European Emissions Rules Threaten Diesel Dominance

European Emissions Rules Threaten Diesel Dominance

While diesel engines are beginning to gain ground in the North American market, their dominance in Europe could be coming to an end.

With European emissions regulations becoming more strict, automotive engineers believe that the high cost of new-generation, anti-pollution technology will make diesel engines too expensive. Automakers such as Ford of Europe believe the costs of meeting Euro 6 and the expected Euro 7 pollution regulations will become a major problem with diesel engines.

There is also the possibility of reduced petrol refining in Europe, if export demand falls. That would also cause diesel prices to increase, which is a by-product of the petrol refining process.

According to Joe Bakaj, head of product development for Ford of Europe, “it is much cheaper to get petrol engines through EU6.2; with diesel engines we need technology such as selective catalyst reduction systems, and costs increase again with heavier vehicles.”

[Source: Autocar]