Schumacher Might not Recover From Vegetative State

Schumacher Might not Recover From Vegetative State

Things might not get better for Michael Schumacher who remains in a coma after a skiing accident last month.

The accident happened on December 29 and the former F1 driver is in greater danger of remaining in that state after every day he spends in it. Neurosurgeons at a medical conference in Hannover, Germany discussed Schumacher’s case, expressing concern because a medically-induced coma lasting longer than eight days can cause permanent brain damage.

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Doctors haven’t brought Schumacher out of the coma yet because they are afraid that he might have a brain hemorrhage. By being in a coma, the brain needs less oxygen and is in a better state to recover.

If Schumacher emerges from the coma, he could spend the rest of his life in a vegetative state.

[Source: Mirror]