Kia Considering Diesel Power for US Market

Kia Considering Diesel Power for US Market

As Kia continues to expand its range of offerings, the brand is considering the addition of diesel powerplants to its vehicles sold in the U.S. 

The Korean automaker is eyeing the introduction of diesel models to its U.S. lineup, but don’t expect it for at least three to four years. According to Orth Hedrick, vice-president of product planning for Kia Motors America, “The problem right now is that there are different emissions standards in Europe and the US, which means we would be faced with different after-treatments, and that makes it very expensive.”

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However, EU6 being introduced in 2017-2018 could mean both Europe and U.S. will share the same standards and gives Kia a better chance at introducing diesel models to its lineup. Currently, no decision has been made by Kia on whether or not to pursue diesel powerplants, but it is likely given that U.S. has now become the automaker’s top-selling region.



[Source: Just Auto]

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  • travis

    This is great news! I hope they follow through with the diesel plans. I was excited when toyota announced their diesel plans, but it died in the water.

  • RayTom

    All fuel prices have been teased upwards for some time. However, I’m stunned to see how diesel prices have increased relative to petrol. Nonetheless, if KIA is said to be considering diesel power I’m betting it’s a done deal.