Can the 2014 Jeep Cherokee Suspension be Lifted?

Can the 2014 Jeep Cherokee Suspension be Lifted?

While capable, the new Jeep Cherokee is not the rough-and-tumble, truck-like beast its predecessor was. Something that’s sure to disappoint enthusiasts, it cannot be lifted… sort of.

Yes, if you’re going to buy a Cherokee you’d better be happy with the factory ride height because that’s more than likely what you’re going to be stuck with. Well, this new car-based crossover can technically be lifted, but only with gigantic stacks of money.

To make a point, the folks at Jeep put together a specially modified Cherokee for the 2014 Moab Easter Jeep Safari. The Cherokee Dakar features a totally new suspension setup with Fox coil-overs as well as custom half-shafts and universal joints. A host of one-off brackets were required and the fenders had to be opened up and widened to accommodate the vehicle’s new 33-inch tires.

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The end result is a ride height that’s a few inches taller than stock. These changes may seem fairly modest but according to an engineer that worked on the project it adds up to “a couple hundred grand in parts,” a figure that excludes design and assembly work.

So, technically this new small Jeep can in fact be lifted, but not at a price most people can afford. And this is why Chrysler’s aftermarket Mopar division is not going to offer such a kit for the Cherokee. If you want greater capability and customization, might we suggest a Wrangler?

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  • Zac

    I pretty sure an estimate of “a couple hundred grand for parts” is grossly inaccurate. Once aftermarket manufactures get involved reasonable prices will be available for minor lifts