Robotic Fuel Pumps are a Thing of the Present

Robotic Fuel Pumps are a Thing of the Present

Robotic fuel pumps could be heading to a city near you, allowing the work involved with refueling to be handled by machines.

Husky Corporation has teamed up with Swedish-based Fuelmatics Systems to develop an automated gas pump that the two aim to have introduced in St. Louis in the near future. The pump, which should be ready for regulatory testing in about nine months, is expected to cost about $50,000 each.

So how does it work? By using infrared lights and cameras, the pump starts by locating the gas door at which point an arm with a suction cup extends to open it. Then, a nozzle extends into the fuel tank and fills up the gas to the desired amount. Once it has done its job, the nozzle will return to the pump.

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