Alfa Romeo Says Buongiorno to US With 4C

Alfa Romeo Says Buongiorno to US With 4C

Better late than never, that’s what Alfa Romeo is saying today at the 2014 New York Auto Show.

That’s because the company is marking its return to the U.S. today by debuting its carbon fiber 4C sports car. It’s the same mid-engined performer you’ve probably already been hearing about for more than a year. After all, it’s been that long since it first debuted at the Geneva Motor Show.

A tiny 1.75-liter turbocharged four-cylinder engine shoots 237 hp to the rear wheels through a dual-clutch transmission. That’s really not very much power, but it’s the ratio of ponies to weight that gives Alfa’s sports car an edge. It’s built around a carbon fiber monocoque chassis and in total, the car weighs roughly 2,200 lbs.

Striking design characterizes the car’s body lines, but the headlights were the biggest head turner last year. Sort of like an insect’s compound eye, several small lights clustered where you would expect to see traditional head lamps. Earlier this year, the company revealed the convertible counterpart to that car with better-looking eyes and said it plans to offer the same equipment with the coupe.

Pricing is still unknown, as is Chrysler’s plan to market the car in North America. Early on, Fiat stores thought they would be allowed to sell the cars. More recently, Fiat Chrysler Automobiles said its Maserati network would be the primary sales outlet, with only a handful of high-performing Fiat stores planned to receive the 4C. The first 500 will arrive starting in June and will be marked with a serial number as part of a special launch edition.

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    Great looking car. Is that Nacho Libre in the back?

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    Leave my Uncle alone!!!!

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    Got to be the ugliest Alfa ever.