Ford Issues Checks to C-Max Hybrid Owners

Ford Issues Checks to C-Max Hybrid Owners

Ford has begun mailing checks to C-Max Hybrid owners as compensation for having revised the advertised fuel economy from 47 mpg to 43 mpg.

C-Max Hybrid buyers are receiving $550 as compensation while lessees are receiving $325. The compensation checks are being mailed in batches to about 32,000 customers who purchased the C-Max Hybrid prior to the American automaker announcing the revision.

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Accompanying each check is a letter from C.J. O’Donnell, Ford group marketing manager for electrification, that explains the restatement of the MPG claims and thanking customers for buying the vehicle.

The C-Max Hybrid was downgraded to a 43 mpg combined rating in August. At the time, Ford also announced that it would fine-tune the engine software to improve fuel economy. Those upgrades have already been done by Ford dealers.

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