Toyota GT86 Suspension Upgrades Might Reach FR-S

Toyota GT86 Suspension Upgrades Might Reach FR-S

The Toyota GT86, Scion FR-S and Subaru BRZ are all the same car, but each is not created equal depending on where in the world they will be sold. 

In the European market, the Toyota GT86 is getting some better suspension parts for the 2015 model year, which may eventually find their way into the North American Scion FR-S.

The improvements include stiffer mounts for the front suspension and rear shock absorbers, along with new rear shocks for improved damping and less friction. Toyota claims that this will give the car sharper steering and less body roll.

These advances were announced specifically for the European market, but Toyota is considering bringing these changes to the Scion FR-S as well. “The European changes are among those being considered for the US model FR-S and we’ll have final confirmation soon,” Toyota spokeswoman Nancy Hubell told Autoblog. 

[Source: Autoblog]

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  • PheenoIVI

    Give the US a bigger 2.5 or turbo. The handling of the car is the smallest issue it has.