Fiat FCC4 Concept Has an Interior For The Birds

Fiat FCC4 Concept Has an Interior For The Birds

Fiat just revealed the wild-looking FCC4 at the São Paulo Motor Show in Brazil.

The debut took place without any mechanical information, but Fiat did say its part sedan, part crossover, part pickup truck-looking things is 76 inches wide, 62 inches tall and 196 inches long. The FCC4 (Fiat Concept Car 4) has similar proportions to the highly popular Range Rover Evoque, although it isn’t clear what – if any – engine lies under the hood.

Its aggressive-looking front end has split headlights that look like a nod to the Jeep Cherokee. Fiat didn’t release any images of the interior, but says it features a bird nest style motif although it really isn’t clear what that means.

GALLERY: Fiat FCC4 Concept


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  • Stephen Elmer

    Looks better than the Cherokee.