Koenigsegg Agera One:1 is Face-Peeling Fast

Koenigsegg Agera One:1 is Face-Peeling Fast

The most potent debut at this year’s Geneva Motor Show won’t come from an Italy or the U.K. It comes from Sweden.

Koenigsegg is releasing a ridiculously powerful car. The Agera One:1 boasts 1322 hp and a power-to-weight ratio of one horsepower per kilogram. It’s twin-turbo 5.0-liter V8 creates more output than the McLaren P1 and the LaFerrari. It even surpasses the vaunted Bugatti Veyron, and by a wide margin.

Based on the Agera R, the special edition hypercar is completely sold out ahead of its official debut next week in Geneva. The company hasn’t publicly said how much its customers paid for the car.

What is has said, on the other hand, is much more interesting. The Agera One:1 is supposed to have a top speed of 273 mph, which would make it the fastest production street car in the world if it can be verified.

It also features active aerodynamics to adjust itself for optimal downforce that offers a maximum 610 kg (almost 1,345 lbs) of downforce. That’s enough to put it on part with McLaren’s P1. It also has up to 2G of lateral grip on street legal tires. Drivers will be able to track their gecko-like cornering and lap times through an iPhone app that can also be used to send the car software updates.

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