No Cadillac XLR From New Corvette: Engineer

No Cadillac XLR From New Corvette: Engineer

The chief engineer for the 2014 Chevrolet Corvette Stingray, Tadge Jeuchter, has said that the Stingray won’t serve to spawn any other nameplates.

Sorry, Cadillac XLR hopefuls. It would be making a comeback. That’s not to say there’s absolutely no plans for Cadillac to bring back a spiritual successor to the XLR.

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When it was first introduced in 2004, it was based on the same platform as the fifth-generation Corvette and debuted with a price tag of $76,000, with the high-powered XLR-V breaking the $100,000 mark. The model was in production until 2009 and even enjoyed a couple of years of successful sales with 7,395 units moved between 2004-2005. But then the economy took a hit, GM had financial problems and it was cancelled.

So does a new XLR make sense? Considering the new Corvette Stingray is built on an aluminum frame and features high-tech suspension aimed to bring more luxury to the sports car, it almost seems like a naturally fit for Cadillac to share the development costs. But for now, the Corvette Stingray will remain sacred to the Chevrolet brand, but don’t be surprised if the American automaker changes its mind in a couple of years.

[Source: Fox News]