GM Admits to Fudging Payload Ratings by Removing Parts

GM Admits to Fudging Payload Ratings by Removing Parts

General Motors has admitted that Ford isn’t the only automaker that cleverly manipulates its maximum payload ratings.

The American automaker has said that it also removes heavy items from its pickup trucks when it weighs them to help boost the trucks’ maximum payload ratings. The company adopted the practice this year to stay competitive when it launched its redesigned full-sized pickups. Ford started using the tactic about four years ago, showing that the maximum payload is larger than would be possible if it used the standard base curb weight of the truck.

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Removing heavy items including the rear bumper and swapping out the heavier standard steel wheels for optional lighter alloy wheels, helps increase a truck’s maximum payload figure while keeping the same gross vehicle weight rating. GM spokesman Tom Wilkinson told Automotive News that the maximum payload claims on the 2015 Chevrolet Silverado 1500 and GMC Sierra 1500 are based on a minimum curb weight that deletes the rear bumper and spare tire. Ford said that the maximum payload claim on the weight of the base F-series is derived after various items are removed, not on the base curb weight of the F-series pickup.

Chrysler has reaffirmed that the Ram brand uses the base curb weight of its pickups to establish the maximum payload capacities and doesn’t use a modified curb weight like Ford and GM.

GALLERY: 2015 Chevrolet Silverado HD

2014-Chevrolet-Silverado-HD-exterior- (1).jpg2014-Chevrolet-Silverado-HD-and-GMC-Sierra-HD (2).jpg2014-Chevrolet-Silverado-HD-exterior- (3).jpg2014-Chevrolet-Silverado-HD-exterior- (5).jpg2014-Chevrolet-Silverado-HD-interior- (1).jpg2014-Chevrolet-Silverado-HD-exterior- (8).jpg2014-Chevrolet-Silverado-HD-interior- (10).jpg

[Source: Automotive News]

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  • Zac

    This is not “cleverly manipulating”, these two incidents are straight up lying and unethical. I can understand the spare tire but no one orders a truck without a rear bumper or center console.

  • That’s not entirely true. Some folks who buy these trucks for businesses delete the bumper and replace it with parts from upfitters. Like tow trucks etc.

    But, all truck manufacturers should use the most popular model sold to glean their payload numbers. That would be the most fair and transparent way to do things.

  • chavitz

    It’s just a scam that GM purposefully scammed those buyers who trusted and supported it. Besides, This manipulative practice is just not limited to one or two cases. Instead, it’s a wide spread practice, which may involve every GM models, trucks and sedans

  • Fartnsqueek

    Obviously they all do it to make their product appear superior, but in reality they’re all about equal.

  • daunt43

    I had driven GMC Pickups for years and years; however when GM and o screwed the bond holders in favor of the unions that was the end of GMC or any GM product for me. I’ve had three F250’s crew cab King Ranch since and been very happy with them. No feature in the world would bring me back to Government Motors!

  • brandon


  • matt

    Who gives a crap? When was the last time you actually put something in the bed of your truck and thought “Hey, what’s my maximum payload capacity again? What’s my GVWR?” Or better yet, “How much does the thing that I’m putting in the bed of my truck actually weigh?” The only people who care about such things are the people who don’t have scratches in their beds and sit next to a Ford at a stoplight and say “Ha-ha, my fuel economy and payload is better than your Eco-boost.” I bought a 2014 to replace my 2004, I expect the 2015 to be even better. I REALLY don’t think 200 lbs will matter to anyone, except the guy at the light.

  • daunt43

    Dear Union Member Brandon – If you lost $250K on bonds, and you had two brain cells you’d be a dipshit as well. Now you’re just a F’n moron! Classy reply I might add. Think it up all by yourself?

  • Robert Metcalf

    GM….proudly made in CHINA! Chinese owned company. FORD….American owned, end of discussion..

  • Edward Coss

    toyota is built in america by americans with asian parts. ford uses parts made in brazil chevy uses parts from canada. nothing is made in america get over your dumb fucking self

  • Principle

    Lets think about this for two seconds. It is still called “MINIMUM” curb weight. and you may ask yourself what does that matter, who would get one without a rear bumper or a spare tire? Well, let me tell you. The guy that actually cares about maximum GVWR might not want a bumper because his huge damn trailer is going to be there, or he is putting on a frigging huge hitch and the stock bumper is in the way. Or just maybe its for the people the people that will order it or modify it to a flat bed. These isn’t plainly lying, its just slightly devious. And who ever cared about what the advertised GVWR is? People go well over it all the time, at least for personal use. GM is actually helping you the consumer to stay more legit with weight they know you will end up putting on it.

  • Robert Metcalf

    GM is made in china and assembled here…dickbag..they use CHINESE parts. Keep your flaming pile of Chinese plastic. Been there done that. Lil’ ED, the fucktard…

  • Richard

    So what I had 5300 lbs in my 2008 2500HD and traveled 35 miles no issues. They are under rated any way. Only wimps buy a truck worrying about what pay loaf does this truck have. Show me s Ford that will do that time and time again. Haha

  • Mike Messer

    So… how much money is GM going to reimburse me for buying a truck that they lied to me about?
    And yes I haul trailers, boats etc… and the GVWR is part of the reason I bought a 2500 Diesel in the first place. Some may call it devious, I just call dishonesty. .. and it’s wrong.

  • BigJohn

    i carried about 3000-3500 lbs in my short bed along with 7000-8000 in tow for 50% of 11k miles cutting firewood. but i had a 9600lb gvwr f250 with f350 brakes all around, f450 rear springs, and air bags, along with a 624hp 1351tq build 6.0 under the hood…. you can cheat the system all the time, i ran double plates on my 93 chevy 6.5 diesel which gave me a legal rating of 17,200lbs lol, i found that out through an old boss of mine two plates equals two weights combined bahahaha but on that ford i didn’t have to put air in my bags til i started doing hardwood and upped a load weight to 4800lbs in the bed and 11,400lbs behind me. almost doubled the weight and didnt hurt me any. grossed at over 20k combined all the time! grossed 28k on the old 6.5 once too lol

  • Aaaarg!

    Ford would have to remove everything but the hitch to make their tow ratings.

  • Aaaarg!

    I had a 1/2 ton Suburban I could put a ton in the back, and it still drove fine.

  • Aaaarg!

    He so loves Fords, he doesn’t even like girls anymore!

  • Aaaarg!

    You are the tard; like anyone who drives Fords.

  • Aaaarg!

    Did they wear out that fast?

  • Aaaarg!

    Ford just makes them LOOK pretty, but I wouldn’t take on if it were free.

  • daunt43

    Nope, just never drive them over 50,000 miles. Never problem one.

  • Mike Messer

    Wasn’t the point, that I can’t or don’t use it… you know someone will file a law suit… I was mainly being sarcastic.

  • brandon

    I’m not a member of any union. Typical ford owner blames everything on someone or something else. You’ve spent that much buying ford’s. Do some research ford wouldn’t even be here today if it weren’t for the government helping them out when they used the fail-tastic c4 and c6 transmissions.

  • daunt43

    Thank you Brandon – Now was that not a much more intelligent reply? 🙂 Far better than “dipshit” don’t you think?

    I’d rather own a GMC or Chevrolet; however after loosing 250K in MY bond money I won’t be purchasing from GM anytime soon.

    I’m not a typical Ford owner a 2011 was the FIRST Ford I have ever owned and I’ve owned dozens of new vehicles in my many years.

    I currently own:
    2014 BMW M5 with comp package
    2014 BME X5 with V8
    2015 Ford F250 King Ranch
    2013 Ford Fusion

    It’s not the company with me it the way the government just pushed everyone to the curb and gave GM to the unions.

    Have a good Holiday Brandon.

  • carmanufacturerssucks

    Its illegal to drive a vehicle without bumpers…..

  • Lane Trujillo

    12 turbos later

  • brandon

    I work too hard for my money to buy something unreliable regardless of brand. My company only uses ford’s and after each one never making it without a huge expense within 100 miles of warranty expiring I can’t support something that sorry. These have all been 2011-2013 f250 with the 6.7. My 07 6.6 currently has 230k+ miles without a single failure. My current setup puts over 500 hp to the ground no smoke and all stock engine/turbo. I use it for what it is, a truck.

  • Bentrim

    Guess he doesn’t drive a diesel. That glorious 6.0 had 70 or 80 some tsbs on that engine alone. the dmax has had 7 over the entire production!!!! One of my sons had a 6.0 and paid for it once when he bought it and again when he had it repaired. My other son has a dmax and just pays for the truck—no repairs just maintenance.
    Just for all those who think Ford did it all by themselves, they took a gov’t loan larger than GM. guess he forgot about the world economy. bet even ford is chinese made too!!!

  • Bhahbh

    maybe where you live… I can yank the bumpers off and drive around all day long without a second look. In Texas we don’t require them. That doesn’t mean it’s smart, but I can.

  • Kai Herrmann

    i’m curious as to why you say that when every time i’m in Ft Wayne indiana, i drive right by the truck plant up there. unless they’re using it for something else, or if somehow Indiana is now in China, i’m pretty sure they’re still building trucks up there.

  • Robert Metcalf

    I was a victim of the second video twice. Done buying JUNK from a company with a track record dating back to the 70’s. Ignorance is bliss, so stay in YOUR bliss. Ford parts either say, Canada, Brazil or Mexico. Take your precious corvette and buy ANY part for the engine or what not. It will say china on it. PARTS are made in China and shipped here for assembly. If you are still in denial after watching GM’s own video’s, then you are a hopeless and HATE America…lmao.

  • Robert Metcalf

    This is ALL I need to see. Nuthuggers will be Nuthuggers…lmao..