Pennsylvania Passes Law Allowing Tesla Expansion

Pennsylvania Passes Law Allowing Tesla Expansion

Some states are seeking to stop Tesla from selling directly to the public, but others are embracing the American electric automaker.

The state of Pennsylvania has quietly approved an expansion of Tesla’s entry into the market, allowing the company to open up to five stores statewide. Last year, Tesla opened a King of Prussia showroom and has plans to open a second in Devon. Though Tesla wasn’t specifically named in the bill, it was tailored specifically for the automaker and was signed into legislation last month by Governor Corbett.

“This was a means to provide the consumer with another option and it would be a positive addition to the marketplace in Pennsylvania as a result of providing that option,” said Nathan Spade, a senior aide to the sponsor, Sen. John Rafferty, a Republican and chairman of the Senate Transportation Committee.

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Only two house members voted against the bill, both of which were small-government conservatives. The Pennsylvania Automotive Association supported the exemption for the company, which stands in contrast to what’s been happening in other states such as New Jersey.

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