Next-Gen Hyundai Sonata, Genesis to get Conservative Style

Next-Gen Hyundai Sonata, Genesis to get Conservative Style

Redesigned versions of the Hyundai Genesis full-size sedan and the Sonata midsize sedan are due soon from the Korean automaker, and both will arrive with more subdued styling compared to the current models. 

Hyundai is under siege in its home market of South Korea where it has been losing market share recently to rivals such as Volkswagen, BMW and Lexus. The new conservative style direction is a direct result of this as Koreans generally prefer subtle style.

This could backfire in other markets however, especially in the US, where the bold styling of the Sonata has helped the car establish a credible presence over the last couple of years.

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A company insider who has already seen the new Sonata told Reuters that the design looks “like a car from the ’80s or the early ’90s.” As far as the Genesis goes, an early photo that likely shows off the new design of the car has already hit the web, and it is definitely sporting a conservative design.

 [Source: Reuters]

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