Ford of India in Hot Water Over Figo Ads

Ford of India in Hot Water Over Figo Ads

Ford of India is garnering considerable attention with new print advertisements for its Figo hatchback, though this certainly is not the type of press the automaker wants.

The ads, produced by its advertising partner JWT India, depict women bound and gagged in the back of the Figo hatchback, something that isn’t exactly playing nicely in the Indian culture.

The tagline for the ads is “Leave your worries behind,” which, while clever, could have been depicted in a much classier fashion. At the center of controversy are the ads that involve women bound up in the back. One of which shows former Italian primer minister Silvio Berlusconi with scantily clad women bound and bundled in the rear. The second shows heiress Paris Hilton with the Kardashian trio family tossed in the rear. The third features Michael Schumacher stuffing F1 stars Sebastian Vettel, Fernando Alonso and Lewis Hamilton into the back of the Figo.

Ford India has issued a statement regarding the advertisements, stating that they “deeply regret this incident and agree with our agency partners that it should have never happened.”

Timing also couldn’t be worse, as this comes on the heels of the Indian parliament passing the Anti-Rape legislation, hoping to curb sexual violence in the country.

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