Five-Point Inspection: 2014 Kia Rondo

Five-Point Inspection: 2014 Kia Rondo

Sorry America, you don’t get this vehicle, which is too bad

Plenty of great vehicles around the world skip American showrooms. For various reasons the business decision is made that selling vehicle “x” in the U.S. doesn’t make sense and it’s never offered.

However, every once in a while a vehicle does sneak its way into North America, but only as far as Canada. Over the years, vehicles like the Mercedes-Benz B-Class, Nissan X-Trail, original diesel powered smart fortwo and Chevrolet Orlando have been available to neighbors in the north.

And now there’s another: the 2014 Kia Rondo. Yes, it was sold in America before being yanked for poor sales. With frumpy styling and a mediocre-at-best value proposition, it made sense that the Rondo’s exit was as predictable as the plot of a low-budget horror movie. But forget everything you knew about that Rondo. There is an all-new second generation Rondo on sale up north and it is a quantum leap ahead of its predecessor. Here are five reasons that Kia should give the Rondo a second chance in the US market.

  • MistyGreen

    Or just fly to Canada and come back with one! No one would ask any questions, I’m sure..

  • smartacus

    Coincidentally; i helped drive someone’s Kia Rondo to Atlantic City for Miss America Pageant weekend last month (somehow managed to get a 51st floor room in the Resorts Tower)

    It was a 2.4/auto and one of the last new 2010’s in the country.

    I really have nothing negative to say about it whatsoever, except perhaps fuel economy and power not so good from 75-95MPH. But for its intended purpose; it did its job.

  • Soundboy

    Several years back, I drove the previous Ronda as a rental in San Diego for a week. This was a V6 model and I was very impressed, except for the fuel economy. Technologies have changed much since then, and I think Kia is missing out if this new Ronda isn’t available in the US.

  • MistyGreen

    Hey, maybe if Kia brought it to the US, it would convince Mazda to keep the 5!

  • Mike

    Most other reviews complain that the ride and handling are still below par. Autoguide don’t seem to agree with this sentiment.

  • Mazda5 Owner

    No sliding side doors, no care… even if it does look pretty good.