Volkswagen Golf Estate Concept R-Line Previews a Sporty Jetta SportWagon

Volkswagen Golf Estate Concept R-Line Previews a Sporty Jetta SportWagon

In a sea of new Volkswagen Golf model debuts at the 2013 Geneva Motor Show, a sporty R-Line variant of the Golf Estate (sold as the Jetta SportWagon in America) stood out from the crowd.

The Golf Estate Concept R-Line was designed by the German automaker to show off what the potential is for the new body Golf. This is also the first time the Golf Estate has been given an R-Line trim. Setting it apart from its standard production counterpart, the Golf Estate Concept R-Line features a custom front end, modified rear, new side skirts, and 18-inch R-Line wheels. On the inside, the leather interior is contrasted by carbon fiber overlay elements.

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As for powerplant, the R-Line Concept is powered by a 2.0-liter TDI with 148 hp and 236 lb-ft of torque. All the power is transferred to the road through the 4MOTION all-wheel drive which now features a new Haldex-5 clutch.

Details on the front end includes dominant air intakes in the middle that has been bordered by front spoilers match painted Lapis Blue Metallic. As for the side, the high-gloss black sill trims are just one of the many eye-catching features of the concept. The rear of the Golf Estate Concept R-Line is dominated by a sporty and unique black diffuser while the roof spoiler is a nice, subtle enhancement.

With the new seventh-generation Golf set to go on sale in America later this year, it’s not yet clear if Volkswagen intends to offer an R-Line trim of the Jetta SportWagon on our shores. And who knows, perhaps a high-powered Golf Estate R is coming down the pipes too?

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  • DirkGently

    Wow. I’m waiting for the Golf GTD to make it to the States, but if they threw the 184 hp tune of the 2.0 TDI engine in the Sportwagen, fitted out like this one, it’d be a close call. Love the cosmetic mods and the color.

  • Tulsamal

    I was car shopping two years ago. Drove everything that met a certain set of criteria. And since I’ve owned six VW’s, that included the TDI Sport Wagon. The Tulsa dealer only had one. Really didn’t like the interior. Was also an automatic. So I went to the OKC dealer. The lot was covered with cars. But when you really started looking… literally…. not one of them was a TDI. Of any kind.

    I want a TDI Golf or Jetta Wagon with a nice interior. Would actually prefer leather for long term durability. And a manual transmission. High build quality. And I want to actually be able to walk onto the VW lot and see a dozen of them to pick from!! Come on VW, make a LOT more TDI’s!

  • joeboo

    Plenty of them on the lots here in Wisconsin.