Luxury Pickups Could Hit $70,000 Says Toyota Truck Boss

Luxury Pickups Could Hit $70,000 Says Toyota Truck Boss

Toyota only recently joined the growing luxury truck segment but it’s off to a strong start with demand for the range-topping Platinum and 1794 edition trucks significantly outpacing expectations.

Speaking with AutoGuide at the SEMA Show in Las Vegas this week Toyota pickup chief engineer Mike Sweers said demand for the luxury pickups has been more than double what product planner forecasted. With an initial expectation that Platinum and 1794 edition models would make up roughly 10% of the sales mix, they’re actually selling at 25%.

toyota tundra 1794 edition

Priced at $47,320 the 1794 edition Tundra is available exclusively as a Crewmax model and features lots of chrome, not to mention true luxury materials throughout the cabin. New to the game, Toyota is hardly an underdog when it comes to luxury, reaching out to its luxury division for input.

In our review we commented that, “the materials used look wonderful, and could easily be mistaken for Lexus interior bits.” In fact, Sweers confirmed the leather used on the truck’s seats is the same as that found in the flagship Lexus LS sedan, which has a starting price of $72,140.

That number might sound astronomical to many pickup buyers, but it may not for long. Demand for luxury pickups is so strong, prices are likely to continue to rise as automakers add features and further increase material quality.

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Currently Ram already offers a Longhorn trim of its 1500 for $49,215 while the Ford F-150 Platinum Supercrew pushes past the $50,000 mark.

Sweers let slip some of the research that’s been done by Toyota and admitted they don’t know where the ceiling is for what customers will pay for a luxury truck, though he believes we could soon see half-tons selling for as much as $70,000!

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