Toyota FT-86 Open Concept Previews Scion FR-S Convertible

Toyota FT-86 Open Concept Previews Scion FR-S Convertible

Giving us a preview of the Scion FR-S Convertible, Toyota has officially unveiled its FT-86 Open Concept today at the 2013 Geneva Motor Show.

Though plenty of photos of the FT-86 Open Concept were leaked onto the Internet prior to the vehicle’s official debut, the Japanese automaker spilled more details on the four-seater convertible at its debut. Since the GT-86 was built on the premise of delivering high levels of driving excitement, Toyota managed to add just 13 pounds to the convertible model while still delivering a near-perfect 53:47 front-to-rear weight distribution. In fact, the removal of the hard-top roof improves the sports car’s center of gravity.


As of yet, Toyota has not confirmed a convertible version of its new sports car, though considering the hype its getting, and the fanboyism around the coupe, it’s all but certain. After all, Toyota has already officially said the chassis itself was designed to be a convertible from the start.

GALLERY: Toyota FT-86 Open Concept


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  • Jimi Dodge

    Dang…I currently have an S2000…..been waiting to see if Honda would release a worthy successor….but now I’m thinking this might be my next summer car!

  • Poor wheel design, but I like the rest. I would buy it. It would be big hit if TOYOTA allowed for less security in their PCM reflashes. I would love to mod and tune this car for street performance. I would waiver the powertrain warranty so long as their isnt any lemon issues. Can I get an AMEN?

  • Windybrady

    I love it and would buy a convertible in a heart beat!!!

  • GT Frank

    I dont know how they would sale it in the states. A 30k FRS? I would work for Subaru. I am glad they kept the weight down.

  • sentimentum

    The car’s styling is diminished.   Up close and (ignoring the Star War’s Stormtrooper front end), first impression, the hardtop reminded me of a 60’s Ferrari GTO.  Since we were at a Toy dealer to buy another car when we first saw it, my wife wanted me to buy the red FRS on display vice the one we bought; very unusual for my wife to take to a car like that.  (we didn’t buy the FRS even though it was cheaper than the Toy we did buy, because the dealer didn’t have a red FRS with a slushbox in stock)   Now the vert just looks like everymaker’s droptop.   And a joint venture with Subru and NO AWD option?  Really? 

  • Abvundura

     toyota is just awesome

  • Amohandas67

     Jimi…I drive an S2000 too. I have tested the Scion quite a few times. i would not give up the “S”. You won’t get that undiluted  visceral feel and banshee like V-Tech wail at 6000 RPM from this…

  • GT Frank

    You also won’t get the completely gutless bottom end and the cramped interior that you have to be this short to ride. It is always a compromise in this price range. The s2k was a good car in its day. At 45k in today’s dollars it would not stand a chance.