So no grand in my driveway.

  • PolishPunkOffroad

    Oh pretty pretty please!

  • Brdl004

    And when you need service, forgetaboutit.

  • CdnJeepTech

    There are a couple of firms putting the VW TDI into Wranglers, including one Canadian company… but factory would be better IMHO..  and yes diesel is more than gas at the moment, but I think that I could more than offset that with the improved consumption. I have talked to people with the diesel Jeeps (Grand, Libby) who swear by them and how good they are on fuel, not to mention the torque. If they could have got it together and did something fancy like variable cylinder, variable valve timing or better yet an electrically driven hybrid (like the prototypes they had out in fleets on the road or the UofWaterloo demo), it would be even more stellar IMHO (instant torque from 0 RPM to limit).

  • Christhetoolman

    A diesel/electric hybrid would be the ticket…. while hunting I rarely ever go over 10 mph. That would be great for mpg, I;d still have a full gank when I got home. I am suprised Jeep hasn’t done it yet before toyota does.

  • Taylorcraftbc65

    As is USUAL with the “big four” in this Country, they are WOEFULLY BEHIND the innovative American Hot Rodders on this one TOO. MANY of us GOT TIRED up them sitting on their thumbs, so we just went ahead and rescued Cummins 4bt Diesels from bread vans in U-Pull Junk yards, and dropped them into Wanglers, and even CJ’s.  It’s just like, one of my two YJ’s looks a lot like the new, OUTRAGEOUSLY PRICED J’8’s, but I only have a little over eleven thousand in mine, but then THIS female has TALENT, and I built the whole thing myself. If you guys actually get AHEAD of the “idea Curve” hear, some of us innovators may actually BUY something from you.

  • i like the idea of diesel electric ,while wheeling i experince alot of folks who really care for the environment ,(GOING GREEN) i think an electric and stop and go engines would be the best !! if your going to do it DO IT RIGHT!! says me 

  • by the way, jeeps are diesel !!everywhere else except here !! so its not a new invention it a matter of !

  • Cappytanjack

    It is too little too late with a diesel variant in a Jeep Wrangler for North America while Europe has had one now for almost a decade.  Has anyone checked the price of diesel fuel lately?  This diesel variant idea could only be worse if there is also an emissions requirement for urea injection which further adds to the operating cost of a diesel engine.  (read: Mercedes Bluetec and VW AddBlue) 

  • Von-Klink

    Yes: Diesels are good! Just “Do Not” Side Step
    German Patents! Mercedes Has The right way
    to do things!  Exxler does not.  U.S. Engineers
    Are Boobs… When It comes to Compression
    Ignition. The Fuel injection on 1987-95 Jeeps
    Are proof of the “Boobisum”. — BOOBS–


  • Jtr7696

    Another Carrot dangling in front of the horse pulling the cart… how many articles in the last 5 years have said, Jeep Wrangler Diesel next year!  They float these comments like the White House on new policy to see if they made the right decision before they have to make a decision.  Get some stones … you dragged your feet on the Rubicon, then on the 4 door.  WTF are you waiting for? Calling Jeep, Calling Jeep – you’ve been selling a 2.8CRD made in Toledo, Ohio for years but you don’t sell it in the USA.  Are you telling me that the US emissions are really that different or because you can’t make a decision that requires vision? 

  • Hunter02_2002

    Piss on ’em all. They haven’t made a REAL improvement since the CJ3A

  • Tony_montana

    If you really want to do this Jeep, then stop buying POS Italian diesel engines at VM Motori…or the Mercedes 3.0 dinosaur you put in the WK.

  • The minute that Jeep FINALLY gets smart and puts the old J Series / M-715’s back into production with a diesel I’m going to be there with cash in hand. That and someone finding the solution to the diesel freeze problem.

  • Mcoh1030

     Hybrid electric diesel, built exclusively in Detriot and nowhere else. 

    Bring America back or we’ll be force to take it back! 

  • Cliff Herrin

    I have always wanted a diesel engine in my jeeps. By 2015 I’ll be ready to part with my super build Rubicon JK and start enjoying an other one with a diesel engine. Good call, wish you would have done this much earlier in life. I have been driving and tearing up jeeps from the age of 13 and now I’m 65. Still love to rock crawling. Picture to fallow later Cliff Herrin

  • 4mtabr

    I would like to see it return to the two door wrangler unlimited, then add the diesel. Perhaps a remake of the scrambler

  • Dpsuggs

    I believe there would be more of a market for the return of the 4.0 litre straight six.

  • Edubreuil

    Blah, blah blah…  Heard that before.  I will believe it when they are on showroom floors.

  • Drew

    Screw Detroit AND their damn unions!  Build it somewhere else in the US.

  • Norman Price

    I guess it depends on where you live. In my area, diesel is the most expensive of all fuels; 10 cents a gallon more than hi-octane.

  • Netratsam

    Yippey, something I would consider trading in my 1997 TJ for.  Diesel,N. Price –  .10 more than premium, lots less refining, welcome to alternative fuels(you don’t need to burn diesel/petroleum products in it), and best of all DOUBLE the miles per gallon.  Watch the movie Gashole!

  • Brenton

    I have a 95 YJ on one tons and a 99 Dodge 3500 Cummins.  I love my diesel and wouldn’t trade it for a gas equivalent.  With that being said, I don’t understand why the average consumer would pay for upgraded diesel package at time of purchase, and then go pay extra for diesel at the pump.  In Indianapolis premium fuel is $3.92/gallon while diesel is $4.19/gallon.  Economically this makes no sense.  I get how awesome diesels are because I love mine, but us diesel-lovers don’t come close to representing the consumer market.  The upgrade to diesel has got to be cheap to make it worth it.

  • Cappytanjack

    Diesel lovers are delusional if they think the fuel economy is double that of any gas engines in the current or future Jeep models.  Check the figures on the Grand Cherokee in the same March edition.  The diesel version will not even get double that of the V-8 let alone the Pentastar V-6.  If there ends up being a requirement for urea injection to keep the emissions down then this horse is dead before getting out of the gate.  R.I.P.

  • Bammustres

    we have the jeep diesel in the Philippines. They have them in Australia too and so with Europe, since last year…

  • Alex

    To late on the Diesel, should have thought of that like 8 yrs ago! daaaaa, who is running jeep now? 

  • chris

    the diesel is a $4500 upgrade in the grand. would you really pay $4500 more for the already overpriced wrangler. a smaller diesel (than the new 3.0) would have been better. less expensive and better economy.

  • Nhdiesel

    I’m a diesel lover, having owned a Dodge Ram Cummins, several ex-military vehicles, and a custom Dodge Durango with a swapped-in Cummins 4bt and NV4500 5-speed that got 30mpg. Even so- I know a current, modern diesel will never get the mileage to make it pay off. Current emissions regulations choke off these engines and make them much less efficient than what they could be. I do love the low end torque, but the reduced reliability, increased maintenance costs, and reduced fuel mileage over older, mechanical diesels reduce many of the benefits diesels are known for. The Liberty was a good example- it barely got better mileage than the gas 4.0 in the Cherokee they replaced.

  • Marchpig

    The whisper from Jeep dealers here in Aussie is that Jeep USA is amazed at how many diesels are ordered here.
    When the price of petrol and diesel are on a par who would want a petrol car that drinks like Charles Bukowski?

  • Crsa80

    It’s about time!  I’ve been waiting for this.  Who wants a Jeep with a high revving V6 minivan motor?

  • Eno3

    My Jeep Wrangler is a factory fitted diesal and I’ve owned it for 2 years! 

  • Evan Sargent

    I’ll be one of the fist to buy a Wrangler if they add a diesel option. Gas is damn expensive and even with the new 3.6l the wrangler could still use more low end torque. I really hope also that if they do decide to add a diesel that it comes with a 44 front axle with the sport trim. 

  • AZKrawler26

    Probably gonna be one of the smartest things they ever did to the new Jeep Wranglers, discontinue the 4.0L was a mistake if you ask me. Those engines are bullet proof and last forever, good thing I bought a Jeep Wrangler in 2006 since that was the last year for them. Not really a big fan of the JK Wranglers, hopefully they change the look and add the diesel. Hopefully the Rubicon will come with dana 60 from the factory….

  • Nhdiesel

    So some math. If they can manage a 20% increase in economy over the 3.6, and that is optimistic, minus roughly a 5% increase in diesel cost over gasoline, it would take roughly 158,000 miles to recoup the $5k additional cost of the diesel and break even. Do you plan to keep your Jeep that long? Admittedly the torque will be a big benefit though.

  • Sammyrides

    I own a 2013 Wrangler and its OK.  I had a 99 with the 4 liter and it was OK also.  I say this because I have been selling German cars (BMW, MB, and Porsche) for over 20 years.  I never really liked Diesel engines much, I like high reving gas engines but they have won me over for some types of vehicles.  I believe the Wrangler is a perfect match for a new tech diesel engine.  For me its not just about the cost its about the best way to propel a heavy truck like a wrangler.  Torque for this is king and man do you get it with a diesel.  I would pay the extra not because I am going to save money but because it is a better match. 

    I drove the new Cayenne diesel around Atlanta recently for training and it was a pleasure to drive.  Great performance, quite, clean burning and incredible gas mileage.  We got almost 30 miles per gallon while the V-6 got around 18 miles on the same trip.  Forget about the amonia/Add Blue that you have to add, anyone who is going to fret over $50 bucks over 10k miles is not looking at the whole picture. 

    I have always enjoyed Wranglers, I have owned now 4 of them.  My real passion is smaller sports cars but I have always taken the time to throw a Wrangler in the mix every few years.  After I sell my 2013 later this year and go back to a Used M-3 or Porsche Cayman or some sort, if they do come out with the new Diesel in the Wrangler it will be my next choice when I buy my next Wrangler.

    Just my opinion.

  • Critter

    I own a 99 TJ. Four years ago I put a Cummins 4BT in.  Great fit, stock transmission.  MPG is 29-30. Excellent performance off road and on, though a bit noisy at idle.  I’ve had the Wrangler since new and way prefer the diesel over the gas. I wish Chrysler had done this 20 years ago. I didn’t do  the conversion for the MPG, I did it for the torque and off road performance. If there is a drawback, it’s the dust.  Parked outside, it’s no problem. In a garage, it gets into everything.

  • Simosimonn

    “two door wrangler unlimited” waaaaaaaaaa ???

  • Howard Ochs

    waaaaaa ???

    What 4mtabr said.  Here’s my 2006 Wrangler Unlimited.

  • JeepnMF

    So here’s some more math. The diesel Grand Cherokee is rated at higher than 20% mpg over the 3.6. So 20% is less than optimistic. And if I can decrease the amount of of my cash going into the Middle East by 25% or more, plus drive what I like. . .well that adds up to a winning combination.

    So more of my money goes to an American (Italian?) company instead of OPEC? Yeah Baby!

    Don’t even get me started on the reduction of cash to the Mid East when that motor goes out of warranty and I start burning bio-diesel. . .

  • JeepnMF

    Yes I would pay the extra. But I agree. A smaller diesel might be better.

  • I am going to do the SAME thing to my 95 YJ, that I have all of 6,000 total into. I know how to twist wrenches, and also know my way around a “U-Pull” junkyard. The old 2.5 on the YJ was getting tired, and then the boat anchor AX5 lost 5th gear, so this will not be totally “lost money”, only the amount over what it will have cost me to do a total rebuild on the 2.5, plus replace the AX5 with an AX15. I’m going to come out smelling like a rose on this deal, and then I will have a diesel powered Jeep to go along with the 1998 GMC Sierra 6.5 Turbo Diesel that sits next to it in the Garage. 

  • Peter

    I live in Europe and have a TJ from the US. There are TJ diesels here but the only good thing is the torque and a little better fuel consumption. But they stink (drive around France/Belgium/Italy and you will hit the Air Circulate button on your A/C unit faster that the bat of an eyelid) and the rough noise is not what I like on my Wrangler. I stick with gas. One man’s opinion. Mileage may differ.

  • StuCozza

    Bring back the Perkins Four-192. 😉

  • Musicdir

    Wrangler diesel makes perfect sense.  Better on fuel, great torque, longer engine life.  Make it happen Jeep, we have been waiting too long.

  • Mentallect

    I bought a CJ7 a few years ago, but I will never purchase a new Wrangler unless it is a diesel.  

  • Pitt Bunker

    They say that jeep with diesel can make about 30 m/g, which is already about 40% or more than with 3.6. Gas price in my area is $3.75 (for regular) and diesel is $4.02, so 1 mile on gas costs me about 22 cents, and with diesel would cost me about 13.4 cents, 8.6 cents per mile difference…. So, 158.000 miles as you have mentioned would save me  $13588, minus $4500 price difference, plus more horse power, more torque, plus the higher resell value of diesel car. Just saying 🙂

  • Yeahnaa

    No thanks, I’ll keep my Hemi J.K 1500rpm cruise 120kph for over 1000’ks, with my auxiliary tank. The Porsche is not bad but a little low and computery; my Hemi will beat that powderpuff on road and off road. The diesel model wrangler is a dog in the freeway and the fuel economy ain’t that good has decent torque but not what you’d think…I shot mine. Hemi seems to have enough tourqe for me and at 1/3 the cost of the decent Porsche including the Hemi conversion kit and other offroad goodies you cant go past it. If your worried about fuel then but a Hyundai, if you wanna go anywhere buy a Hemi wrangler.
    My other car is a Jeep.

  • lucas burns

    while the 4.0 was a good motor i wont buy another one they made no power theyre boat anchors leak oil like a sieve and suck on gas and they either lasted to 500000 or blew up at 50000

  • PilotDave

    Amen !!! I ordered a 4×4 F250 crew in 1999. Got a solid 20 mpg (Delvac One full synthetic) – sold it in 2003 for a Rubicon because I worked at DCX at the time and they strongly suggested part of the path from contractor to direct employee was such…. Rubi was half the weight of the super duty, but only got 13 mpg…. Sad thing is Jeep has been exporting diesel Wranglers since 2002 (TJD and JK CRD)

  • PilotDave

    Can’t make Tier 2 BIN 5…. old and heavy. Remember your EPA wants us to burn more diesel fuel (making much more CO2, although less than a gas burner) so we “burn off” the solid carbon particles from the Diesel Particulate Filter…

  • docwatson

    The Grand Cherokee is a Fiat. 🙁

  • Thomas Enger

    I have a 2013 Wrangler unlimited and I get up to 21.5 mpg on the highway at 64mph. The diesel will by far surpass that, with the Cherokee showing at around 28mpg.

  • Dino Galdamez

    I love my Jeep Wrangler 2007 … Hope Chrysler will take the very right decisions to keep it Good looking and much more fuel economy always is a plus …I might upgrade mine 🙂

  • DoYourResearch

    The new Grand Cherokee was developed while still part of Diamler sharing the same platform as the new Mercedes ML class. So it’s not a Fiat, it’s a Mercedes.

  • docwatson

    Thanks for being so otaku, cur, you’re missing the point. This is a still a major fail and a deep betrayal of the brand with a significant loss of off road abilities. I don’t see an aftermarket for this wanna be for lift kits, etc.

  • Stu

    According to inside sources. Jeep Wrangler Diesel (2.8 liter) are already being built by the Toledo plant and shipped overseas. Why we aren’t offered them here I have no idea. Also my mailman has a 4 door wrangler with the steering wheel on the right hand side for delivery mail. He special ordered it from the Toledo plant. So then why don’t we special order a 2.8 liter diesel wrangler from the same plant.

  • taylorcraftbc65

    You can probably thank the EPA for that Stu, I said to HELL with waiting for the Government to quit making Jeep drag their heels on a Diesel, and just went ahead and installed a Cummins 4BT into one of my wranglers. You could do the same.

  • Conrad Senior

    Perhaps some people are more concerned with range than fuel economy. It is nice to be able to go farther off-road. There are no fuel stations in the bush.

  • Conrad Senior

    I personally would make bio-diesel if I had one of these. Cost would not be a factor. I have a source with 150 50 gal barrels of used veggie oil.

  • Waren 3 Jeeps

    no inside sources, JK with a 2.8L diesel been in Australia since the Jeep became a JK, My daughter just about to clock up 100,000K’s on her Diesel JK, We are on our 2nd Grand Cherokee Diesel