Audi Planning Lineup of Electric Vehicles

Audi Planning Lineup of Electric Vehicles

Audi is preparing a lineup of high-performance electric cars, but we may not see them for some time.

Blueprints are being drawn up for a range of Audi EVs, from sedans to SUVs, though production of these cars is dependent on the electric vehicle market heating up according to unnamed company sources. Electric vehicles are still only a small fraction of the overall market, but many analysts are predicting a sharp spike in sales is coming, and Audi wants to be ready.

How many EVs would be built and the scale of production was not divulged by the sources, though they did reveal that one of the vehicles on the drawing board is an all-electric Q8 that would rival the upcoming Tesla Model X.

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There is one EV from Audi that will launch however, the R8 E-Tron, which is scheduled to hit European dealerships in 2015. The car will be built strictly based on demand. Audi says that the electric version of its R8 performance car will be able to travel 280 miles on a single charge, nearly as good as a Tesla Model S.

Electric vehicles from German automakers are starting to ramp up, as Mercedes-Benz has launched a new all-electric B-Class and BMW has just released its ‘i’ brand of electrified vehicles. Audi wants to make sure that it isn’t left behind, especially if EV sales suddenly take off.

[Source: Automotive News]

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