Nissan 370Z Successor to Bow at Tokyo Motor Show

Nissan 370Z Successor to Bow at Tokyo Motor Show

A successor to the Nissan 370Z will bow at the Tokyo Motor Show this Fall, shrinking in both size and weight.

Described as a successor to the 240SX, the car has reportedly been confirmed for the Tokyo show by Nissan development boss Andy Palmer and will arrive in concept form first.

While down-sized, in both dimensions and mass, that same philosophy will be applied to the size of the engine, but not its output. A turbocharged 4-cylidner is expected to make its way under the hood, with power staying close to the 330 hp mark of the current car.

As a concept, the show car may in fact sport an electric power train which could (or could not) find its way into a production model.

Likely to arrive some time next year in production trim, the car should go on sale in 2015, with Palmer confirming a high-performance NISMO model to follow.

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[Source: AutoCar]

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  • Atticus

    I just wish Nissan would bring this beautiful car to market in 2014. What a great looking car! I especially like the bold wheel wells and the color of, what I presume will be called, the Z35. Hurry-up Nissan! Enthusiasts disappointed in the meager output of the Scion FR-S, would buy your new car in a heartbeat !

  • Atticus

    Hi Andy Palmer,

    Please consider not changing the exterior lines of the new “Z.” And please consider calender year 2015, hopefully no later than early Spring, to put the car on sale. Yes ?

  • Mike

    Lol still looks stupid

  • John

    Nissan needs to poll and see this car looks non appealing and I think them bagging on Toyota and subaru just makes them look stupid. Ya both are under powered but don’t look this bad

  • LongtimerVM

    Not a bad design. Much better than the current Nissan Z car. Clearly they subcontracted the desing to the Mazda design team, but it’s much better than anything else from Nissan in decades.