Acura TL Convertible is Odd, Very Odd

Acura TL Convertible is Odd, Very Odd

Own an Acura TL and always wished you could drop its top?

Newport Convertible Engineering (NCE) is now offering a conversion that chops the top on the Acura TL and replaces it with a soft top. According to NCE, it will take about six weeks to complete the conversion and comes with a five-year warranty and doesn’t void the original warranty from Acura.

The interior treatments such as the sun visors, trunk space, and rear seat belts all remain factory and customers that don’t like how the B-pillar looks can have it removed. If they opt for that option however, NCE does caution that “the vehicle will be designed differently without the center bar.”

NCE is an original designer manufacturer that does soft top and hard top conversions for a various number of vehicles from many different automakers. Unfortunately no pricing was announced.

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  • Mark Gold

    It looks like a bastardized cross between a early ’90’s Cutlass convertible and Nissan Murano Cross Cabriolet. Actually, it looks like the type of crappy conversion you would have seen in the 80’s when customizers would try to make a convertible out of nearly anything with four wheels.