Hennessey Venom GT Beats Veyron Top Speed… Sort Of

Hennessey Venom GT Beats Veyron Top Speed… Sort Of

It’s sleek, super-expensive and just set a new speed record in California, sticking it to the porky Bugatti Veyron.

At least that’s partially true. The Texan maker’s car touched 265.7 mph on a two-mile straightaway at the United States Naval Air Station in Lemoore, Calif. Those familiar with Bugatti’s bragging probably know the Veyron Super Sport reached 267.8 mph.

However, Hennessey’s title claim isn’t for being faster overall, but for being the world’s fastest production car. That’s because the record-holding Veyron Super Sport ran without the 258 mph speed restriction imposed on cars sold to the public. Thus, the Venom GT’s ability to beat that speed makes it the world’s fastest production car.

Then again, this isn’t a Guinness-certified record. Instead, the car’s speed was verified by a VBOX 3i GPSbased data logging system. The data logging device’s manufacturer was also present during the speed run to verify its correct use.

Hennessey will only build 29 Venom GTs, which will sell for $1.2 million — or $1.3 million cheaper than the Bugatti.

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  • i love this car…

  • Víctor Alberto

    He need biggers turbos or nitrous oxide!