Ram 1500 Commercial Hints at Future Styling

Ram 1500 Commercial Hints at Future Styling

Ram may have just shown off the future style of its 1500 pickup in a new TV commercial that aired during the last two regular season NFL games of 2013. 

The image of the revised front end appears twice in the spot, albeit quite briefly both times. It shows a much more aerodynamic looking front end that has dropped its classic crosshair grille along with introducing more curves to the headlight design. There is also a large rise in the hood, along with what appears to be a more raked-back windshield.

This image may simply be a design study for the truck, but it could possibly be an early image of a new Ram, though a company spokesman denied that claim. He said that the images are “intended to show what’s behind designing, engineering and building great trucks,” a Ram spokesman told Automotive News. 

Although the Ram has received many technological upgrades in the past few years, styling changes have been minimal, leaving the opportunity open or a major styling change sometime soon.

[Source: Automotive News]

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  • Thumper Simpson

    looks like a Toyota… 🙁

  • Robert DeFayette

    My thoughts exactly!
    At first glance I thought it was laid back Toyota grill with Mustang headlights!
    I HOPE they don’t do this!

  • ObamaMotors

    my 08 2500 will be the last Fiat I will buy.

  • Dougy D

    Looks like it’s asleep or a droopy-eyed dope head…

  • Djinn4

    This looks terrible. Hate to say it but if this is what they go with then my next truck is going to be a Ford or Chevy.

  • CO Mtnman

    What a bunch of crybabies!!!

  • k n

    I would never buy another dodge if they made this truck

  • ans56

    it a GEO CHEV

  • Butch

    Hey Chrysler, you have the best looking truck on the road DO NOT screw it up!!!!!!!!

  • Henri

    I guess if you have the mentality of a child it’s ok

  • AJ

    Man, that “truck” sure looks like total shit to me. I wouldn’t buy one. Automotive manufacturers sure do always seem find a way to eff up a good thing, don’t they?

    Sadly, Chevy still makes some of the best looking trucks on the market – and, I have been and still am a Dodge Ram truck fan, since the late 1980’s. (I currently own 4 Gen II Dodge Ram trucks.) No surprise there though, Chevy designers have always had a knack for building a good looking vehicle. Ford has already botched their truck line, with the continued ugly-assed F-150 and then they’ve taken a good looking Super Duty pickup and continue to modify its appearance to the point where it’s starting to get just plain fugly. Now with the Ram trucks, these foreign “fools” (Daimler and now Fiat) have no idea what makes a pickup truck both attractive and tough if they go with this new design shown above. Daimler semi-smeared an already great looking truck, but surprisingly kept it from being too hideous with the Gen III’s. Since then, Fiat took the smeared body and angled it up a bit, making them appear a little tougher again, but they still are not as attractive as the older trucks were. Because they stuck with the base concept, the new Rams still look ok, but not great… If they totally re-design the truck, that’s not all bad, but they really need to do their research in what the AMERICAN public wants to purchase, and what people find attractive in a vehicle.

    Here’s another point: How’s about instead of making the truck look like a spaceship, how’s about they work on making the goddamned things more fuel efficient?! Aerodynamics of a vehicle mean little to nothing at the legal speeds that we are allowed to drive on our nation’s roadways. Don’t believe me? Go do your research. We live in a time where outrageously high FUEL prices are making our lives very difficult to exist. How much fuel a vehicle consumes weighs VERY heavily on my decision to buy, especially a truck, these days. I still run Gen II Cummins turbo diesel Ram trucks, because they still get some to the best fuel economy on the market. I have no desire to upgrade to a newer truck anytime soon because they are just overpriced (new sticker prices are ridiculous) fuel guzzlers with a bunch of garbage emissions crap on them that cost us more money and rob both power and economy. With all the supposed technological advances and such that are available to automotive manufacturers these days, inefficient trucks with a bunch of emissions garbage on them is pretty pathetic.

  • brandon

    Gross. Looks too Toyotaish. Toyota is shifting their design towards Ram because clearly it is superior. Terrible time to step backwards towards Toyota. Agree with other posters the older Rams looked tougher, the gen 4 angles are OK but this squished down look is terrible. Don’t ruin a great look.

  • Laker

    Um, guys… Take it easy. This is a stretched (photoshopped) photo. The actual vehicle will not look squashed Toyota. Hang in there Dodge guys.