Honda Mean Mower Takes on Eau Rouge Corner

Honda Mean Mower Takes on Eau Rouge Corner

The world’s fastest lawnmower is generating a new kind of buzz today by taking on one of the most famous corners in motorsport.

The “Mean Mower” boasts 109 hp and holds the Guinness World Record as the fastest contraption in its category with a recorded top speed of 116.57 mph. But Honda apparently isn’t happy with straight line speed because today it announced that Honda World Touring Car Team racing driver Tiago Monteiro rode the mower at Spa Francorchamps last week to take on the famous Eau Rouge corner.

Monteiro was traveling at 80 mph as he approached the corner, but the Japanese brand didn’t say how much speed he carried while making the turn.

“It’s fast, very fast, and quite sensitive, making it difficult to drive at pace,” he said.

Needless to say, the 1,000 cc mower is far from the sort of lawn tractor you would buy for home use. For example, it has a custom chassis, paddle shifters, a Scorpion exhaust system and a special steering rack.

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