GM Midsize Trucks Might Get Raptor Fighting Off-Road Variant

GM Midsize Trucks Might Get Raptor Fighting Off-Road Variant

GM truck enthusiasts have been yearning for a Ford Raptor fighter and their wishes may come true.

According to a recent report from GM Authority, the upcoming Chevrolet Colorado and GMC Canyon are on track to get an aggressive off-road variant akin to the Ford Raptor. The new line of mid-size pickups would serve better fighting the Raptor than the Silverado or Sierra thanks to their lightweight platform, as fewer pounds are better for any off-road vehicle.

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The American automaker has offered little in regards to developing a formidable off-road truck, but did show off the Colorado Rally Concept in 2011. In the past, GM has had all-terrain variants for its Chevy S-10 and GMC Sonoma pickup trucks that featured higher ground clearance, stronger shocks, bigger axles and other upgrades meant for leaving the pavement.

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[Source: GM Authority]

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  • dusted 800

    you want to sell pickups? come up with a new body style(youve had the same one since 2007) come up with a diesel engine that gets descent mileage, you’ve had the same engines since 2000, Listen to what the majority of people want, no you come up with some plastic ford look a like, how many of those ford raptors do you see on the road. good luck in selling another useless truck

  • Jobuu Lewis

    Are you retarded? Lol. They did change styles, v8 engines have had minor changes only because the 2000 engines still beat any dodge or ford v8 gas engine
    Open your eyes h8r.