Ferrari Release Reveals Ridiculous Internal Email Policy

Ferrari Release Reveals Ridiculous Internal Email Policy

Would you believe that Ferrari employees are actually quiet introverts? Seems unlikely, but the brand is making an effort to get its employees talking. 

Getting mass emails is apparently the largest time waster in the office (can you think of a few other things that waste more time?) according to the brand, which is why Ferrari is limiting its employees to only three in-house recipients per email. Efficiency be damned, employees are being forced to talk to one another in an effort to save time.

Ferrari goes as far to say the “injudicious” sending of mass emails is one of the main causes of “time wastage.” Thankfully, the company is equally as scrupulous with its press release material.

Increasing face to face direct communication is the goal of the project. Maybe it will help the brand come up with more creative names than “LaFerrari.” Could that have been the product of a brand-wide email think tank?


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