Toyota FT-1 Concept is a RWD Stunner

Toyota FT-1 Concept is a RWD Stunner

Toyota is making big waves at day one of the 2014 North American International Auto Show. The Japanese company chose Motown as the global stage to unveil its latest concept car, called the FT-1… and what a vehicle it is!

The FT part of its name stands for “Future Toyota” while the No. 1 suggests it’s the ultimate. I mean, who wants to be number two… or the square root of negative 12? Not this guy, let me tell you…

This is an aggressive, track-focused sports car. It’s got a front engine and rear-wheel drive, but more on the powertrain in a minute. This car supposedly indicates the company’s future styling direction. In fact they call it the “spiritual pace car for Toyota Global Design,” which sounds like a really big deal.

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FT-1 is the result of nearly two years of work by the company’s Calty design center. It draws on the company’s sporting heritage, cars like the Celica, Supra, MR2 and of course the contemporary Scion FR-S. The press release calls it a unique fusion of both emotional and rational factors. Toyota’s got rational down pat with things like longevity and fuel economy; emotion’s been a little harder for them to figure out.

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Outside, this car’s body features a retractable rear wing along with a host of other aerodynamic features including ducts and vents that manage airflow at racetrack speeds. Moving inside, it’s got a sporty, low-slung cockpit with a driver-focused layout. Designers also took steps to reduce weight with things like a carbon-fiber seat.

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Now, let’s talk about what you’re all salivating for, technical details, but let me warn you, you ain’t going to like it. You see, there is practically ZERO powertrain news to share at this time. All the company’s said is that it features a high-tech internal-combustion engine, but that’s it. Still, this is actually good news; we don’t want no stinkin’ electric!

The powertrain is housed under a transparent hood while an ambiguous engine cover leaves much to the viewer’s imagination. And you’re going to have to give your mind’s eye a real workout because we have no idea if the Toyota FT-1 will ever go into production.

GALLERY: Toyota FT-1 Concept Live Photos


GALLERY: Toyota FT-1 Concept Official Photos


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  • MistyGreen

    Hot dang. Was anyone expecting this? It looks incredible.

  • Hajime

    no guys, dont rush for your checkbooks. theres no way toyota is going to produce this.

  • Severo Rivera

    You are so wrong buddy.

  • Bobby

    Zzzzzzzzzzz, another over-wrought Lotus wanna-be.

  • Disqus11111

    So in 10 years we might see something vaguely based on this, but I doubt it.

  • Mike Garaz

    If Toyota wants any chance to compete with the GT-R, NSX, then they will build this car. Their “supra” trademark (from 2010) expires very shortly unless they use it (3 years after registry).

    So here you are Toyota, with your last chance at relevance, what will you do now?

  • Nice car lover.

    looks like a bogged up bucket of shite.

  • come_again

    too much sheet metal.

  • Honest Abe

    You sir, are insane. Bat shit crazy.

  • J Mac

    BS. They’ll build it. I’d wager my collection of Star Wars figurines they will.

  • Rotary fan

    There were rumors. But damn… it’s better than anyone could have imagined.

  • Alfie

    It’s like a smaller, better looking Viper.

  • Eric To

    Why would Hybrid be a “dirty” word. honestly, companies need to push the hybrid technology to the point that it becomes better than just gasoline engines…and then the next step would be to just make electric even better. If we want a future, electric is the way to go, but it will require good hybrid to get us there.

  • Patrick Q

    Waaaay too busy of a design for my tastes. Tone the over-the-top looks down a shade or two, and put a high-hp rear-drive powertrain in it, performance hybrid or not, and it’ll sell. Not sure I’ll be able to afford one, but I can’t afford any other “supercar,” either. I’ll be doing good to get hold of a turbo FR-S if they ever hit the market!

  • wolf

    Its actually going to be a 2 liter turbo going in there. I believe they are using the gtx2860 on the prototype but might dumb it down for production if it comes out to lower the HP figures lower costs and make it more conservative

  • earthltd

    Too many pot holes in this town..

  • MistyGreen

    Don’t do that. Unless it’s just jar jar binks.

  • John Minier

    no shit cuz toyota and lotus are virtually the same like honda and acura. the corolla XRS has the lotus engine in it. stupid fuck

  • John Minier

    they need at least a V6 turbo/SC

  • Bobby

    No, Toyota and LEXUS are virtually the same. Internet tough guy loser…

  • Teckler

    Toyota and Lotus are the same just like Ferrari and Kia, right? Lotus used a Toyota engine (1.8 L from the Celica), heavily moddified for the Elise.

  • Ryan

    Lotus also used a modified Camry engine in the Evora! All car companies do some cooperative adventures… Some more than others.

  • Ryan

    they could always repurchase the trademark like they’ve been doing since Supra ended production.

  • Ryan

    Forget a Turbo Frs. 2JZ Swap is the way to go! The Frs is the chassis the 2JZ has been waiting for!

  • Ryan

    Wrong, wrong, wrong. There were strong hints to at least to different engines. No hybrid, possibly a Straight configuration (3JZ??? – 8M???) and hp numbers should be in the 5 – 600hp range. With prices equal to GTR. I’ve been following this car and everything about it since development started and been dreaming since the Mk4 ended production. Also if you look at Toyotas prototype history you could bet the aggressive design will tone down a bit before production.

  • Sean

    I agree that electric motors are a great idea for daily commuter vehicles but an electric motor powering any sports car besides it’s windows and maybe the rear wing would completely take away from the point of the vehicle in the first place. There’s no room for any “whining” sounds with this car. Hoping to see something along the lines of an evolved 2JZ… :p

  • danwat1234

    Could be a powerful plugin hybrid like the NSX?

  • Eric To

    We need to get in with the technology man. Back in the 1600s people were riding horses, and the noise from engine would’ve been considered “weird” sounds. Going from gasoline engine to electric motor is just yet another technology evolution. Then FLYING CARS! 😛

    Electric/Hybrid technology is amazing, even racing cars uses it, ex: KERS. Helps them run a few more laps by conserving few more drops of fuel.

  • J Mac


  • Andrew

    Front engine, 2WD, gasoline-burning piston engine ? So last-millenium for a “future car”. Not on this planet I hope.

  • Honest Abe

    I’m betting it’s not a hybrid. They seemed to indicate that it would be a conventional gas engine. I sure hope so.

  • Fulaman1984

    This maybe the upcoming Supra.