Toyota, BMW Sports Car Concept to Make Tokyo Motor Show Debut

Toyota, BMW Sports Car Concept to Make Tokyo Motor Show Debut

The joint sports car project between Toyota and BMW is moving right along with a concept model expected to be shown at the 2013 Tokyo Motor Show.

According to sources close to the project, GT86 (Scion FR-S) chief engineer Tetsuya Tada is also heading up the new jointly developed sports car between the two automakers. Tada has already visited BMW multiple times in the past year and even headed to Munich shortly after the 2013 Geneva Motor Show.

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It appears that BMW will be tasked with modifying the GT86 platform to underpin the new sports car, stretching it so that it can enter the midsize sports car market segment. There is, of course, a small chance that a BMW platform will be used to underpin the project, but given the success of the GT86 and Tada’s involvement, that’s unlikely.

As for engines, all signs point to a BMW-sourced, four-cylinder – especially with the success of their recent turbocharged four cylinders. But it’s not entirely safe to assume that the powerplant will be turbocharged or even supercharged. The sports car could very well be a hybrid, the same way recent supercars such as the Ferrari LaFerrari and the McLaren P1 has opted to go.

The biggest news however is that this project won’t be going the same route as the GT86, where the FR-S and the BRZ share similar sheetmetal. Both sports cars will look significantly different, making Supra enthusiasts hope for a true successor to Toyota’s sports car.

[Source: Motor Trend]

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  • the bomb

    these cars are so cool wish i was there!

  • Joe

    i would like to see a new supra on the stretched GT 86 platform and a BMW six banger in the place of 2JZ 🙂