Toyota Launches Tire and Wheel Protection Program

Toyota Launches Tire and Wheel Protection Program

Toyota and Lexus Financial Services have announced a new program that will take the pain out of unexpected wheel and tire damage.

With rain, snow and freezing temperatures arriving with the winter season, the Wheel & Tire Protection program has several benefits to Toyota and Lexus vehicle owners. The program’s services include tire replacement (no plugs or patches), optional cosmetic wheel repair for minor wheel scuffs, wheel replacement, optional paintless dent repair and windshield repair, towing reimbursement up to $100, related costs for labor and fees and a one-time transfer of benefits after the covered vehicle is sold.

“We’ve all had that moment when we hit a pothole, scraped up against a curb, or even had an unexpected blowout. With our new Tire & Wheel protection plan, we hope we can make life a little easier for our customers by offering an option that will help protect them against the high costs of replacement,” said national  product development manager Jim Miller.

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The program doesn’t limit how many claims customers can make. There are two protection plans available: the Platinum and Platinum Plus, although the company hasn’t said what either will cost.

 “We are confident that customers will see our plan is priced competitively and provides what we believe is better coverage and service than non-Toyota repair or replace plans.”

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