Used Car Pre-Purchase Inspection: 10 Things to Check

Used Car Pre-Purchase Inspection: 10 Things to Check

Buying used?

You have to be careful when buying a used car. Things aren’t always as good as they seem, so it’s always recommended to get a mechanic to inspect the pre-owned car you’re hoping to buy.

Often called a pre-purchase inspection, many mechanics may differ on what they check and in what order, but their feedback is invaluable. Here are ten of the usual trouble spots that most mechanics will take a look at – and ones that you should make sure they do. And on top of all that, make sure that the used car you’re getting has a clear history through its paperwork and a clean title. If it has been in an accident, that might not be a deal breaker, but it is something you need to know.

Some things that the mechanic will inspect will make sense, but not everything is clear. Here’s a guide to know what your mechanic is checking (or should be checking), and why.

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