This Crazy Porsche Cayman Costs as Much as a Ferrari

This Crazy Porsche Cayman Costs as Much as a Ferrari

Porsche may have just unveiled its new Cayman GTS, but StudioTorino is stealing the show with its take on the sports car.

Unveiled at the National Automobile Museum of Turin, the StudioTorino Moncenisio is based on the Cayman S but has been overhauled to be a unique machine with performance in mind. The custom front bumper has been made from carbon fiber and kevlar with new daytime running lights. The rear side windows have been replaced with welded sheetmetal for a sleeker look and the rear tailgate has also been swapped out for a carbon fiber unit. Lastly, the rear bumper is also made of carbon fiber.

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Actual engine performance upgrades have been limited to a new exhaust system while the factory 20-inch wheels have been removed for custom StudioTorino rollers. Inside, there’s plenty of luxury upgrades to the interior with a hand-upholstered micro-perforated leather roof, front pillars and interior side panels.

The StudioTorino Moncenisio will be limited to just 19 units and will be available in seven different shades. Pricing for the complete vehicle is around 145,000 euros (almost $200,00) not including the cost of the actual car, which starts at over $52,000.

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